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Eric should pass the torch to Ridge on B&B one way or the other

Whether he lives or dies its time for the Forrester patriarch to step down

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
it's time Ridge take his place at Forrester

The narrative thus far

The narrative on The Bold and the Beautiful regarding Eric Forester (John McCook) has not changed in weeks. Viewers are still wondering whether he will live or die and the same two scenarios remain on the table. On Friday Eric passed out at home so now things are down to the wire. It's finally show time and viewers are thankful. There has been a growing sentiment among those who watch the CBS soap that this storyline has gone on too long.

Fans are saying across social media that Eric needs to die or find a cure ASAP because they are weary. McCook's character has been over the top with his response to his imminent demise and wants a party. He has insisted that his family not know about his terminal illness but they found out anyway. In the midst viewers wonder if Eric will pass teh torch to Ridge Forerster (Thorsten) Kaye nto because he is too old but because it's just time.

It's show time

Now it's finally show time but what will B&B viewers be treated to? If Eric remains unconscious he more than likely will be taken to the hospital where before he would not go on his own. If he is in a coma his family can make medical decisions on his behalf. Spoilers have said that Winston Harmon and Ashley Jones will return this coming week as Thorne Forrester and Bridget Forrester.

Some spoilers have said Bridget will work with John Finnegan (Tanner Novlin) and find a miracle Christmas cure for her father but can Eric last that long in his condition? The family could kick Dr. Colin Colby (Justin Davis) to the curb because he has done nothing but stand around and stare at his patient.

Eric passing out might just be what turns the tables and Bridget and Finn find something Colby overlooked, administer proper medication, and save Eric's life. This is the narrative that some spoilers have been pushing and some fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are hoping for. The alternative is that McCook's daughter speaking out a few weeks back about his long B&B career, the actor's age and the central focus on Eric lately are all signs that these are his last days. So basically, viewers are still right where they were about a month ago and know nothing with certainty.

Will Eric do the right thing

Spoilers tease Eric will spend a few moments with each of his loved ones but is this to say goodbye So far no one has told Zende the adopted Forrester (Delon de Metz) and he will be off the chain when he finds out that even Luna the new intern knew his grandfather was dying.

Some who watch The Bold and the Beautiful are saying even though he put together a fashion collection with the hlp of RJ Forrester ( Joshua Hoffman) its time for Eric to step down adn allow the yuounger generation to do it theri way. The one thing that is known with certainty is that Friday's episode broke the stalemate as the Foreste patriarch began crying and told Donna Logan (Jenifer Gareis that he was scared.

Whether this fear leads to the Forrester Creations founder deciding he wants to live remains to be seen. There is however now no turning back. Everyone will now know how ill Eric is and another secret may be exposed.

How long before someone slips and Donna finds out that her Honey Bear did not win the fashion competition with Ridge? Eric is now at a point where one of 2 things will happen as fans already know. He will get his miracle cure or he will die but no one has said yet which it will be. WIll Eric recover and continue as the head of Forester Creations or will he accept his grip fate and pass the torch to Ridge with his blessing before he dies? What happens oif eric finds otu Ridge lied to him about the fashion chalenge? Will he forgive or strip his son of everything? Stay tuned to The Bold and the Beautiful to find out.


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Cheryl is a widow who enjoys writing about current events, soap spoilers and baby boomer nostalgia. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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