How will Marvel respond to DC beating them to the punch with an unprecedented crossover?

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The CW's "Crisis On Infinite Earths" event included a surprise cameo by the DCEU's Barry Allen, something no one saw coming. How will Marvel respond to the competition?

How will Marvel respond to DC beating them to the punch with an unprecedented crossover?
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During the latest crossover between The CW's superhero shows, The Flash's Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) came face-to-face with his doppelganger from DC's Cinematic Universe. The other Barry (Ezra Miller) only appeared for a few seconds but the instance was unprecedented.

While most every character on The Flash has encountered an doppelganger at one point or another, they haven't met anyone from the DC'EU. Well that was before "Crisis On Infinite Earths". Now, perhaps we'll see more of them crossover.

On top of making TV/movie history, the Arrow-verse event inadvertently made a challenge to Marvel and Disney to step up their game. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been doing well, but the studio heads have been lagging on the establishment of a Multiverse, a cinematic Multiverse to be precise.

The reason we bring up Marvel is that fans have been clamoring for the three cinematic iterations of Spider-Man to appear in the MCU, mostly Tobey Maguire's version if we're being honest. The Sam Raimi version of Peter Parker played by Maguire is widely-liked and audiences would undoubtedly lose their minds if Disney negotiated a deal to have Maguire reprise his role as the webslinger.

Should Maguire return to play Spider-Man one last time?

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More importantly, fans want Maguire's Spider-Man to make his grand return alongside Tom Holland. They don't just want a fourth Spider-Man movie to be made — even if that would be truly awesome — fans are eager to see the Sam Raimi Spider-Man become a permanent member of the MCU.

We should also consider giving Andrew Garfield a fair shake at returning to the role. Out of the three, Garfield was arguably the least-liked. There were pros and cons to them all, but it was Garfield who lacked the ability to keep fans interested. And while that's true, he deserves just as much of a shot at joining the MCU.

Assuming Marvel, Sony, and Disney decide to give fans what they want, having three incarnations of Spider-Man battle the Sinister Six would be a very original direction to go in. General audiences assume Marvel and Disney will pit Peter Parker (Holland) against the Sinister Six alone, possibly with brief assistance from one of the Avengers, though odds are they'll give Spider-Man a couple of unlikely allies instead. Our guess is Venom (Tom Hardy) could be one of them and Morbius (Jared Leto) the other. We haven't seen Michael Morbius on-screen yet but his complex comic counterpart makes us optimistic of the future.

Still, we want to see the Spider-Men suit up to take on the Sinister Six together. Each brings with them their own unique talents and they'd likely all compliment one another in a fight. Maguire's version, however, might be a bit worse for wear if he's not in his prime. Then again, with Disney writing the story, they can forgo Parker going through a depressive episode like the elder version in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse. The alternative being to transport the Parker from a few months after Spider-Man 3 . He'd be grieving from the loss of Harry Osborn (James Franco), but if a cosmic threat came knocking on his door, he'd step up to the challenge.

Maguire's age might present a bit of a challenge, but with developing CGI being used, the actor could feasibly be de-aged for a crossover. It would make sense for a crossover to feature the best versions of each Spider-Man.

Is a cinematic crossover already in the works?

The good news is that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures might have just teased the cinematic crossover we mentioned above. Sony's trailer for Morbius included a brief shot of Michael (Leto) walking past a graffiti of Spider-Man with the word "Murderer" painted across it.

The word suggests Morbius takes place in the MCU where Spider-Man was recently branded a fugitive. This comes after Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall) framed Spidey for murder in Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, the webslinger graphic closely resembles that of Raimi's Spider-Man so there's a bit of conflicting information here.

There's no way to say for sure but the clues are pointing to the imminent arrival of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man in both Sony's respective universe and the MCU. Many people hope that's the case and we'll be sure to post an update if anything is announced in the coming months. But for now, we should temper our expectations.

Do you want to see Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man in the MCU? Let us know in the comments.

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