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Cosplay in the 23rd Degree

Science in the Model Verse

By Jeffrey AllisonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Cosplay in the 23rd Degree
Photo by Mariya on Unsplash

When it comes to living your fantasy we often think they are homeless or with their parents still. Cosplay has been the adult fun of science fiction since Hallows Eve became Halloween. Dressing up and playing your favorite anime character to super hero eases the day. Add a lunch on top of it and you are all set for your fantasy! Now that we have identified the topic now let's clarify more on the subject.

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How to Fund a Cosplay Model

When we think about it, we homeless or still with the parents. Oh boy! Let's do a little research on revenue, marketing, modeling and the make of money!

  • Sales

Sales is an excellent form of revenue to make costumes and show growth not only in fame, but in general life of a cosplay model. Wondering on a day-to-day basis what can we sell? To live the dream of worship to our fantasy character.

  1. Modeling the Look - Everyone wants to see you living the dream, but wants to own a piece of your moment and see what their favorite character looks like as you (the model). The ease of taking photos or printing t-shirts with blank and only your name and logo on it, so the audience can enjoy you is a good way to see growth and revenue for you.
  2. Subscriptions - Letting them see the magic for a price even if it is a dollar a month makes a difference and brings your fans and audience closer to you for you to enjoy. (It is always about the fans)
  3. Social Media - Influencing others and getting paid or receiving donations brings a certain enjoyment and confidence playing the lead. Letting the audience see and know you are in control and they are safe is a good way to build trust and practice ethics.

By Matias North on Unsplash


The model life of friends, family and fans is what we look for on the daily. We all want to be idolized at the same time worshiped, but we must not forget mental health. While it is not physical it is strain filled and stressful or what not. Keep in contact with your doctor at all times for the mind. Safety first as well live, learn and love the non-emergency police phone number!

  • Marketing

There is not a lot in common when it comes to marketing how, what do we do? Let's find out!

  1. Social Media- With the dream of viraling social media can get you about a hundred people a day for a dollar. The love of a weekend ad is unstoppable to see the reactions of who is looking.
  2. Sponsorship Marketing- When a brand decides to put the tag and name on you. Pay for the things and advertisements that we must do and have and maybe put us on a billboard.

What Else

I never want to leave anything out when I write a small piece. We must give the thank yous that we owe. While we keep our players high hopefully in the sky. Being a writer of science fiction I can only hope that "Casandra" "Astraea" and"Magic of the Nile" go, so far to be worshiped in such a way. For a little ease and enjoyment here is a piece of "Cassandra."

"Cassandra" by Jeffrey Allison

" “Ah” she said slowly.

The morning felt rough in itself the journey ahead of her hot. The sun beating down as Apollo crossed the sky in his fire chariot. A chariot would be very helpful now, but she needed to get the loins with stealth. She needed the pelt for her armor. She could almost see the cactus in the way they looked as if they were moving closer to her. She had her sword, shield, and whip ready. To fight off the creatures.

“Ha.” she said cracking her whip into the sand, slinging her shield around.

Nothing had happened she went into the sand on her back out of breath. She could feel herself sinking into the sand beneath her. The fear gripping her she felt hands all over her, than water. Rain pouring upon her non stop she had no clue what had happened to her. Animals was running secretly around her. It was time for her to move. What was this to her? She had no clue. It wasn’t the underworld where was Cerberus and the ferry man at? There was no Hades. Not to her in this world. A tribe was in the distance saying something in there clothes. They had vanished to each way she had ducked through the vines and crawled through a log into a tunnel. She felt fear like no other in her spirit. A face appeared in her way. It was her in her way. "

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About the Creator

Jeffrey Allison

Grew up in Oregon on the bay where I learn to seek adventure in life as my parents got divorce. Travelled the Americas to learn more and be vocal on it all.

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