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Everything Coming to Netflix - October 2019

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Everything Coming to Netflix - October 2019

I can't speak for everyone, but I have been getting desperate for some new Netflix content. Luckily, Netflix has delivered! Seriously, just take a quick scroll down and see how long this list is.

Released and Ready to Watch on...

October 1st

  • 193 days
  • A.M.I.
  • Along Came a Spider
  • Bad Boys
  • Bad Boys II
  • Blow
  • Bring It On, Ghost: Season 1
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
  • Cheese in the Trap: Season 1
  • Chicago Typewriter: Season 1
  • Crash
  • Exit Wounds
  • Good Burger
  • Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
  • Honey 2
  • House of the Witch
  • Lagos Real Fake Life
  • Men in Black II
  • Moms at War
  • No Reservations
  • Ocean’s Thirteen
  • Ocean’s Twelve
  • One Direction: This Is Us
  • Payday
  • Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
  • Scream 2
  • Senna
  • Signal: Season 1
  • Sin City
  • Sinister Circle
  • Supergirl
  • Superman Returns
  • Surf’s Up
  • The Bucket List
  • The Flintstones
  • The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
  • The Island
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Rugrats Movie
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • Tomorrow with You: Season 1
  • Trainspotting [Classic]
  • Troy
  • Tunnel: Season 1
  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Walking Out

October 2nd

  • Living Undocumented - Netflix Original
  • Ready to Mingle (Solteras) - Netflix Film
  • Rotten: Season 2 - Netflix Original

October 3rd

  • Seis Manos - Netflix Anime

October 4th

  • Big Mouth: Season 3 - Netflix Original
  • Creeped Out: Season 2 - Netflix Family
  • In the Tall Grass - Netflix Film
  • Peaky Blinders: Season 5 - Netflix Original
  • Raising Dion - Netflix Original
  • Super Monsters: Season 3 - Netflix Family
  • Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween - Netflix Family

October 5th

  • Legend Quest: Masters of Myth - Netflix Family

October 7th

  • Match! Tennis Juniors - Netflix Original
  • The Water Diviner

October 8th

  • Deon Cole: Cole Hearted - Netflix Original
  • The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween - Netflix Family

October 9th

  • After
  • Rhythm + Flow - Netflix Original

October 10th

  • Schitt’s Creek: Season 5
  • Ultramarine Magmell - Netflix Anime

October 11th

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Netflix Original [Feature of the Month]
  • The Forest of Love - Netflix Film
  • Fractured - Netflix Film
  • Haunted: Season 2 - Netflix Original
  • Insatiable: Season 2 - Netflix Original
  • La influencia - Netflix Film
  • Plan Coeur: Season 2 - Netflix Original
  • The Awakenings of Motti Wolenbruch - Netflix Film
  • YooHoo to the Rescue: Season 2 - Netflix Family

October 12th

  • Banlieusards - Netflix Film

October 15th

  • Dark Crimes

October 16th

  • Ghosts of Sugar Land - Netflix Original
  • Sinister 2

October 17th

  • The Karate Kid
  • The Unlisted - Netflix Family

October 18th

  • The Yard (Avlu) - Netflix Original
  • Baby: Season 2 - Netflix Original
  • Eli - Netflix Film [Recommened]
  • Interior Design Masters - Netflix Original
  • The House of Flowers: Season 2 - Netflix Original
  • The Laundromat - Netflix Film
  • Living With Yourself - Netflix Original
  • MeatEater: Season 8 - Netflix Original
  • Mighty Little Bheem: Diwali - Netflix Family
  • Seventeen - Netflix Film
  • Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales Collection 2 - Netflix Family
  • Tell Me Who I Am - Netflix Original
  • Toon: Seasons 1-2 - Netflix Original
  • Unnatural Selection - Netflix Original
  • Upstarts - Netflix Film

October 19th

  • Men in Black

October 21st

  • Echo in the Canyon
  • Free Fire

October 22nd

  • Jenny Slate: Stage Fright - Netflix Original

October 23rd

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Netflix Original
  • Dancing with the Birds - Netflix Original
  • Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

October 24th

  • Daybreak - Netflix Original
  • Revenge of Pontianak

October 25th

  • A Tale of Love and Darkness
  • Assimilate
  • Brigada Costa del Sol - Netflix Original
  • Brotherhood - Netflix Original
  • Dolemite Is My Name - Netflix Film
  • Greenhouse Academy: Season 3 - Netflix Family
  • The Kominsky Method: Season 2 - Netflix Original
  • Monzon - Netflix Original
  • Nailed It! France (C’est du gâteau!) - Netflix Original
  • Nailed It! Spain (Niquelao!) - Netflix Original
  • Prank Encounters - Netflix Original
  • Rattlesnake - Netflix Film
  • It Takes a Lunatic - Netflix Original

October 28th

  • A 3 Minute Hug - Netflix Original
  • Little Miss Sumo - Netflix Original
  • Shine On with Reese: Season 1

October 29th

  • Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy - Netflix Original

October 30th

  • Flavorful Origins: Yunnan Cuisine - Netflix Original

October 31st

  • Kengan Ashura: Part ll - Netflix Anime
  • Nowhere Man - Netflix Original
  • Raging Bull

This Month's Most Anticipated title is El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. A Netflix Original to be excited for!

"After escaping Jack and his gang, Jesse Pinkman goes on the run from the police and tries to escape his own inner turmoil." - IMDb

Did you watch Breaking Bad? Do you miss Jesse Pinkman? Because I did and I do! When I watched the trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, I was so excited to see the door open to Jesse's face! Although, he does look a tad sick... and yellow. All I know is already have questions that I want to be answered! It must be hard for any streaming site to compare to Netflix when they are making exclusives that follow up on beloved and popular TV shows. Not to mention, the movie follows a fan-favorite character! The morally ambiguous Jesse Pinkman!

Other Recommendations from October 2019

Three other Netflix Originals that you should put on your 'Watch List' are: Eli, Tell Me Who I Am and Fractured.

Eli is a classic horror movie that is perfect for staying in on Halloween night and eating candy. Tell Me Who I Am is a documentary that follows twins after one of them, Alex, developed severe amnesia as a result from a motorcycle accident. Fractured 2019 (not to be confused with the 2016 movie which has nothing in common plot wise) is a psycho-concept thriller about a man who finds himself having to prove that his family exists and are missing.

Fractured will already be out and ready to watch on October 11th. While Eli and Tell Me Who I Am will be released on October 18th, 2019.

Is something on the list not on Netflix?

This was written in October 2019, so if a lot of time has passed then maybe Netflix has removed some of these movies. Also, this list is based on Canadian Netflix... so if you don't use Canadian Netflix, then some of these titles may not be available to you. Sorry, Eh?

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