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by Shamila Saeed 9 months ago in entertainment

Finding Answers

Photo by Faisal Waheed on Unsplash

We have seen so many movies and television shows about superheroes. Now the focus has been shifting to villains, like Loki, for example, from Thor. This idea of villains being the primary focus intrigues me, but what intrigues me just a pinch more is the idea of displaying the imaginary unknown through a movie or a television show.

What kind of movie or television show do we associate with the term “unknown?” What is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, I think or horror movie or a ghost story, and my guess is that most readers would think of this, too. What I mean by unknown is “dreams”. Dreams have layers of meanings or interpretations, and can be explored, if they want to be. Now, how would something about dreams be different than “The BFG?” In my story, the main character, a young woman would have to go to a particular place or places to travel to dreams.

One morning, this woman wakes up covered in sweat, sitting up abruptly. She tries to rush her thoughts back to the faces she saw in the dream, back to the dark, smokey room with men and women sitting on woven beds called charpai. Although the room seemed gloomy, something was being celebrated. She was searching for a face in her dream. Something or someone, but she was not sure what just yet. But she needed to know. She was frustrated with herself as she rose from her bed and started her day.

Later in the story, she remembers something from the dream. She had left the room or the house from her dream and was in a forest of some sort. She sees herself facing a tree and travels somehow into the dream in real time, in her dream. She remembers this from her dream and is now obsessing over this. At some point in the story, she does find the tree, and she manages to piece together how to use the portal to travel to dreams (there may be more than one in my story). She is in this dream in real time and is now searching for that something or someone. Now, in my story, when one travels to dreams, those in dreams do not see you. And she realizes this as she is walking through the room. But one person from this dream does see her, someone she does not know yet.

Another thing with travelling to dreams in my story allows for time travel. I am stating the obvious, but we see dreams in the present, but what we see may not be happening in the present. The story does not revolve around this dream; this is just where this woman discovers she can visit her dreams physically, and she is in search of something or someone.

This story, show, or movie would be a rollercoaster of events. This woman will be going from one dream to another, possibly time travelling, and trying to living in her present life as if her life at home has been uneventful.

This is an idea I came up with many years ago, and I plan to see it come to fruition through my writing or some type of work someday. I was the woman who had this dream, and so this idea of a story took flight.

Now I mentioned villains in the start because I do have a weakness for the Marvel world. It would be fun if Loki got loose in a dream land portal and raised chaos. That would make for a fun and interesting show as well.


Shamila Saeed

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Shamila Saeed
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