How Mega Man Inspired Cosplay and More!

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A fan on fan feature!

How Mega Man Inspired Cosplay and More!

As a die-hard Mega Man fan, it is always rewarding to connect with other fans—especially ones who are deeply passionate like I am!

Once such individual I have met is Senaca Brown, who has gained recognition online for his amazing Mega Man Volnutt cosplay. I asked Seneca if I could interview him as part of my Mega Man Fan Realm project. He agreed, and so I asked him to tell me in his own words, how he became a Mega Man fan, what drew him to the character, and what his favorite Mega Man game is.

He explained to me, ''I became a Mega Man fan when I was still in Kindergarten through my father. One day I was looking through a gaming magazine with him and we turned to an advertisement of Marvel Vs. Capcom and I noticed this blue man, and he pointed out to me that the ''blue man'' was Mega Man. Later on he knew I had an interest with Mega Man when I asked him for a Battle Network Figure when we were at the mall, and one night he came home with a copy of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the Original XBox. Ever since then, Mega Man has changed my entire life. I would constantly bug my mom for Mega Man games and figures as a child, and I got into art by copying the artwork of Mega Man characters from the internet (and especially the Official Complete Works Art Book I got for Christmas in 5th grade).

I really don’t know what drew me to Mega Man. I guess from the first moment I laid eyes on him, his blue color, simplistic design, and expression is what drew me (based off the MVC artwork I looked at as a child).

My all time favorite Mega Man game would have to go to Mega Man X1. What is there that hasn’t already been said about the game? The implementation of the wall climb and dash is bidet line perfect. The soundtrack has a lot of memorable tunes and is my personal favorite Mega Man soundtrack. I love the design of X and Zero as well as the other Mavericks and Sigma is a pretty badass villain. I just love everything about that game and I consider it my favorite video game of all time.''

I was moved by Brown's enthusiasm for Mega Man, and I could definitely relate to it! However, I had to hear about his amazing cosplay, and so he began to explain to me how that project came to be.

''I decided to cosplay as Mega Man Volnutt over the summer of 2018. Once night I was playing Mega Man Legends and thought to myself “that’ll make a cool cosplay.” And I already had a huge interest in cosplaying. I would watch a lot of cosplay tutorials and I always wanted to make a Mega Man cosplay. The problem was I didn’t have a job in the past until I started working at a Dunkin Doughnuts over the summer. Ever since then, I put my money towards the cosplay build. The Volnutt cosplay was heavily inspired by Diegator’s TruForce X cosplay. The way he made his cosplay is very interesting and I think he pulled it off is borderline perfect to the TruForce figure itself. I found the cosplay process to be very fun from cutting and gluing pieces together and doing research and I think cosplay has become a new passion of mine. I mainly want to make Mega Man cosplays because I’m drawn to so many of the characters/robots/reploids. Mainly the characters from the Classic and X series. There aren’t that many Mega Man cosplayers out there and I hope someday I could inspire some fans to try and make a Mega Man cosplay someday!''

Mega Man means so much to me, so naturally I had to ask Seneca to tell me what Mega Man means to him... He stated, ''Well Mega Man means almost everything to me. It's what got me into making art, video games, and made friends with other Mega Man fans and without the franchise I would be a completely different person. I always get excited when talking about Mega Man with some of my friends, and it makes me proud that I got my two nephews into Mega Man. When they come to visit, I would let them play some of my Mega Man games and play it for hours since they didn’t have mega Man games back home. Until I got them Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 and 11 for Christmas and my sister (their mother) got them the X collection, and she told me it’s all they play when they’re home.''

Admittedly reading his impassioned answer gave me goosebumps! It is touching to hear someone express their love for something, when you share that some sort of excitement! As such, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to hear his stories! I am hoping to interview more Mega Man fans in the future!

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