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Comprehending The Last of Us Part 2

That was a thing.

By BoblobV2Published 2 years ago 24 min read


Following the events of The Last of Us, we see Joel and Ellie living in Jackson, a place of relative peace where they can try to build a life for themselves, rather than fighting to survive everyday. Joel receives the chance to be a father again, while Ellie has the chance to be a child in a callous world. He wants to protect her because through their journey he has come to see her not as a package, but as a daughter. Ellie, in turn, cares deeply for Joel as a result of him being one of the few people in her life that has stayed and not abandoned her.

Trusting him to the point she reluctantly accepts his reason for why they left the fireflies. Now, in her desire for the truth she confronts Joel, causing a rift between them. Fractured as their relationship is they cannot help but drift back together, still willing to fight for each other, and forgive each other as a result of the bond forged between them. And now for the remaining twenty nine hours of this thirty hour monstrosity.

Day 1 - What a Coincidence.

Abby leaves the safehouse with Owen without telling anyone. Considering they are in enemy territory and strangers to the land, this is the worst thing you could do because it could potentially put their group in danger. The lack of thought put into their self preservation is fascinating, and is not an isolated event. It just so happened Owen took a stroll by himself, at night, in no man’s land, with infected all around, saw Jackson, which just so happened to be the town they were looking for, because he could not sleep, and took a walk in a random direction, that happened to be the right direction.

Once he shows this to Abby while expressing concerns about the endeavour, he lets her walk off on her own. Why does he not try to stop Abby? Why is he surprised Abby went off when he let her go in the first place? Considering how hot headed Abby seems to be, what was he expecting? What makes things ludicrous is it just so happened she bumped into Joel and Tommy in a vulnerable situation outside Jackson as a result of the direction she set out on. None of her grey matter was used to think of a way to get Joel. Instead, it so happened he saved her from being eaten, which so happens to lead to her killing Joel. An act of altruism rewarded with torture and death.

Joel and Tommy introducing themselves is out of character, because of how cautious they were in the previous game to groups of strangers. Tommy goes so far as to invite them back to Jackson so they can restock. Why does Tommy do this when he himself admits to Ellie later on, they are regularly hit by raiders? Far more egregious is the fact that Joel is standing in the middle of the room, exposing himself to everyone. Something he has never done in the past, because it left him vulnerable to an attack from a blind spot.

All this while a known horde passes through. A recurring annual event the citizens of Jackson are surprised to hear about. (Maria - more infected) This is revealed retroactively in a flashback so that what happened in the opening makes sense, but the question remains, why did Jackson bother sending out two geriatrics knowing this, when they could wait for it to pass and pick off the stragglers left behind in the spring? Like in the flashback.

Joel’s death, while obvious, was mishandled. It is one coincidence stacked on top of another, as if the events are constructed in reverse. Starting with Joel's death, how does he end up in the cabin? He meets Abby. Why do they go there? A horde of infected are attacking them. Why would they go out if a horde is there? Reports of large quantities of infected spotted nearby. How does Abby find them? She found out about their patrol. How does she find out about it? Owen saw a patrol when he was out on a walk when he could not sleep. Imagine, if Owen slept in, this game would not have happened, they may even have gotten eaten by the horde, and the universe wouldn't even blink. (Watchmen)

These are all nitpicks in the grand scheme of things, but stack enough nipicks together and the foundations will collapse(Ned Flanders house). Now, why does Abby not talk to Joel at all? Is she not the least bit interested in finding out why he killed her father? How did she know it was indeed Joel that killed him? Why does she not tell Joel who she is? There is a great conversation that could have been, especially when considering the fact the person she is so callously torturing, like the spawn of evil she is, is the very person that saved her when she was about to be munched on by infected because of her own stupidity. In fact, these characters behave as if they have the same information the writer has.

Also, (Shooting the door) if this does not show how much the game is scripted and how much we are viewers as opposed to players, I do not know what does. Also also, who is Abby, what is she after, why did she do this, why did they spare Ellie, why does everyone else in the room want this, how long has she been chasing him, how does she know about him, does she regret it, does she feel justified, what do the others in the group think of her? None of these questions are answered. All that remains is pain.

Day 2 - It Just so Happened.

As a result of the time skip, the viewer is no longer as well acquainted with the characters of the previous game, nor does it give time to catch upto who they are now. We have no idea what Ellie thinks of Jackson, nor what they think of her. Who did she know? What were they like? Why did they spend time together? We have hints of one of Ellie’s prior relationships, but she is only ever mentioned by name. Hang on Ellie is gay? Anyway, if you are someone that is not too interested in reading the journal entries, what little development of Ellie’s feelings towards Dina we have would be lost.

What is it about Dina, Ellie likes? Why does Dina like Ellie in return? How much time did they spend together? Who made up their group of friends? What is Dina’s stake in all of this? What is Dina’s relationship to Tommy and Joel? Why is Dina willing to risk her life for what Ellie wants? Why did Dina and Jessie break up? What does Jessie think of Ellie? What does he think of Dina? What does he think of Tommy and Joel? How is he leading scouting parties when he is around Ellie's age? What does he want? What does Dina want? What does Ellie want? What are the tenets of the town? What are their rules? How are they run? What is their economy? How do they elect a leader? How do they decide who does what? How do they determine friend from foe? How do they trade? Who trains the youngsters? Do not worry, Doctor Uckmann didn’t.

Imagine if you spent the first two hours getting to know various people of the town, and then pick a team to go in search of Abby just as Abby had done. Figuring out how to best utilise your team to get the revenge everyone is looking for. That would make this a game and we can’t have any of that in a tv show. Why does Tommy go on his own? We could have had a great adventure with the brother of the man that was tortured and killed, instead we got Dina, who is bisexual and jewish. One may think that that is a disservice to the character, but that would warrant having a character in the first place.

Once in Seattle having encountered no struggles whatsoever they find multiple outposts, where you can pick up a map, and this brings up a curious issue. Resources to pick up will always be at specific locations as that is where they are placed when making the show. However, the map and the codes for the gates are not such objects. If you try inserting the codes without picking up the two sheets of paper, the game will simply say you are wrong, you need to pick up the map of seattle, which in itself is less than useless, and then the codes to progress. The location you pick them up is completely flexible because it is important to the narrative, not the GAME.

The sandbox is the only location where the map can be used, though I recommend not using it as it is incredibly unintuitive. It does not mark the borders once you have been there, nor is

there any indication for where you are on the map. From a gameplay perspective it is pathetically executed. The primary focus of this segment is to artificially extend the length of the show. If explored properly, it could take anywhere between an hour to two hours to find everything. If you are only interested in progressing in the narrative it would be closer to thirty minutes. It will not be any shorter because like the map earlier, the location of the fuel is subjective. So if you go to the court first it will be at the synagogue, and vice versa.

There are clues as to what happened here, though none as to why. Because all this takes place so early in the game, while not meeting these caricatures for another fifteen hours, the information is superfluous. Thus retroactively making the world lifeless. This is exemplified by the behaviours of the enemy AI. It is copied and pasted to a diverse range of models that are duplicated over and over again, showing a lack of diversity in actions performed. The melee enemies, the tanks, and the ranged enemies all respectively behave, the same.

Also, why have Take on Me here as optional content, when it should be used to develop Dina and Ellie’s relationship so we have some idea of what they think and feel for each other. The first act is where it is best to establish the characters' relationships. This goes doubly so when we take into consideration this is a sequel, where established characters are meeting new ones. Take on me should have been in act one because it helps develop the characters, and their relationships. It is intimate and does far more than the two of them getting high, and having sex, in an unguarded area with a horde passing through. Call me traditional, but the emotional development should be concrete and the physical should be optional. Then again we are in the age of bluntness. (Loki balls)

(Explosion) How did Glenda escape? Why is she standing on glass when shooting down? Why is the guy strangling her instead of shooting her? Considering how pointless Gina is, one must ask, why was she there in the first place? Once Ellie and Lena escape the WLF,

and the infected in the underground, they find refuge in a cinema. Little do we know, Dina is pregnant. What we were led to believe was puking as a result of the putrid smell, is in actuality pregnancy stuff, and she had known for a couple of weeks. Why did she push through knowing how much of a burden she would be? A burden so bad that, out of the three days Ellie fought she participated in one, and barely contributed anything. (Glass) Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. (smashing the jar). Maybe she just hates glass.

The next day Ellie goes on the hunt, and happens upon Jessie, who made it to Seattle on his own, a day after Ellie and Nina. This journey took him three weeks, and considering he was only a day behind, I find it odd how he was not able to catch up to them. Someone travelling alone is more likely to catch up to multiple people over a long period of time, combine this with Cina's pregnancy and the various symptoms accompanying it that may have hindered them. Also keep the three week journey in mind, it’ll come to play later.

Why does Jessie come after them? In fact why only Jessie, considering how positively the town seemed to view Joel. Personally I wanted Bigot sandwich to come along. Lets look at why everyone is here, Tommy is here to kill Abby for killing Joel. Ellie is here to kill Abby because she killed Joel, and to bring Tommy back. Bina came along because Ellie came, and Jessie came because Ellie and Fina came. Jessie and Melina’s purposes are not surface level, they are outright absent.

Once Jessie is in the cinema safe and sound, Ellie heads out by herself at night, and despite being in unscouted, and unfamiliar land, she does famously. She even gets one of Abby’s friends in a compromising situation. However, as is usually the case we get to watch things happen, we do not even get the choice of how to torture the horrid creature. Everything is manipulated by Uckmann to get the narrative he wants to splooge onto the screen. These are not characters with agency, these are puppets bounced around by the plot.

The next day Ellie leaves Jessie to chase after Abby, for revenge. This leads to her stabbing and killing the only pregnant woman in Seattle, and she feels bad. Then again I suppose a woman is only pregnant when she is visibly showing she is. Also that jacket hid her bump incredibly well. Also, also, no one appeals to the fact she is pregnant to, at least, attempt to have Ellie stay her weapons. Also, also, also, how did she get to the aquarium considering how much we had to go through to get there? Was she there ever since they returned from Jackson, and how did her belly get so big in just over a month?

It is here where we find why it was so important to have picked up the map, it is so Ellie and her companions would leave the map behind. Which has their hideout marked on it. Why would anyone mark their base on a map? Because Abby needed to find them to get revenge on Ellie for killing her friends because they killed Joel, because Joel killed her father. I have a suspicion this show is about revenge. Ellie marking homebase on a map goes to show how much her intelligence has been beaten out of her.

Having reached the finale, we get a flashback to a kindly man and his loving, vengeful, evil, callus daughter that revels in torturing people, saving a cute zebra. (Isn’t she lovely?Wifekid) The show then ignores the main conflict, and Ellie, to focus on Abby for the next ten hours, where she is not even aware Ellie is hunting her.

Day 3 - Why are Things in This Order?

How did the Scar’s and WLF originate? Why are they fighting each other? What were the stipulations during peacetime? Who broke the treaty? Why was it broken? Why do the Scar’s say they do not use old world tools? Why do they use guns? Both factions look at the other as evil for no other reason than revenge, and revenge is bad because everyone will end up dead. Except the demon spawn, because she helped two strangers, and spent two days with them, while betraying the people she has trained and fought with the past four years. Why are there so many infected in the Seattle quarantine zone? If this was a commentary on human nature, they would unite over a common cause, and the longer peace lasts, the more the differences come to the surface till finally the powder keg blows up, and civil war begins, only people, no infected. Which is why they seem so out of place here. The Uckmann has treated them as if they were an inconvenience to the narrative instead of a formidable threat.

Why are so many WLFs gathered at the forward outpost when there are Scars’s less than five minutes from home base with swarms of infected less than seven minutes away? Considering how lax they are when guarding their perimeter, it is surprising they lasted so long. When you have so many enemies between home base and the forward command post, one has to question its purpose, and how it is able to function.

Far more egregious is the fact they have their best surgeon travel to said outpost. In such situations the most valuable assets need protection, the medic is one such asset because they can heal others, and can teach others how to heal. This is the best resource, yet she is allowed to go to the front lines while being pregnant with about seven babies in a zombie apocalypse. Why? Calling her irresponsible is a compliment. Pedro then forces her to sit in the back, where she is exposed, and the seating is uncomfortable at best in place of the pup, to force Abby and her to talk. I’m all for the comfort of the dog, but the PREGNANT WOMAN takes precedence. Absolute brainlet (Tommy shooting him) thank you.

Why is Isaac telling Abby about Owen on the eve of the big battle when he knows how close the two of them are? Why not after the battle. Why bother with any of this if he is going to tell her to not go after him? Considering he already suspects she would disobey, why not keep her under guard so she follows orders? Something else that makes no sense is why Abby took the most inconvenient route, filled with infected and scar’s, to the aquarium. Why do Abby and Owen make themselves a lovenest when there are groups of infected less than a ten minute walk away from them? Not to mention the Scars.

Also, it just so happened Yara was captured at that moment, and Lev was there to rescue them, and the two decide to help her. Why are the Scar’s doing this while the infected are close? Why are Abby and Owen…Let’s not go there. There is only pain. Why when she is sleeping and dreaming of her fathers, dead corpse, is she dreaming of the two kids? Why is

it not related to Joel the person she tortured and killed in revenge for evicerating her child sacrificing zebra rescuer? Does she feel relieved? Does she regret it, are the nightmares better, or worse? In fact, what do the friends think of what happened and of Abby?

How did pregnant lady and her puppy get there without a scratch? Why didn’t we take that route? Where was that route? Why was she, the best surgeon in the WLF allowed to leave, on her own, with no backup save for a pupper, while Abby was not.

There is no way the journey to and from the hospital takes two hours, they probably spent more time climbing the buildings and getting to the hospital in the first place, than they would have if they went along the ground. How is it the Scar’s built their sky bridge without being noticed? How did none of the WLF’s notice this logic defying monstrosity, even on a sunny day? Why was it even built that way? It is an inconvenient method of travel with many risks leading to the death. Also, why are there so many infected in so many buildings? Some quarantine zone this is.

Why does she lie about the supplies being for Isaac? Considering how gung ho he is about authority, wouldn’t she know he would tell the WLF she is AWOL? Why does she not try to at least explain herself, instead of simply giving up and letting herself be captured? Especially when there is a time limit. Speaking of the hospital. Why is it still filled with infected? Why not periodically lure them out during the day and slowly hunt them till the building is cleared out? Instead, they leave the infected while also using it as a medical outpost there. There is no logic in having such a large threat present in a place with an overabundance of valuable material. This is the equivalent of having an ice cream factory inside of a volcano.

The next day. Yara has her arm removed by pregnant woman, and that is why she needs to be at the aquarium. Once the siblings have a conversation, Lev leaves to try and save his radical mother who is willing to kill him for wanting to be a boy. Given the world he was brought up in and their position they are in, how is he so naive? The reason is simple, it is so Abby is away from the aquarium while Ellie kills her idiotic friends.

Also, how is Yara able to move, run, jump, climb, fight, shoot, and teleport, with one arm, hours after an amputation? Things regular people find hard to do. Too bad it does not help her in the long run (being peppered). On the way to the boat they happen upon Jesus and a sniper killing WLF members. It just so happened Abby was traveling this way, and just so happened that Julio was securing boats, and it just so happened that Tommy was using his uber sniper skills. Does Abby recognise Tommy? Will she acknowledge what she did?

After slogging through the island Lev is found moments after killing his mother because she tried to kill him. Shocking. During the escape, they happened to run into Isaac, and Yara happened to have enough life to shoot Isaac, and it just so happened none of the WLF’s noticed Yara pointing her gun at Isaac.

There is a reality where Abby would be willing to give up on the WLF for a couple of kids she met. This is not it. Time needs to be taken for her to see the deficiencies of the WLF, and how the Scar’s operate. This would require us to spend time with the Scar’s to see a balanced view, bringing both groups perspectives to light. These contrasting morals could be what forces Abby to make the choice to defect, wanting to stay with and protect the kids. Also, you can do nothing for ninety percent of the horse ride and you will without a doubt still get to the village without any issues.

After ending the Scar arc of the show, what do we know of them? They are antiquated, bigoted, and they like to live in peace in the forest. We do not know if the Scar’s survived, or what happened to the WLF’s. What happens to Seattle in general. The fates of both factions are left to wonder like a turd in the wind. This was an extended side quest we were forced to endure because Uckmann forgot to set up the demon as an actual character.

Day 4 - Now, Where Were We?

After so much wasted time, we come back to the climax of the show we came to over ten hours ago. Abby admits she spared Ellie, and this brings up a huge issue in the show. If Abby had killed Ellie this game would not happen, if Abby kills Ellie now, the game would end instead of lasting a further three hours. Joel is the only intelligent character because he finished the job. While the theme says revenge is bad, the narrative proves otherwise.

Also was Abby really naive enough to think that she would not be followed considering how long she chased the killer of her father, why would she assume no one would come after her in return? The build up of this encounter are coincidences stacking atop one another. Ellie happened to kill the couple moments before they were considering leaving, she happened to drop the map, Tommy and Jessie happened to come along at just the moment when Ellie was erratic and left the map behind, even though Jessie would know it’s importance, Abbie happened to find the map that happened to have the location on it.

After a mildly mindless fight we have the gremlin choking Nina with a knife against her, and upon hearing she is pregnant, the only thing Abby says is good. At least Ellie was somewhat remorseful towards killing the unrealistically pregnant woman. It's alright though because Abby’s boytoy disapproves of this action, and not wanting to look bad in front of her new BFF she decides to not kill Dina, leaving them alive, and bleeding out on the floor.

Day 5 - Almost There.

We get to the epilogue and we keep going on, and on, and on, and on, and Tommy has done a complete 180, off screen of course. During his visit to the love nest he guilt trips Ellie to go back on the hunt. Kena is annoyed that Tommy does such a thing, and calls back to what they have gone through. Yes, moron that did the grand total of fuck all during the show, and could have been replaced by a rock, is lecturing the person that actually did something.

How did Ellie and Brina drag Tommy back to Jackson when he has two holes in his head? The journey takes three weeks with a horse, and last we checked they had no horse. Ellie is wounded and leaking blood, not to mention has the physical constitution of a toothpick, Selina is concussed and pregnant, which means she is as useful as a wet towel, and then there is Jessie, who also has two holes in his head but is an ex-human. Where is Jessie’s body, was it left behind? Did they bring it back? Meanwhile Sabrina tries to convince Ellie to not go, but the desire for revenge is so great that she must go while suffering from PTSD.

Day 6 - Why is this Still Going?

Back to Abby, despite being against finding the Fireflies when Owen was looking for them, she has found the light and is now looking for them herself, for reasons. Why is the boytoy with her? Is it because he has nowhere else to go now that everyone he has ever known is

dead as a result of his actions? What are they planning to do once they reach them? Do they have a long term goal? Why are they going from one terrorist group to another? That being said, we do get Fat Geralt by far the second best character in the game.

Day 7 - Please just End.

Ellie managed to find Abby’s boat. Considering all she had to work with was a location that was possibly months out of day, locating this particular piece of equipment was of no interest whatsoever. During this epilogue to the epilogue to the epilogue it is not just the infected that

we have to worry about. But Slavers too. They are slavers for reasons, we know nothing of their purpose, why they do what they do, how they decide who lives and who dies, how they operate, nothing. The real shame here is that Ellie does not bleed out and die so that Fat Geralt is spared, though just like Joel he was a man that deserved so much more.

Ellie then finds Abby and Lev because she did, while everyone else was a corpse hanging from pillars. Why doesn’t Ellie just shoot her in the head and walk away? Why cut Abby down, why follow her to the boats? Why were there boats there in the first place? Why pick this moment to fight? She had the opportunity to kill her earlier but she is wanting to do a fist fight instead. Why is any of this happening? The only option we have is playing guitar hero till the show resumes, and no I’m not talking about the mini game.

Why does Ellie let Abby go? Forgiveness was never something talked about in this show, and when we get to the epilogue to the epilogue to the epilogue to the epilogue, her action of altruism is rewarded with loss. She gave up on revenge and lost everything anyway. What was the point of the past thirty hours? At least the first game had the idea of the importance of the individual, and how people can have a second chance in life even in the darkest of times. What does this say? Nothing matters, because everything is pain, and hate permeates, while revenge is bad, but will punish you when you decide to do good. This is a TV Show masquerading as a game, and not even a good one.


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