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Eight Years Later Still Friends

by Michanda J 2 years ago in tv


GOT Saved My Friendship

Now this is going to sound like some cliche, made-up story, but I promise it’s not. Besides being the most entertaining show on TV for me, fantasy was always my thing growing up, I couldn’t get enough of it. Books, movies, video games, etc., there was just something about it. I loved how I could escape to these other worlds where anything was possible, and mythical creatures like dragons were real. Dragons were always my favorite mythical creature which is why Eragon was one of my favorite series of all time. It was one of the stories where all dragons weren’t bad. I didn’t have a lot friends. Not saying that I was an outcast. I talked to people and wasn’t the last pick during gym, but it was hard for me to really connect with anyone because my parents were super overprotective which made them picky about who I hung out and had over. The other reason is I was kind of a nerd, so not too many kids wanted to hangout after school. All that changed when my mom forced me to tag along with have lunch with one of her old friends. She told me that I needed to get out the house more and experience real life. I didn’t see how lunch with two older people was going to help me with that, but of course my mom had an ulterior motive.

I realized that my mom was trying to set me up on a blind friend date. When we got to the restaurant, the lady directed us to a table with a woman—and teenage girl. She looked about my age and was dressed all girly with her iPhone out taking selfies. Like me, she looked like she didn’t want to be there, and I figured that was the only thing we had in common. My mom made sure I sat down beside her and then the waiter came to take our orders. The lunch was pretty boring with the two moms doing all the talking and catching up with each other. Every now and then, one of them would glance over to see if the girl and I were talking. Only to look slightly disappointed because we weren’t. Miss popular was way too absorbed in her cellphone to pay me any attention, and I just wanted to eat my food. So after about an hour the moms finally pulled one of the oldest tricks out the book to get us to talk. They left to go to the bathroom together, leaving us alone. I stayed staring at the menu trying to figure out what I was having for dessert. When the girl let out an annoyed sigh, putting her phone down for the first time. "We might as well go ahead and talk, they’re not going to stop till we do," she said. I looked up from the menu confused as to what she meant. "These little setups between us are going to keep happening until they feel like we’re making progress as friends," she explained.

So we struck a conservation, finding out the basics about each other. Her name was Stacey and her family had just moved from Texas, because of a job opportunity for her dad. Her mom was afraid she would have trouble making new friends. Although I didn’t see how—not trying stereotype her or anything—girls like her were usually good with finding friends. No matter where they went, I told her about myself and my life. We discovered that the only thing we really had in common was annoying moms. But it was enough for us to joke and laugh about until our moms finally returned from the bathroom. They were ecstatic to see us having a good time, so the lunch finally came to an end after dessert. Our friendship took sometime to grow, even with our parents forcing us together at numerous events. We just didn’t have a lot in common with each other so trying make conservation was weird. Eventually, my mom bought me an iPhone, making it easier for Stacey and I to talk without meeting up. That kind of improved the friendship, considering I didn’t really know how to work it.

The reason being I was fantasy nerd who didn’t have outside friends, so there was no real need for me have a fancy cellphone. I only used my cellphone before to keep in contact with my parents for safety reasons. Stacey made fun of my lack of iPhone knowledge, but other than that, she had no problem showing me how to use it. I thought maybe I could take the time to introduce her to some cool fantasy movies and games. She wasn’t really interested though, so I gave up and we bonded over other stuff. Like shopping, boys, dream cars, etc., it didn’t matter she didn’t like fantasy, just like it didn’t matter that I wasn’t into social media and super girly stuff. At the time, both of us kind of wanted a friendship and all we had was each other. It was too bad that soon enough all that would change.

Summer came and went by so fast. Before we knew it, our sophomore year in school was getting ready to start. Both of us had our own car, but we made it a habit to just take turns riding with each other. On the first day of school, I was the person who got to show her around and everything, but we didn’t have a lot classes together. That’s when we started to drift apart. She met people who were actually like her—popular and everything. It didn’t take Stacey long to figure out that I wasn’t one of them, and at first it didn’t matter. We still hung out and rode with each other to school for a while, but eventually, her new friends wanted some of her time. Stacey would invite me, but I knew she was just being nice. I would turn her offer down, and just do what I always did before I had a friend. Just chill out by myself and watch my favorite movies.

My mom was the first to notice that Stacey and I were growing distant with each other and it worried her. She would try to talk to me about it, but I would just tell her that everything was fine. She didn’t believe me, but she let it go after trying multiple times and getting nowhere. At first, the separation didn’t bother me at all because I was used to being alone. But when certain things changed—like us not riding with each other to school no more—I got a little annoyed and hurt, so I tried to talk to Stacey about it. That’s when the big fight happened. I tried to be as calm as possible and not seem hostile about the situation. All that changed Stacey when she just waved me off like I was being dramatic. I told her that she wasn’t a real friend and abandoned me the first chance she got. The argument went on with us throwing shot after shot at each other, destroying our friendship with every single one of them.

After the argument, Stacey and I stopped talking to each other, permanently. I would still see her around school, surrounded by her new friends, and it would hurt a little. I just told myself that it was for the best and I didn’t really need her. My parents were more upset than I was to be honest. They wanted me to have at least one real friend. But eventually they got over it and accepted the fact that their daughter would probably just be a loner forever. Time went on with Stacey and I continuing to ignore the other’s presence. Before you knew it, the school year was about to come to an end. This is where Game of Thrones came into play, and saved the broken friendship. We were going into the first week of April, which meant it was time for the premiere of Game of Thrones. I was already a huge fan of the books and the first season got me hooked from the start. It was kind of a big deal to me, so my mom baked themed cookies for it and everything. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t really care for the show which meant I would be watching it alone.

It was about 30 minutes before the premiere when I heard knocking on the front door, and my mom answered it. Whoever it was at the door, my mom was excited to see them, but I found it weird when she directed them to the living room. Until the person appeared in the entrance—it was none other than Stacey, and I was shocked to say the least. After all, it had been like five months since we’d talk to each other I didn’t think she knew I still existed. She broke the silence with a whispering “hey” and I gave a small wave in return.

Then I just blurted out the number one question that needed to be asked, “What are you doing here?” She laughed nervously then jumped into some story about how her popular friends wanted to get together to watch a show called Game of Thrones. She thought maybe it was a new reality show or something until they made her watch the first season. After realizing she’d never seen it, and that it was pretty good. The show reminded of her of me and all the nerdy fantasy stuff that I was into. Which then kind of made her feel bad for giving up on our friendship.

I couldn’t believe that she actually watched and liked Game of Thrones, even though it’s impossible not to like the show. But she always acted like she would rather jump off a bridge than watch a medieval movie or TV show. I guess it’s different when popular people are into it as well which did kind of hurt me. That she would watch it for them and not me—her first real friend—but then I thought how she was here with right now. Trying to make amends, instead of out with her other friends watching the show with them. I sat up straight on the couch to make room for her and told her that it was okay. Stacey sat down with a warm smile and complemented my mom on the cookies. We watched the first episode of season two together and every episode after that. It was tradition for us. No matter what, we would GOT together, and that became the foundation of our friendship.

Even tonight—while we’re in two different cities because of college and work—we’re still going to Skype each other to make sure that we see the finale of the greatest show of all time. With each other, I really hope that they don’t kill Dany because despite what she did I love her, and I already had to see two of her precious dragons die. Stacey hopes that at the end of this all, Jon Snow will be on the throne. That’s the end of my story. GOT changed my life because it gave me a lifelong friend.



Michanda J

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