Dragonball Super Manga Chapter 60

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Dragonball Super Manga Chapter 60

Goku's Transformation

Oh yes, May 20th was the day of the year when this chapter was dropped. Finally we get to see Goku in full action using the full power of Ultra Instinct. I have to say, he put up a good fight against Moro in the previous chapter he was outclassing Moro with speed and now they're evenly matched.

It has to be said though, how annoying is it that Gohan and Piccolo are useless throughout this. It would be great to see this animated, as a matter a fact I can't wait till the animation comes out but geez I was expecting more from Gohan. It would have been nice to see him reach some next level or even train with Berus or something but all we got is the mighty duo between him and Piccolo, ah well you can't have everything.

Sad thing with this whole battle was seeing Moro over power Goku, I mean Goku really went all out but like they have been saying in previous chapters he was due to run out of stamina and eventually Moro would get the win. Moro smashed Goku when he got the opportunity, its crazy how powerful he has become like how strong is this dude. He knocked Goku out of his Ultra Instinct form and was about to finish him off but guess who shows up? Nope not Vegeta, Andriod 18 and 17 what a life saver. It almost like we are going back to the Tournament of power with all this tag teaming going on but the best is yet to come.

Vegeta's Moment

Finally the moment I've been waiting for has come and Vegeta is on the battle field. And he uses Ultra Instinct to get there which was just madness, you have to read the manga to get the whole gist of it though don't want to spoilt that part. I don't know how strong he has become but it seems like he's stronger than Ultra Instinct which would be just crazy but we're yet to see until the next chapter cause it ends with him charging Moro.

Its got to be said though, he looked so calm when he was charging like his new blue form was an Ultra Instinct. Gohan picked up that Vegeta was using the same form he used in the Tournament but something was different this time, we will have to wait until the next chapter to see.

My Concerns

Now I'm a big Goku fan, to be honest I want Goku to take the win in every battle. The manga has really been hyping up this separation between Goku and Vegeta and them obtaining new power on their own after having been training together since the middle of Super. But now that they have gone their own ways and Vegeta has been training with the Yardrats I really want him to get the W this time it would be amazing.

But here is my prediction, they are not going to give Vegeta the win and there will be no fusion. I believe he will beat Moro to a pulp tell he has like no life force left. Somehow he is going to get a hold of Vegeta and grab is power he might have some trick up his sleeve. Goku and Vegeta will be back in the battle fighting together trying to take him down and at the last minute when all hope is gone guess who is going to appear? That's right you guessed it, Complete Ultra Instinct Goku which I'm sure we will all love the end result but people will be saucy that Vegeta didn't get the win and was so close. Who knows they could surprise and Vegeta could be the one to somehow tap into Ultra instinct and then you have two Ultra Instincts fighting Moro now that would be interesting.

Well that's my thoughts on this chapter and I can't wait for Volume 61 this one is going to be LIT. Do you like the page if you can and send me your thoughts, you can check out my YouTube channel and look out for my Vlog review on this.

Thanks for tuning in and stay safe.

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