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Coolest Wonder Woman Villains

We all know villains are evil, but sometimes they can be cool, too. Check out these coolest Wonder Woman Villains of all time.

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Diana Prince, a.k.a., Wonder Woman, is easily one of the most badass, superhero chicks out there in the comic book world. Almost everyone knows her, even if you've never read the comics or watched any films featuring her, like the 2017 Wonder Woman movie — just her name alone triggers familiarity in people's minds.

The story of Wonder Woman is really unique and her character is a true role model — she's drenched in feminism. Come on, we really did need a superhero woman who's just as strong and confident as any other male hero.

But like all heroes, there are always villains who are there to give the superhero a purpose. In fact, Wonder Woman has a lot of cool villains — diverse and creative when it comes to their powers and motives. And I've even listed them for you to see for yourself — here are the coolest Wonder Woman villains.


The Goddess of chaos, Strife (or Eris as she is sometimes referred to as) has been a long time nuisance and enemy of Wonder Woman. Some earlier DC comics depict Strife as Ares daughter — inheriting the hatred of humankind from her father the God of War. Strife is an expert at running things amuck and causing confusion, making Wonder Woman’s job more difficult. She creates her most evil schemes by using a combination of confusion, paranoia, and mental manipulation to trick everyone around her into war.

Silver Swan

The original Silver Swan, also known as Helen Alexandros, was granted her powers of flight and sonic energy by Ares. She is more of a vintage Wonder Woman villain than anything; the last time she made any appearances in a comic was 1977. Her powerful supersonic screams are what give her the title of one of the coolest Wonder Woman villains. Silver Swan uses her screams to devastate large landscapes and masses of innocent people, definitely making her one of Diana’s toughest foes.


Giganta was one of Diana’s original foes. She’s always been a huge pain, pun intended, making Wonder Woman’s life difficult. But she’s one of the coolest Wonder Woman villains out there not just for her sheer size, but for her incredible strength as well. Giganta is also known for teaming up with other villains who share the same hatred for Wonder Woman as she does. Her hatred is fueled by jealousy to be the alpha female over Diana. Giganta is no doubt one of Diana’s most relentless enemies to date.


For one of the coolest Wonder Woman villains and one of Zeus’ favorite sons, Apollo inherited his hunger for power from his father. Apollo is also known for having a huge fear of retribution from Zeus’ other children. Apollo later goes on to create an army out of faithful Gods and warriors to help him gain the throne of Olympus. Wonder Woman, of course, easily defeats Apollo when she threatens the life of his sister Artemis and he surrenders. Apollo’s back story and complexity are what make him one of Diana’s coolest foes.

Dr. Psycho

Living up to his name, Dr. Psycho is perhaps Wonder Woman’s most psychotic and crazy villain. He started out as a joke of a foe and quickly grew into the full-fledged, murderous, woman-hating villain he is known as today. Dr. Psycho also has psychic abilities including mind control, making it easy for him to control Diana and her fellow Leaguers — also making him one of the coolest Wonder Woman villains.

First Born

First Born is aptly named as he is the first child of Zeus and Hara. Although, he was thrown out of Mount Olympus not long after he was born because his future told tales of destroying Zeus’ empire. Surviving in the harsh wild is what gave him his reputation for his brutality, strength, and ruthlessness. The interesting part about First Born is that he, like Diana herself, is an outcast of Olympus which has led him to have respect for no one except for Diana.


Much like the classic character in Greek mythology, Wonder Woman’s foe Medusa maintains her ability to turn people into stone with her gaze. For one of the coolest Wonder Woman villains, she is one of Wonder Woman’s biggest rivals for her hatred of Diana’s heritage. Medusa was cursed by Athena for catching the eye of Poseidon, which is what caused her everlasting grudge against Diana. Eventually, Diana goes on to decapitate her ultimate foe, but not before numerous battles involving Medusa’s teaming up with Ares.

Maxwell Lord

Maxwell is one of the most intriguing and coolest Wonder Woman villains for the fact that he used to be somewhat of a hero — falling on the side of good when he revamped the Justice League. Although his good streak didn’t last very long, he soon showed his true colors when he tried to conquer the world on his own. With his mind-controlling abilities and hatred for super-humans, Maxwell was the foe behind forcing Superman to find Wonder Woman. A battle which ended with Diana snapping his neck.


Cheetah, also known as Barbara Minerva, is one of Wonder Woman’s longest enemies. Cheetah has been on a long-time quest to gain access to Diana’s lasso and a chance to prove her superiority by defeating her in a battle. Not only does Cheetah have a feline appearance, her powers also include superhuman speed and strength. She was mystically transformed into her current form by a cult, and although she has shifting back stories, they all tie her back to Diana creating even more drama in their relationship.


Ares, or the God of War, has had a long time grudge against the Amazons. He is also an offspring of Zeus, making his connection and hatred towards Diana that much stronger. Whether it’s jealousy or pure evil, Ares has long been one of Wonder Woman’s main foes. The two often clash about how their powers should be used, as Ares makes it his mission to spread the message of war amongst mortal humans. He has the ability to get under Diana’s skin and pose both a mental and physical threat to her.

Wonder Woman has had many different villains over the years, but only a few stand out as her ultimate foes. These ten coolest Wonder Woman villains use their power and their hatred towards Diana to create some of the most epic battle scenes in comic history. Although always defeated, these villains and their backstories give an interesting complexity and depth to the Wonder Woman comics.


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