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by GARY MAZIN about a year ago in fan fiction


HEROES & HORRORS - 9-7-2020


Before you begin reading this story, I just want to include some very important side notes. First and foremost, “Where did this story come from, and what inspired it?”

This is actually a story I have been working on for quite some time, but tried to pass it off in so many formats with little to no success. While I’d like to say it is an original idea, and while hopefully many people who read it will think so as well I cannot take all the credit.

The inspiration for this story came of my love of the Horror and Fantasy genre. I have been a longtime fan of the works of Stephen King. I also consider myself a child of the 80’s consuming Horror and Fantasy movies at a young age; movies such as KRULL, LABYRINTH, THE LOST BOYS and perhaps one of the biggest influences, VAMPIRE HUNTER D.

Video games and the new comic book trend known as steampunk were also instrumental in the creation of this story as well. Video games such as the CASTLEVANIA series, and trace elements of movies such as THE LEAGUE OF EXTRORDINARY GENTLEMEN and VAN HELLSING, as you read will hopefully strike a chord with you.

Of course other written material has been a big influence to this story as well. They say, “I you don’t read, you can’t write.” Aside from being a fan of the written works of Stephen King, I have also been a longtime fan of comic books. BATMAN is definitely one of my favorite superheroes, his world is dark, complex, fascinating and is by many comic book fans to have one of the most diverse and equally interesting rogues’ galleries in the history of comic books.

I wanted the hero in my story, Brahm Van Helsing to have an equally frightening assortment of foes, not just vampires.

Another comic book inspiration I felt was important to point out were those comics published by the late EC Comics (not to be confused with DC), you may or not have heard of them this “was” the company responsible for the publication of its series of HORROR comics; series such as TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE VAULT OF HORROR, HAUNT OF FEAR and SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES.

On a more personal note, I want to dedicate this story which I hope will be the 1st of many to those who believed in me, told me to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a writer and helping to make it a reality. Perhaps, the greatest inspiration for writing this, would have to be my late mother, who believed in me and supported me financially, and emotionally.

She was definitely an inspiration of perseverance, raising me and my two brothers and sister as best she could after my father died, also working hard to become a successful lawyer during an age when the demand for female lawyers was not as high.

My only regret other than not being able to finish this book, or at least this chapter is that she will never see it have the opportunity to prosper and grow, like me.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, I hope you will find the story you are about to read worthwhile.

Ignoring my pleas and heartfelt confession, if you should happen to find this story engaging I would love to hear you tell me so, by dropping me a line on social media such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and/or MESSENGER.

Along with my family, I look to you, the readers for inspiration. And as I said, if you are fascinated with this 1st chapter please reach out to me via social media. Thank you, and enjoy.


Gary Mazin

GARY MAZIN HEROES & HORRORS - OUTLINE 6/5/2018 OUTLINE: SPLASH PAGE - EUROPE The dawn of the 19th Century, a steampunk sort of world. Science, Technology albeit crude and primitive exists, as does Magic. However, traces of the dark ages still linger, and in this time Monsters exist as well. Fortunately, many of these Monsters have retreated to the darkness from whence they came, after the legendary Vampire/Monster Slayer Abraham Van Helsing slew the king of Monsters, the dreaded Vlad Tepes, known throughout the region and the rest of the word as, Count Dracula.

It’s years later, and Abraham Van Helsing himself is long dead and buried. With no one to lead them, the Monsters that once terrorized remain reclusive…until now.



In a castle chamber, a young man dressed in formal wear; a soldier from the looks of it, around 30 fumbles with the tie on his neck. The young man is Brahm Van Helsing, the son of the noted Vampire/Monster Slayer Abraham Van Helsing.

“Blast this infernal thing!” Brahm says to himself as he groans in frustration. Just then there is a knock at the door. ”Who is it?” Brahm calls out, slightly turning his head to his left shoulder. The person on the other side of the door calls out to Brahm. ”It is I Brahm my son! Father Simon!” Brahm sputters as he lets go of the tie, feeling his efforts are futile. ”Come in Father!” Brahm calls out. Father Simon enters the room. We see a man, a Priest of sorts from the way he is dressed, much older than Brahm, around 40-50. BRAHM (CONT’D) ”Your timing is impeccable Father Simon, I’m so relieved you’re here!” Just then Brahm hesitates, thinking that this is some kind of amazing coincidence. “But? Why are you here?”

Father Simon responds in a kindly voice ”I came to check on you...and see how you are faring my son.” ”I suppose the same way any soldier would feel on his wedding day…or any other day…conflicted.” Brahm tells Father Simon, with a sound of uncertainty in his voice. “Oh?!” Father Simon says, noticing Brahm’s reluctance. “Something is troubling you Brahm. I can sense it…in my line of work, I suppose you might even call it divine intervention. What is it that’s troubling you my son? Who better to confess to than me?”

“I dare not tell you Father Simon.” Brahm says forcefully. “For fear that you might think me mad.”

“My son! As long as I’ve known you, you’ve never been afraid of anything.” Father Simon says, surprised. Father Simon coaxes Brahm to sit on a nearby bed, then he drapes his right arm around Brahm’s shoulders in an effort to console him.

“Now come.” Father Simon says, “Tell me what’s troubling you?” ”Well, if you insist Father.” Brahm says to Father Simon, breathing an exasperated sigh. “I had the strangest dream…In fact I’ve been having them for quite some time. Though…” Brahm hesitates for a moment as he confides to Father Simon.

“Go on.” Father Simon tells him in a reassuring voice.

“They felt so real…as though they weren’t dreams…but visions…of my past.”

Father Simon stands up from the bed, he clasps his hands behind him and lowers his head, as if he is preparing to make his own confession.

“You do think me mad, don’t you?” Brahm asks Father Simon, looking for validation. Or perhaps reassurance that he is not as mad as he thinks. ”To the contrary my son.” Father Simon says to Brahm. “I don’t think…I know.” Brahm looks at Father Simon with wide-eyed confusion and surprise. However feeling reassured, Brahm is also confused. Father Simon turns around to face Brahm, he pulls out a rather extravagantly embroidered cloth from under the folds of his cassock. Father Simon opens it up, revealing a rather unique and peculiar weapon; the weapon looks like a cross, gold with a green jewel in the center. Suddenly, as if the object has a life of its own the jewel in the center opens up, like an eye and the cross takes on a different shape, more of a cross "bone" shape. Next, the eye begins to act like a projector and Brahm sees a holographic image of his late father, Abraham Van Helsing.

“My dearest Brahm…my son; It is I, your father…Abraham Van Helsing.”

“My father…?” Brahm says in surprise. “Shh!” Father Simon gestures to Brahm to remain silent so as to hear the rest of the message.

The hologram of Abraham Van Helsing continues to narrate “If you are watching and listening to this, then you are ready to learn the truth of who you are…and who you are destined to become!”

Again, Brahm looks in wide-eyed wonder, his mouth gaping as he looks at the holographic image projecting his late father.

PT. 2

In another part of the castle. Guests congregate in celebration for the wedding of Brahm and the Princess, Persephone Nicholai. The focus is on The King – Tobias; The Queen - Deirdre and Brahm's squire and close friend, Clayton Fidarey. ”This is quite an amazing turnout!” Clayton says. “Your majesties have certainly spared no expense!” ”Well, as you know Clayton my boy!” King Tobias says jovially. “Today is a very important day.”, “Nothing but the best for our precious Persephone!”

“Isn’t that right Deirdre?” King Tobias says to Queen Deirdre as he reaches out with his left hand and gently grabs his wife’s right hand. King Tobias gently pulls her in, Queen Deirdre twirls into Tobias’s chest and they share a kiss. Then, they return to a normal, sociable position.

“You must be feeling somewhat proud of yourself Clayton.” Queen Deirdre says to Clayton, curiously. “After all, Brahm is your best friend.”

”Thank you Queen Deirdre.” Clayton replies kindly. “Yes, we’ve known each other for quite some time…years I fact.” “I suppose one good thing can be said about war…” replies King Tobias. “It brings two people closer together.

“So does love dear…” replies Queen Deirdre.

“Well, yes…I suppose it does…at least they say it does.” King Tobias

Queen Deirdre turns to look at Clayton, deciding it perhaps best to change the subject. Not wanting him to be left out. ”So Clayton, will we be hearing wedding bells in your future anytime soon?”

Clayton scratches the back of his head, hard to believe a soldier could be so nervous, but he hesitates and has to think about his answer.

“Well I - - um - - that is to say - -“ Clayton tries to respond, nervously.

Suddenly, there is a loud banging sound coming from the main doors of the hall.

Something with incredible force and strength breaks through. A woman, wearing a cloak covering the top of her face, partially revealing her mouth, nose and cheeks stands before the crowd, her arms stretched out. Along with the mysterious woman, a trio of Harpies flies into the room and begin attacking the guests - screeching, clawing, biting. The crowds of once cheery guests begin fleeing in every direction to escape.

The woman in the hooded cloak turns her attention to King Tobias and Queen Deirdre. Then, she points out a clawed, scaly finger from her left hand and calls out to the harpies. “Aello, Ocypete…” the woman in the cloak yells out to two of the three harpies. There is a strangeness to her voice, a hissing in her speech. “Ssssseize, the King and Queen!”

“As you command…” says the one named Aello. “…sister Carlotta!” says the one named Ocypete.

The two monstrous bird-women flying in the air swoop in to capture King Tobias and Queen Deirdre.

Clayton hearing this draws his sword and stands in front of the King and Queen. “No…!” Clayton says, with mustered courage. “Keep away you harpies! I won’t let you harm my King and Queen!”

Aello and Ocypete, unimpressed by Clayton’s threat laugh, but in a chilling combination of laughter and bird screeches.

“Sssso Gallant!” Carlotta says. “I ssssee chivalry is not dead…”

Carlotta calls out to the third harpy. “Podarge, deal with this insufferable whelp!”

Podarge swoops down, catching Clayton by surprise. With her talons, Podarge knocks down Clayton who drops his sword.

As Podarge flies off to the side of her fellow harpies, Clayton who is wounded by Podarge’s claws and having the wind knocked out of him crawls over to his sword. As Clayton grabs the handle of the sword, a foot comes down on his hand. Clayton looks up and sees Carlotta.

“…well not yet anyway.” Carlotta says, looking down on Clayton.

As Carlotta pins Clayton down by his hand, Carlotta turns her attention back to the King and Queen. Carlotta points at King Tobias and Queen Deirdre.

King Tobias and Queen Deirdre are now being held down on their knees by Aello and Ocypete in front of Carlotta. Carlotta removes her hood, revealing that she is a Medusa. Carlotta yells out, “Turn to stone!...” Carlotta’s face changes as she looks at King Tobias and Queen Deirdre; in a flash of light the two are turned to statues.

After putting her hood back on, Carlotta wanders over to the statues and begins toying with them, grabbing them seductively. Then she looks at Clayton, who is unaffected now that Carlotta has covered her face again.

“What do you think?” Carlotta says to Clayton. “I’ve never turned royalty to stone before. Perhaps…I should start, a chess set.” Carlotta chuckles, as do Aello, Ocypete and Podarge.

Clayton, with tears in his eyes, and an angry and determined look on his face pounds the ground and looks down in defeat.

“You…!” Clayton says under his breath. “You monsters!” Clayton yells out, with renewed vigor.

“Yesss, we are…” Carlotta tells Clayton. “How assstute.”

“Looks, and brains.” Aello interjects. “Not much brains, Aello.” Ocypete says, “Yes Ocypete…” says Podarge. “…but certainly courage….stupidity, but courage.”

“Or perhaps should we say…” Podarge says. “..guts.” the three harpies speak in unison.

“Let us see what he’s really made of…shall we dear sisters?” Aello says to Ocypete and Podarge. The other two look upon Clayton. “What say you, sister Carlotta?” Ocypete calls out to the medusa. “May we…ravage him?” says Podarge.

Carlotta contemplates this for a moment, but decides against it.

“No sisters’ dear…I think given his valiant nature, another punishment will be more suitable.”

Carlotta stands over Clayton. Then, she kneels beside him...Carlotta reaches out with her right hand, it is scaly with long curled fingernails, more reptile than human. Without hesitation Carlotta slashes Clayton across the face. Clayton screams in pain and the harpies let go as he reels on the floor. ”Now, my Medusa venom courses through your veins. Soon, you too will suffer the same fate as your King and Queen. If it is of any consolation…your demise will be slower and far more agonizing…as your flesh turns to stone.”

”Damn you all to Hell!” Clayton says to the monstrous sisters. ”this…isn’t…over.” Clayton, still reeling in pain as he makes what may be his dying declaration.

PT. 3

Back in Brahm's chambers, the Glave has concluded with its strange message and has returned to its dormant shape. Suddenly, the Glave begins to pulsate and glow. “Father Simon, what’s happening? The Glave! It acts as if it’s alive!” Brahm says, with fearful excitement.

“That can’t be!” Father Simon yells in surprise. “The only time the Glave acts that way…is when.” “Is when, “What?” Brahm asks

“Is when, it detects the presence of monsters.” says Father Simon. Suddenly, Brahm and Father Simon hear a woman scream.

“That scream!” Brahm says, “It’s coming from Persephone’s room!”

Brahm rushes out the door and towards the hall.

“Brahm, wait!” Father Simon calls out to Brahm, but is too late.

Brahm shortly arrives at Persephone's chambers kicking down the door.

Brahm sees his Bride-to-Be in the arms of a Succubus, a demonic female monster with the body of a woman with horns, huge leathery bat wings, a long pointed tail and gargoyle feet. ”Who? What manner of creature are you?” Brahm says to the monstrous woman holding Persephone. ”My name is Lilith” says the demonic looking female. “I am a Succubus. And my master has requested an audience with you..and your blushing bride.”

With anger and renewed vigor, Brahm draws his sword and prepares to do battle. ”Then, he will be sadly disappointed” Brahm says. “Release her this instant…or taste my blade!” Brahm yells

“So gallant” Lilith scoffs, and lets out a slight sarcastic laugh. “If you want her…come and get her!” Lilith says coaxing Brahm by waving her index finger. Angry, Brahm charges her only to blown back across the room, slamming into a nearby wall by a huge gust from Lilith's mighty wings. As Brahm lays hurt and semi unconscious Lilith ensnares Persephone in her gargoyle-esque feet.

“Impudent whelp!” Lilith says in anger, “If you ever want to see your

precious Persephone again…you will have to come and claim her, at my Master’s castle.” With that, Lilith flies off, carrying Persephone in her devil like tail. “No! Stop! Come back!” Brahm yells out still dazed and in pain. Brahm clutches his ribs as he tries to get back on his feet.

Suddenly, Father Simon enters the room. He sees Brahm on the floor and tries to help him to his feet.

“Brahm, what happened?” Father Simon asks Brahm as he picks him up. “Where’s Persephone?”

“She…took her.” Brahm tells Father Simon. Brahm is suddenly filled with renewed vigor grabs Father Simon by both of his arms, almost as if he is going to shake him.

“A monster took her, Father Simon!” Brahm says frantically.

“I-I have to save her!”

“Brahm wait!” Father Simon yells out to Brahm.

“No time Father Simon! I must go!” Brahm says as he hastily runs out of the room, eager to rescue Persephone. Brahm rushes off, down the stairs making his way to the great hall.

PT. 4

Brahm arrives in the Great Hall of the castle, he is horrified by the sight that awaits him. Many of the guests have been massacred, and those that haven't have been turned to statues. The Harpies wait silently on the parapets of the castle, unseen by Brahm. Brahm hears a moan coming from his left, he sees his friend Clayton; However, he barely recognizes him as he sees Carlotta’s medusa venom already taking much of its effect on Clayton, his body, more stone than flesh. Brahm heads over to help him. ”Clayton, my friend!” Brahm says, “What happened? Who did this?”

Clayton is still weak, so weak he can barely speak. His face half stone, half flesh. With a last desperate gesture, Clayton points to something/someone approaching him from behind. “Brahm!” Clayton yells. “Look out behind you!”

However it is unnecessary, as the Glave once again signals, warning Brahm of the presence of monsters.

Brahm pulls the Glave out and throws it at the oncoming threat. The Glave makes contact, cutting off the head of Carlotta, the Medusa who is/was approaching from behind him. Carlotta’s head falls off her shoulders and rolls on to the floor.

Brahm stands over the severed body, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Whew! That was a close one!” Brahm turns to face Clayton, but while with his dying breath Clayton was able to save Brahm, Brahm was unable to save Clayton.

“You saved me my friend.” Brahm lowers his head in discouragement. “I only wish I was in time to save you.”

Just then, Brahm hears screeching, the Harpies see their sister decapitated and waste no time attacking Brahm. “Puny Human!” Aello cries out, screeching like a bird.

“You decapitated our sister!” says Ocypete.

“Now you, shall die!” says Podarge.

Aello, Ocypete & Podarge descend upon him. As the Glave returns to Brahm it slices into Aello's wing. She struggles to fly, but she can't. “My wing!” Aello says, screaming out in pain. Aello crash lands into the ground. Ocypete and Podarge are distracted by their sister's plight. The Harpies angrier than before resume their attack on Brahm. Ocypete flies at him from the air. As she prepares to descend on him, the talons on her feet spread out like a bird of prey. Brahm rolls away from Ocypete, he is in a kneeling position and prepares to throw the Glave again, only this time the Harpies are ready for him, as Podarge quickly swoops in and clutches Brahm by his shoulders. With little to no effort, Podarge picks him up and begins to fly him around the room. Podarge cranes her neck, looks at Brahm and begins to gloat. ”Foolish Human! You dare to use your Glave now?” Podarge gloats. In an amazing feat of agility, Brahm gets a firm grip on Podarge's legs.

Then, Brahm swings both his feet into Podarge's face. Brahm's kicks Podarge with both legs disorienting her and her flight path. While still holding on to Podarge's legs they both go crashing towards one of the nearby pillars into the throne room. Brahm plants his feet into Podarge's stomach. Using Podarge as a spring board, Brahm spins her as he backflips out of Podarge's talons, he lands to safety while Podarge goes crashing into the nearby pillar with her back. Ocypete sees this and screeches. Ocypete swoops in to attack Brahm. Brahm is now standing ready, Glave in hand prepared to throw it. Not having enough time to throw the Glave, Brahm reaches for the rapier in his scabbard. He decides to face off with Ocypete. Ocypete obliges and while flying in the air, continues her attack on Brahm. Brahm seems to be holding his own, but he and Ocypete seem to be evenly matched. Ocypete continues to draw in closer, while Brahm is forced to retreat back.

Suddenly, as Brahm takes a step back he feels something wrap around his ankle. Brahm yells out “What in - -?” Carlotta’s tongue, even though her head has been severed from her body, she is still alive. Carlotta draws in to Brahm, then upon completely retracting her tongue, bites him with huge snake-like fangs. Brahm screams in pain and stumbles, tripping over Carlotta's head. As Brahm writes in pain, crawling on his stomach and elbows Carlotta commands Ocypete to continue her attack. “Now Ocypete!” Carlotta’s severed head calls out. “While my poison courses through his veins…destroy him!” Ocypete does as her sister commands.

As Brahm is crawling, he remembers something. He reaches under his shirt and pulls out a strange copper whistle shaped like a cross hanging around his neck.

Brahm blows in to the whistle, it emits a high frequency pitch, like a dog whistle. Ocypete, being part bird experiences a shrill pain from the whistle. Suddenly, a neigh is heard in the background and in gallops a majestic white, mechanical horse - Brahm's loyal steed - Sanctity. Sanctity quickly places itself between Brahm and the descending Ocypete.

Sanctity quickly turns around, placing its hind legs to face Ocypete, then with tremendous force kicks her away and Ocypete goes flying in the other direction. ”Thank you Sanctity.” Brahm says in his weakened condition. Even though Brahm feels the effects of Carlotta's poison coursing through his leg and up his body, he struggles to mount Sanctity. ”Now…” Brahm groans, “We must rescue Persephone! Hyah!” Brahm coaxes Sanctity. The two ride off, racing out the through the castle bridge, carrying Brahm to safety.

Carlotta calls out to Ocypete. “He must not escape! Ocypete, follow him!” Ocypete does as Carlotta says. Aello struggles to stand, unable to fly with her severed wing. Carlotta then calls out to Podarge.

“Podarge, help Aello! Then both of you…” Carlotta’s severed head continues to shout demands. ”Return my head to my body!”

PT. 5

Brahm and Sanctity continue to ride off with Brahm still feeling the effects of Carlotta's poison. It isn't long until they reach the woods nearby. The two ride into the woods, Sanctity stops.

Brahm, exhausted and poison can no longer hold on to Sanctity's reigns and falls to the floor of the forest. Sanctity tries desperately to revive Brahm, coaxing him by nuzzling him.

Sanctity's efforts to revive Brahm seem futile. Brahm is none the less awakened when he hears a screech come from the sky. Realizing it is not a bird,

“What? What is that Sanctity?” Brahm says, quietly “Too loud to be a bird.”

Brahm sees a flock of birds that have been nesting in the trees begin to fly off as if they too are frightened. The screeching is in fact coming from the harpy Ocypete. Not long after scouting the woods, Ocypete who somehow managed to escape the battle bruised but undaunted finally sees Brahm and violently swoops in for the attack. “Oh no! One of those hideous harpies has found us!” Ocypete swoops down to grab Brahm in her talons.

“At last…he’s mine!” Ocypete says swooping in for the kill.

“My apologies Sanctity…I didn’t mean for you to suffer my fate as well.” Brahm says, feeling as though they are both doomed.

Suddenly, a figure jumps out of the darkness. The figure is a werewolf/Wolman. The creature tackles Ocypete, overpowering her.

The werewolf/Wolman begins to claw and growl. Ocypete screeches as she tries to fight him off. Just then, a woman emerges from the darkness.

The woman is attired in Victorian Era garb, blue hair, floating, her

hands stretched out - - and glowing. “Victor” the woman calls out to the werewolf. The werewolf/Wolman ceases his attack, clutching Ocypete’s throat. ”Help the vampire hunter.” The witch woman continues. “I will restrain the harpy.” ”Yes, Victoria.” The werewolf/Wolman says to the woman.

As Victor goes over to help Brahm the ground under Ocypete begins to glow and the roots shoot out and begin to hold Ocypete down. Victor scoops up Brahm and puts him on his back, throwing him over like a knapsack. Next, Victor swiftly carries him out of the forest.

The witch Victoria continues to bind Ocypete to the ground she approaches Sanctity. Victoria talks to Sanctity, telepathically. “Not to worry my majestic friend. We are here to help you, and your master.” Victoria turns from Sanctity and looks over at Ocypete nonchalantly, then after gaining Sanctity's trust mounts him and rides him out of the forest. Moments after Victoria leaves the scene, the spell which held Ocypete seems to wear off. Ocypete breaks free, flying into the air, screeching furiously. Ocypete flies above the forest, following the direction of the Witch and the werewolf. She sniffs the air, but cannot tell which direction the two strangers have retreated to. Realizing she has lost Brahm she feels she has no other choice. ”Curses, I’ve lost them.” Ocypete shouts “The Master will be most displeased.” Even though Ocypete fears what her master Alucard will do to her, she turns and flies back to the castle.

PT. 6

We see Lilith still carrying Persephone, the two come upon a vast, dark castle. Surrounded by clouds that seem to circle around at the top, and sporadic bolts of lightning emanating from it. Lilith enters the clouds and the two seem to disappear. Suddenly, they re-appear in a grand and glorious throne room. In the middle corner of the room there is a throne facing the wall.

On the throne sits a tall, slender figure, his face shrouded in the darkness. The young, dead peasant girl slumped in his lap. Lilith, with careless abandon drops Persephone at the foot of the throne. Persephone groans, lying on the floor before she stands she props herself up and looks up at the figure who is sitting on the throne. The dark clad figure's face is still shrouded in black, but his mouth and eyes are visible as he opens his mouth, revealing a set of dripping fangs, his eyes translucent, yet giving off a radiant glow. The dark, shrouded figure stands up, the peasant girl falls lifelessly to the ground as the shadowy figure shrugs her off.

Blood drips down the girl’s neck, which is dead and pale.

The man on the throne doesn’t even bother to turn, he simply faces the man on the throne doesn’t even bother to turn, he simply begins to acknowledge Lilith, as if he senses her presence.

”Ah, Lilith.” Alucard says “I sense you have returned.” ”Yes, my master.” Lilith says, “And I have brought you your guest.” “So I am aware.” Alucard says, “Her heart beat gives her away. Well done.” ”Thank you sire, I live to please.” Lilith says, condescendingly. The dark figure pushes a button on a skull on the arm rest of the throne and it turns around. The figure faces Lilith and Persephone, his face and body draped in darkness.

”Now Lilith, you know life is meaningless to our kind.” Alucard says, “But those who are willing to sacrifice the lives of others, as well as their own? Ah...that to me is a true sign of loyalty.” “Of course sire, how forgetful of me.” Lilith says, correcting herself. ”Greetings, my dear Persephone.” The man in black says to Persephone. “Welcome to my castle. Or perhaps I should say, my ancestor’s castle. I am the son of the vampire count Dracula and his wife Carmilla.” “ You may call me...Alucard.” We now see Alucard's features they resemble that of a human, albeit a very pale one.

Alucard stands up from his throne which sits upon an array of steps. Rather than descending the steps he fans away his cape and floats down them approaching Persephone. Before he does or says anything else Alucard snaps his fingers. Lilith bows before Alucard and backs away. Then, Alucard snaps his fingers again and a pair of gremlin soldiers grab Persephone on each arm, holding her down. “Please, tell me.” Persephone says in desperation and fear. “Why are you doing this? What do you want?” While Persephone struggles to break free Alucard reaches for her face and puts his left hand under her chin. ”All in good time my dear.” Alucard says to Persephone. Persephone reels as she feels the icy cold flesh of Alucard's hand wrap around her face. Alucard lets out a gust of breath into Persephone's face, which she finds to be just as cold as his touch. “When have both you, and your husband-to-be Brahm.” Alucard relaxes his face. “I shall reveal everything.”

PT. 7

Back in a clearing in the woods. The two strangers Victor and Victoria meet up.

“Nice of you to show up.” Victor says to Victoria, sarcastically.

Victoria ignores her brother.

“Well, now that we are all clear.” Victoria says. Next, Victoria puts her hand out, she casts another spell. This time a vortex appears, acting as a portal. “Let’s go home.” Victoria concludes.

Victor carries Brahm into the portal. Next, Victoria urges Sanctity into the portal. As the weary travelers enter the portal it closes behind them.

PT. 8

“Home sweet home.” Victor says sarcastically, as he and Victoria stand looking forward contentedly.

Just then, Brahm starts to stir. He tries to shake off his disorientation.

“Wha - - Where are we? Where am I?” Brahm says, holding his head dazed and confused.

As we see Victor and Victoria looking onto the horizon, we see a majestic structure of white and gold, an opulent church of sorts, radiating like a beacon of hope.

“Home.” Victoria says, reassuringly.

fan fiction


I'm into Comic Books, Karate, Movies and Travel graduated from NYFA with a Degree in SCREENWRITING.

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