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Disney Theories: Snow White

by Ashley C about a month ago in pop culture
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Snow White Theories.

1937. The year that ultimately started the long time running franchise called Disney. While the original story of Snow White was far more gruesome, Disney did keep a lot of originality in said story. The Brothers Grimm surely knew how to write a chilling story. In Walt's take, Snow White is seen as a young teen whereas the original she was only 7 years old! To start, I suggest looking into the differences of the tales, because using them can help change theories into canon.

My favorite theory, if it can be classified as such, is that Snow fully believes that the apple is truly a magic wishing apple and it did indeed fulfill her wishes. Seen wishing previously at the well, all she wants is to find her true love. As far as Snow White is concerned, she made the wish, ate the apple and woke up with her true love. Seems legit to me. I mean from her own perspective, it really did work.

There is a second theory that love was not the true hero in the story. But what was it that saved her from her eternal slumber? The first step into this theory is looking into the poisoned apple. From the timeline to technology, we can rule out Cyanide for many reasons, and looking straight into something that is strong enough to knock her out but not kill her. Now we often assume that the intention was to kill but we tend to skip over the scene where the Evil Queen's recipe book called this poison the Sleeping Death.

After looking into all options, Deadly Nightshade may be the exact ingredient chosen. Now so far this does make a bit of sense. Especially if you look into the Disney/ABC Show Once Upon A Time. Nightshade causing hallucinations, and Snow or anyone else poisoned, transferred to a room of hallucinations.

Now that we've discovered the ingredient, let's look into this crazy theory! A kiss healing the influence of Deadly Nightshade is a bit far fetched, but activated carbon? Maybe. Now the kiss cannot contain that activated carbon, but the soot carried by the 7 coal miners could have been inhaled and perfectly timed kiss could be the smartest theory I have heard.

I have 1 more theory to share. This one does not include Snow White herself though. Dopey. Our favorite loveable and quiet Dwarf. Why doesn't he speak? Disney did have intentions to have him speak but found it hard to find the perfect voice for him. He does have vocal chords and uses them to scream fairly loud at the sight of a strange woman found in their beds. Dopey's ability to talk is further confirmed by Disney comics and Broadway musicals. Not only can he talk but he is found to be rather smart.

So why does he not speak in this iconic movie? There were talks of an origin story for him, including the tragedy of his mother dying and driving him to never speaking again. I cannot classify this as canon because the idea and concept was scraped by executives. Everything boils down to a disability called Angelman Syndrome. From speech to his overly joyous personality, this theory has been a huge and almost possible theory to come out.

Now I should remind you that none of these theories are of my own. I may have favorites or I may agree with some more than others. I would love to know about other Snow White theories I have yet to discover! Tell me what your favorite theory is and if it's your own or from others!

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