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Interview With a Lifetime Star: Kate Watson

by Trevor Wells 14 days ago in interview

With her latest Lifetime thriller having recently premiered, I'm sitting down for another digital convo with Killer Advice's Kate Watson!

Trevor Wells: Hello again, Kate! Congrats on your latest movie release and thank you for taking the time to talk with me. The movie I'm talking about, of course, is your newest Lifetime thriller. What can you tell me about filming for Killer Advice?

Kate Watson: Filming took place during COVID, prior to the Los Angeles lockdown, so we had to shoot extremely quickly and carefully. It was quite an undertaking for everyone involved. There was a serious yet effervescent energy on set. Both cast and crew were incredibly focused, hard working, and supportive.

Trevor Wells: Well, you all certainly came together and made something great. And I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourselves in the middle of not-so-ideal working conditions. Killer Advice, I noticed, brought you into contact with a lot of familiar faces on the Lifetime circuit. Aside from your Her Deadly Groom co-star Eric Roberts, you also got to work with Steve Richard Harris and Meredith Thomas. What were they like to work with for the first time?

Kate Watson: Working with both of them was a joy. Meredith came to the table with a strong sense of who her character was and she was ready to dive right in. And Steve’s just a wonderful, giving actor and person. Scenes with him were a true delight.

Trevor Wells: Awesome to hear that! I've talked with Meredith a few times myself, so I can agree that she's great. Now, as I noted in my review for Killer Advice, I felt a strong connection to your character Beth Curtis's emotions throughout the story--from her PTSD to her struggles with how to process her feelings. What was it like getting into that kind of mindset?

Kate Watson: Exhilarating, yet challenging. Because you almost never film scenes in sequential order, there had to be a very clear understanding of where Beth's headspace was within the narrative. There was so much layered subtext going on within Beth's world that she was never feeling just one emotion. So, all I could do is surrender myself to how each scene would organically find its footing.

Trevor Wells: Interesting! I'd say you succeeded at investing us in Beth's emotional journey throughout the film. I noticed in other interviews, you've talked about how Killer Advice addresses mental health and the impact of trauma. I could definitely see that throughout the film and felt it did so well, so that makes me curious about something. In the past, Lifetime has attracted some flak from viewers and critics alike for how their movies have portrayed mental health--specifically, how often the "Mentally Ill=Psychotic & Evil" fallacy is employed. I was wondering if you'd ever noticed that and if it played a role in how Killer Advice approached mental health.

Kate Watson: As an actor and mental health advocate, I’m always weary of narratives that stigmatize mental health. We’ve all seen films where darkness/evil is fueled by the mentally challenged or unstable character. And although that may be a characteristic of an antagonist, representing it so marginally leans towards irresponsible. Killer Advice is not just the story of one person struggling with mental health issues, but two immensely different people, along with the affected nucleus of people surrounding them. And ultimately, the fallacy that comes into play is certainly not the mental illness itself, but the byproduct of neglecting those painful issues.

Trevor Wells: Yeah, I could certainly see that at play in the dynamic between Beth and Marsha. Overall, a very well-made movie that circumvented any problematic implications. Going back to last year, we talked in our last interview about an upcoming movie of yours titled Top of the Class--which later premiered on Lifetime as Killer Competition. What was filming for that movie like? That's another one where you rubbed elbows with some Lifetime regulars.

Kate Watson: Everyone on Killer Competition, from the cast to the crew, was wonderful. I had such a great time working with our director, Andrew Lawrence. He’s such a talent. I met a few people on that set that I now consider dear friends.

Trevor Wells: Glad to hear that! Is there anything in my reviews of either of your latest Lifetime thrillers that you wanted to talk about?

Kate Watson: As an avid consumer of content myself, this might just be something for those reading to reflect on. In today's day and age of countless Internet platforms, it's only natural to expect consumers to share their strong opinions. In fact, I implore anyone to use their voice for the greater good. That being said, with so much content to explore today, I’d urge everyone to stay curious. Curiosity will expand you in a way that judgement alone won’t. Seek out a better understanding of the choices a filmmaker makes, and perhaps you’ll see something in a different, more appreciated light.

Trevor Wells: An excellent sentiment that I'm working on incorporating more in my own review style. So to wrap up, how has 2021 been treating you? Any current/upcoming projects you'd like to talk about?

Kate Watson: It’s been quite a busy year so far and I have so much gratitude to those that continue to make us safe. There are a few streaming shows I’m in which are slated to release sometime in the near future. I guess we will see! Lot’s more to come!

Trevor Wells: Great to hear that, and I can't wait to see what you have coming up! Keep staying safe while you work, and best of luck with whatever comes next for you.

Trevor Wells
Trevor Wells
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