Fire Force

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Fire Force

When I first came across Fire Force, just the name alone caught my attention. I knew it had to be an anime about firefighters, and it is. They aren’t just any firefighters. Of course, they’re not. Anime are never what they seem, and that makes or breaks them. After reading the description, I knew I had to see it.

The characters in Fire Force are firefighters, but they’re special firefighters. One of their recruits, Shinra Kusakabe, can ignite his feet. Shinra Kusakabe is nicknamed ‘Devil’s Footprints’ because of his pyrokinetic ability. He’s also a third-generation pyrokinetic user. Getting to see Shinra use his pyrokinetic ability was pretty cool. Given that Shinra can only ignite his feet, that puts him at a disadvantage. It’s still pretty cool getting to watch Shinra use his pyrokinetic ability.

Shinra joins the Special Fire Force Company 8. A unique fire fighting company that consists of other pyrokinetics. These individuals have dedicated their lives to put an end to Infernal attacks. That isn’t their only job. Company 8 is also in charge of investigating Companies 1 through 7. It is believed that someone is within those companies are corrupt.

Before getting too much farther, I want to mention more about Infernals. Infernals are unfortunate people whose souls have been set ablaze. People in this world tend to combust spontaneously. When that happens, they’re called infernals and are First Generation pyrokinetics. At the very beginning of the anime, it is mentioned that death by becoming an Infernal is the most feared.

When someone becomes, an Infernal a Special Fire Force is sent out to deal with them. Most often, when this happens, it’s undeniable, the Infernals leave destruction in their wake. It is believed that when a human becomes an Infernal that they’re suffering. The suffering is that their soul is continuously burning.

Those who are Generation 2 and up can control their flames and keep a human form. That’s pretty cool, given how unfortunate anyone who is a First Generation Infernal. Being able to manipulate flames can come in handy. First Generation Infernals remind me a lot of Ghost Rider. Their heads are aflame, without the skull part. Internals have a monstrous-looking face that could be considered a skull in a sort of way.

When Shinra joins Special Fire Force Company 8, he isn’t the only new recruit. This other new recruit is none other than Shinra’s rival from the Special Fire Force Training Academy. Arthur Boyle is Shinra’s rival. Arthur calls himself the “Knight King.” Even though Shinra and Arthur don’t get along, both want to know what it takes to become a Fire Soldier.

In Fire Force, Tokyo is powered by thermal energy, which is referred to as Amaterasu. Amaterasu was developed by Hajima Industries and the Holy Sol Temple. During Shinra’s second mission, there’s a mysterious man who’s listening to the story. This mysterious man claims scientists created ashes witch worked well to teach the Fire Soldiers.

Akitaru Obi is the leader of Special Fire Force Company 8. Due to wanting to save lives more than follow orders, Akitaru has been promoted and demoted multiple times. Who doesn’t want to save lives in this sense? If you can prevent deaths when someone becomes an Infernal, then why not.

During a meeting, Captain Obi reveals that Special Fire Force Company 8 will be investigating the 5th Company. That they are to continue investigating them even if it ends with them coming to blows. Hinawa is a second-generation pyrokinetic. He’s got the ability to manipulate bullets. That’s pretty cool. Especially knowing that Hinawa can make any shot non-lethal. He accomplishes this by merely weakening the gunpowder.

Hibana is a woman of mystery. It’s a mystery upon how she rose to the role of Captain because she used illegal research. Hibana spends her time experimenting on captured infernal Setsuo Miyamoto. It isn’t just experimenting that Hibana is doing to Setsuo Miyamoto. She’s also torturing the captured infernal.

I really hope it isn’t long before Hibana gets caught. That’s disturbing what she is going to the infernal Setsuo Miyamoto. No one wishes to become an infernal. It is absolutely justifiable to put the infernal down. No one deserves to suffer.

I love the idea of this anime. It’s fantastic. Maybe it’s just me, but you don’t come across shows or anime that deal so much with fire, in terms of the fantasy world that is. For some reason, I could not get into it and won’t be watching any more of this anime. From what I have seen of Fire Force, it is a very well done anime that I hope many other people enjoy. It just ended up being one that I was not able to get into.

I have to say I don’t recommend this anime, but it is worth looking into. Who knows, the next person reading this could completely fall for this anime. Fire Force definitely does have the potential for that.

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