Game of Thrones Season 7: My Expectations

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Game of Thrones Season 7: My Expectations
“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There’s no middle ground.”

With such a grim theme, and a moral scale that range from the saintly to the monstrous, one can understand why the Game of Thrones is one of the best tv series around. And why not, where else would you find a blend of The Walking Dead and Vikings with a bit of 50 Shades of Grey thrown into the mix?

For some of us addicts who just can’t wait for season seven on July 7, all we can do is to speculate about how events are going to pan out. Having re-read all five books and re-watched all six seasons for the third time, I can say I’m pretty confident on who will end up dead on the Iron Throne, but then who isn’t. I first want to clear things up though, this article isn’t to bring up spoilers or anything of that sort, I’m only writing what I expect in season 7. So what are my expectations?

Daenerys Targaryen in Westeros at last.

Not to be Maester obvious here but our dragon queen has a dramatic way of prolonging her return to the Seven Kingdoms. As much as I respect her noble cause of stopping slave trade and practicing being queen in Slavers Bay, I think her arrival has been long overdue. At the end of last season we saw her set sail with her armies but who knows, a lot of things can happen on the sea, it is known! For all we know she might be off hunting slave ships in the Summer Sea or even be tempted to visit her ancestral home in Valyria and rebuild it, she’s that unpredictable. In the official trailer released by HBO, Queen Daenerys is seen entering a hall in what many theorists believe to be Dragonstone, and I hope so because I expect Dany to be in Westeros this season.

Awkward reunions.

Season 7 promises a lot of awkward reunions as a lot of old rivals and companions meet again. For a start I’d very much love to see Lord Varys meet Petyr Baelish, two players who love the game as much as they despise each other. I’m really eager to see what scheming they will be up to now that they have revealed where their loyalties lie. The next reunion I’m expecting is one between Tyrion, Jamie and Queen Cersei. Cersei wants Tyrion’s head for Joffery’s murder while Jamie won’t forget Tywin’s murder, meanwhile Tyrion will be arriving with an army and three dragons and more powerful. And Dany might want to punish Jamie for her dad’s murder. So if it comes to war will any of them be spared? I also look forward to a meeting between Tyrion and Bronn, which will give us something to laugh about. Another family reunion I’m expecting is that of house Stark. Last season’s brief reunion between Jon and Rickon ended on a sad note. I’m sure Arya’s return as an assassin will be nowhere as surprising as Bran’s since everyone believes he’s dead, plus he will be returning more powerful than them all. However something tells me Bran won’t be in arriving until the great battle is done. I’m also expecting Arya and the Hound or Tyrion, Jon and Sansa to meet this season for an added twist.

Jon Snow gets a new name.

Last season revealed to us that Jon Snow the King in the North, is half Targaryen although he knows nothing about it. After being crowned king, well sort of, I expect Jon to legitimize his name since he now has the power to do so. So the question is, will he do it? Will he think that’s an honorable thing to do, we know the Starks and their honour. Aside that, there’s his unknown Targaryen name to contend with. Will he adopt it if revealed to him? Nevertheless I expect King Jon to have a new name before the season ends.

Daenerys gets married.

This has been a popular idea among Game of Thrones fans and I think so too. In Westeros great alliances are made by marriages. Dany will need such an alliance if she wants some support for her claim, and a somewhat bloodless conquest, as I don’t think Cersei will just hand over her hard-won crown. So I expect Dany to marry Jon Snow to get Northern support to her cause. In truth Jon is her nephew but such a marriage shouldn’t be uncommon to Targaryen history. Jon is a good fighter and commander and he has a large army, plus he’s risen from the dead. Aside Jon I honestly don’t see any other good match for Dany.

So these are my main expectations for this season even though the sane thing to do is to not have expectations in the Game of thrones. Let’s see how many of them will turn out as expected.

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