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General Hospital spoilers: Jordan might fall for Zeke Robinson

Gavin Houston's return to the soap will lead to some excitement in Port Charles.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Gavin Houston returns to General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers are teasing that Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) might have a new man in her life soon. Viewers know that on Friday, she wished Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) well and said she was moving on. Comments on Facebook overwhelmingly are in support of Commissioner Ashford's decision to make a clean break and against Curtis who has been called "wishy-washy." Spoilers say Gavin Houston (Zeke Robinson) will soon return to the ABC soap but it's not known for how long. It is being suggested that he will be the new man in Jordan's life but can he truly win her heart?

Some GH fans had thought that Jordan and Marcus Taggert might get together because they have a long history but he does not stick around long enough to develop a relationship with anyone. Now that it's been established that Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) is not his daughter Taggert might be seen in Port Charles even less. At one point he was living in Jordan's apartment but nothing has been said as to whether or not he has his own place now.

Will Jordan fall for Zeke or keep Curtis in her heart?

It's clear that Jordan still loves Curtis but he has moved back home with Portia Robinson (Brooke Kerr) and is sleeping in the guest room. This is very telling based on the fact that the former PI was ready to jump in bed with his ex-wife last week but now is being careful not to give his current spouse any false hope. Portia will be delighted her brother is back in Port Charles and a preview suggests she might ask Zeke to talk some sense into someone who might be Trina.

Portia is furious that her daughter won't let go of Spencer Cassadine (Nikolas Chaves) even though everyone has told her to butt out. Portia may find that Zeke will join the ranks of those who do not see things her way including Curtis who saw how Spencer stepped up for Trina in Greenland. Zeke may come to know and like the Cassadine Prince as well or he could simply tell his sister the same thing as Taggert and Ava Jerome (Maura West which is to let Trina live her own life. Zeke also might become smitten with Jordan and not even give his sister and his niece a second thought.

The possibilities are endless

Perhaps that new house Portia and Curtis bought together might have enough space for Zeke to stay with his family for a while and he will eventually pick up on the tension and question why the newlyweds are not sleeping together. Jordan could develop real feelings for Portia's brother and or use him to force herself to get over her former husband. Either way, Curtis is not going to like his ex moving on and not moping over him anymore. He might actually become jealous and begin saying things that make Portia ask questions. Sooner or later that kiss with Commissioner Ashford is going to come up and Portia will feel betrayed by both her husband and Jordan.

In the meantime expect some spark to fly between Zeke Robinson and his brother-in-law's ex-wife and watch how Curtis is going to respond. Spoilers have teased that he is going to join the WSB which will not sit well with Portia but Curtis will begin to understand the need to keep secrets in a way he did not in the past and it cost him his first marriage. Perhaps Zeke will see something happen between Jordan and Curtis and be the one to alert Portia. There are a lot of possibilities so stay tuned to General Hospital to find out how all of this works out when Gavin Houston returns..


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