If You Don’t Like Reading, You Should Read This!

by Julia Valentina 10 months ago in literature

A love letter for reading and books.

If You Don’t Like Reading, You Should Read This!

Since I’ve been a little girl, I've loved to read. Big thanks to my mother, who also is a passionate reader, and taught me how important reading is.

You could say: Reading is like a movie in your head. Only YOU can be the director. Isn’t that something?

Well, not for everyone—how I learned over the years. There are people out there who don’t like reading… are you on of them?

To be absolutely honest with you, I can’t understand people who don’t read. Reading is awesome, and it’s one of the best things in the world. Besides chocolate and coffee, of course.

So every time I meet a non-reader, I try to convince them that reading is badass and important. Sometimes I even need to defend myself.

Especially in times of Netflix binge-watching, and smartphone obsessions. It feels like people don’t want to read books anymore.

And so in my agenda to save the world (a little bit dramatic, I know) I need arguments. GOOD ONES that would convince every non-reader to read. Are you ready to be convinced? (Or not?)

When you read, you travel through time, you get to know all kind of characters and experience different lives! You ride dragons, fight with elves, or have a meal with dwarfs. Or you experience the life of famous persons like Martin Luther King, Michelle Obama, Amy Schumer, or other people who you’re interested in. You can also be a part of different communities and see how they struggle in their daily lives.

You can be basically WHOEVER you want to be!

I know that you can do all that also with watching TV shows or movies, BUT they only show you one little part of the world or the life. In TV and film you‘re restricted from 30 minutes to three hours of entertainment.

For example: Game of Thrones.

The TV Show is amazing (except the ending though, but we don’t open that pandora box now) and I don’t want to convince otherwise, but in the books you learn so much more about the characters and their story. You have more time with the characters and the world. You go deeper and further.

You also have more space for your own imagination. Nothing is presented to you with “that’s how the dragons/your favorite character/the world look like!” because you make up your own badass dragons with only the description of the author.

I mean, come on! THAT’S AWESOME! Right?

Forget about problems, struggles, and all the challenges in your life. Throw yourself into another world or another life. Go like Bilbo Baggins on a adventure!

So here I ask you: why should you live one simple life when you could live a thousands?

I mean, seriously? How can you NOT like books or to read?

There are millions of books, stories and adventures out there and you tell me, you can’t find one book that you might like to read?

Nah, I don’t believe you! And JK doesn’t, too.

Even if you don’t like fiction (which would be ridiculous… right?) there are so many non-fiction books out there which might interest you. Just give it a try and go out there. I’m sure there’s one book waiting for you. One book that might be exactly what you need in your life.

Every reader will find their books. You just need to keep looking.

And yes, I’m fully aware that this sounds like a cheesy romance line. But finding the right book for you, is like finding a loved one. It’s something magical and wonderful.

It’s something you don’t want to miss in your life. So keep looking!

Like I said with the first quote when you read you can be whoever and wherever you want to be. It’s so simple and so intriguing.

Because every book you read, changes you. It gives you something. A story to tell and to inspire you. A wisdom that might change your life. A perspective that might give you more empathy for others. Or maybe it gives you hope?

You won’t know until you read books.

The books you read reflect WHO you are, and what your mindset is. I’m sure you heard a lot of times that you need to take care of your body and health. To eat good food and workout and jada jada.

But what is with your mind? What is with your soul?

You not only need to take care of your body, but also of your mind and your soul. You need to learn and grow through life. And books help your mind with that!

Books are the good food for our brain. Books are the soul in your home and make you everything what you are because they’re a part of you.

You can travel with your freaking mind WHEREVER you want to! You can live the life of WHOEVER you want to! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

And maybe during that journey you’ll appreciate your life more. Maybe you’ll learn about yourself and others. Maybe you’ll understand yourself a little bit more because the book might make you think about certain topics that you weren’t aware of.

Books are your life-long friends who inspire and shape you. So don’t waste this magical experience because you think you don’t like reading.

Julia Valentina
Julia Valentina
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