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Hunter King's current situation

by Cheryl E Preston 2 months ago in celebrities

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star is in a predicament that often plagues celebrities.

Hunter King

Hunter King has been portraying Summer Newman on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS off and on since 2006. During these past 15 years, she has endeared herself to those who enjoy the CBS daytime drama. Summer has grown from a spoiled rich girl into a thoughtful young woman and fans of the show loved her being paired with Kyle, (Michael Mealor). King, however at this present time is dealing with an issue that is common for popular celebrities which is an invasion of privacy and the need to know rights of her adoring public.

Soap fans desire to know every detail of what is going on with their favorite actors and actresses but do they owe us every detail of their personal business? The rumor mill began spreading a story in June that a "blind item" stated that a popular soap actress was no longer satisfied with her show. One story named two GENERAL HOSPITAL actresses, Laura Wright and Kelly Monaco but nothing came of it. Michelle Stafford who portrays Summer's mom Phyllis was also named but King was never mentioned.

Along the way, those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS were noticing that Summer Newman was becoming a shell of her former self. There are hundreds of stories online currently about King and they all are reporting what you are reading here. Everyone is waiting for an official statement from the actress or the executives from the show. Summer Newman lost her edge and allowed her enemies too run her out and I t town. Skyl fans h came alarmed at he direction the show was taking the character. As rumors of the blind item continued Kinds fans began sensing that she was the one the rumors were referring to.

Fans of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS began suspecting than Hunter King was the disgruntled actress and was about to leave the CBS soap. King remained silent as her character broke off her engagement to Kyle and allowed Tara and Sally to run her out of town. Along the way, the rumor mill said that Michael Mealor was leaving his role as Jack Abbott's son and fans speculated that Skyle were going to exit together. Jason Thompson went public and shared that he would miss Mealor and the actor came behind him and admitted that he was leaving his role as Kyle.

Neither man mentioned Hunter King and the actress herself remained silent. The two tweets that accompany this article are the last that Hunter has posted and both were in June. When THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS aired the episode where Summer said her goodbyes many viewers were crying along with her. It literally felt as if King were really saying farewell to her Y&R family but no official notice has ever come forth.

Spoiler alerts have been sharing information about what will happen prior to Michael Mealor's exit but neither King nor THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS has made any official statement about her status on the CBS soap. No other major soap actress has made an exit so the money is on Hunter King as the one in the blind item. Some fans are sympathetic to the plight of the actress while others believe she owes her adoring public an explanation. Clearly, this situation is troubling Hunter based on the fact that she is not addressing it.

Do popular celebrities in high profile roles owe it to the public to share their every move? Is Hunter King obligated to set the record straight and give an interview regarding her current situation with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS? Curious fans are going to ask questions, and stories will flood the Internet. When the facts are not known people make up what they believe to be true. At this point, the narrative has shifted from Hunter leaving Y&R to some spoilers saying her silence indicates that she might be staying.

There has been no official statement from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS regarding King or Mealor. If Jason Thompson had not spoken out perhaps the public would not have known for certain if he was leaving.l The rumor mill indicates that contract negotiations fell through for both King and Mealor and their fans are truly devastated. What viewers do know is that Michael Mealor allegedly taped his final scenes before July 4, and that Richard Burgi, (Ashland) and Eileen Davidson, (Ashley) both said they miss King.

This implies that she is already gone but again nothing official has been stated. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS viewers have been reading between the lines for 2 months now but soon it will be over. Will Hunter King give a statement to her fans prior to the truth about Sally and Tara being revealed or will her followers have to watch each episode and figure it out for themselves?

Summer is going to have a video chat with Kyle soon and appologize but this does not indicate how Skyle's story ends or possibly begins anew. Keep looking out for updates as you continue to watch the drama unfold on the small screen. Does Hunter King need to give her devoted fans some type of assurance regarding Summer as well as her future plans. As of this writing. it appears she does not but that could change in a moment.


Cheryl E Preston

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