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Geeks' Bullied Workspace Destroyed

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By Ihtisham ShahzadPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Geeks' Bullied Workspace Destroyed
Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in a small town, there were three geeks named Mike, Jen, and Dave. They were all high school students and were known for their intelligence and passion for technology. They spent most of their free time tinkering with computers, programming, and experimenting with new technology.

Mike was the leader of the group. He was a tall, lanky guy with a mop of curly hair and thick glasses. He was always seen carrying a laptop around and was known for his coding skills. Jen was the only girl in the group, but she was no less of a geek. She was short and sported short hair, which she dyed a different color every week. She was an expert in hardware and networking. Dave, on the other hand, was a quiet guy who rarely spoke, but when he did, it was always something brilliant. He was an expert in robotics and AI.

The three of them were inseparable, and they spent most of their weekends at the local library, where they had set up their makeshift workspace. They had a corner of the library all to themselves, where they could work on their projects undisturbed.

One day, while they were working on their latest project, a group of bullies entered the library. The bullies were the typical jocks who loved to pick on the geeks. They started taunting Mike, Jen, and Dave, calling them names and making fun of their glasses.

Mike, being the leader, stood up to the bullies and told them to leave. The bullies just laughed and pushed Mike aside. Jen and Dave tried to intervene, but they were no match for the jocks.

The bullies then proceeded to destroy the geeks' workspace, knocking over their computers and equipment. Mike, Jen, and Dave were devastated. Their entire life's work had been destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Feeling helpless and defeated, they left the library and went home. They spent the entire weekend sulking and feeling sorry for themselves.

On Monday morning, when they arrived at school, they found that their lockers had been vandalized. The bullies had written derogatory messages on their lockers, calling them names and making fun of their intelligence.

This was the last straw for the geeks. They decided that they were not going to take it anymore. They decided to fight back.

They spent the next few weeks planning and preparing. They researched the bullies' weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They also worked on their own weaknesses, training themselves in self-defense and martial arts.

Finally, the day of reckoning arrived. The geeks met the bullies in the school cafeteria. The bullies were surprised to see the geeks standing up to them.

Mike stepped forward and challenged the bullies to a game of chess. The bullies laughed at him, thinking it was a joke. But Mike was serious. He knew that he was an expert at chess and that the bullies had no chance against him.

The game began, and within a few moves, it was clear that Mike was going to win. The bullies were stunned. They had never seen anyone beat Mike at chess before.

Meanwhile, Jen and Dave had hacked into the school's security system and were controlling the CCTV cameras. They had recorded everything that had happened in the cafeteria, including the bullies' defeat at the hands of Mike.

The geeks had one more trick up their sleeves. They had created a fake social media account, which they used to spread the video of the bullies' defeat. The video went viral, and soon everyone in the school was talking about it.

The bullies were humiliated. They had never been defeated before, especially not by a bunch of geeks.



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