If you are missing Harry Potter then you have an opportunity to meet the magical world again.

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In 1997, when first book of Harry potter was published then no one thought that one day it will create a history from where a new world, a magical world will be born which will be admired and wished to live within by the people in the future. Even the fact is that the description of the magical world in the Harry Potter movies is one of the reasons why it became popular. Moreover, an entire generation grew up by reading Harry Potter books and watching its movies and today it became a household name for some people also. There are many people who wish to move and live permanently into magical world if it exists. After 8 movies of Harry Potter, the saga of adventures of Harry Potter and his friends came to an end at the Hogwarts. But its essence is still alive in the form of Fantastic Beasts movie series. In common terms of chronology, events of Fantastic Beasts movies happened way before Harry Potter and Voldemort were born. Personally I feel that it is a way to pay tribute to the most important and loving supporting character of the Harry Potter movies whose contribution is not lesser than any main character and that character is Albus Dumbledore.

Now if the comparison between the magical worlds of Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts movies are to be done then there are various similarities, analogies and some differences between them which is one of the reasons that more people are joining online magical community forums where all types of magical things are being discussed in the Harry Potter movies and the Fantastic Beasts movies. First comparison will be presentation of magical worlds in both the movies. Many might have observed that in Harry Potter movies, the magical community of Europe is focused whereas in the Fantastic Beasts movies, both the magical world of America and Europe is presented which is very interesting fact because many were un-aware that whether there is any magical world in other parts of the world. Next comparison will be based on Ministry of Magic, in Harry Potter series the story revolved around only one Ministry of Magic located in London due to which many were in the perception that there is only one Ministry of Magic which regulates the whole magical world but the Fantastic Beasts movies it is shown that for different countries there are different ministry of magic like different ministries of magic for America, Britain and France. Ministry of Magic in London is guarded by Dementors whereas Ministry of Magic in Paris is guarded by magical spirits.

Though there are various names in both the movies which are common and well-known but their appearances and physical forms are bit different. For example, Albus Dumbledore who is shown as bold and daring headmaster of Hogwarts in Harry Potter was shown as cautious Defence Against Dark Arts professor Hogwarts even though the coolness of the character never changed. In Harry Potter series, the name Grindelwald is heard and shown for few seconds but in the Fantastic Beasts movies, he is shown as main antagonist character. The name ‘Lestrange’ in Harry Potter movies became famous because of the crimes of Bellatrix Lestrange but in the Fantastic Beasts second movie it was a well known name and became important plot scene due to ‘pure magical blood’ characteristic. The most unexpected character of the Harry Potter movie is also a part of the Fantastic Beasts Franchise. Actually, both the movies are well linked based on this character and that character is Nagini who was the last horcrux to destroy Voldemort in Harry Potter last movie and was also presented as supporting character in the Fantastic Beasts second movie. Speaking of unexpected characters, Nicolas Flamel whose name was heard in Harry Potter and Sorceress stone was physically presented in the Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. In Harry Potter movies, to enter into the magical world of London from non-magical world one has to use Leaky Cauldron passage whereas in Fantastic Beasts movies it is shown that the passage to magical world of Paris is through a statue of a woman.

Personal Note: I felt like crying I again saw Hogwarts in Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald because I parted with Hogwarts in the last movie of Harry Potter emotionally and never thought I will be able witness the school, its corridor and class rooms again. I liked and found the analogy between prisoner of Azkaban and crimes of Grindelwald which was the Boggart scene and the spell ‘Ridicukulus’ refreshed the memories.

Please forgive me if anything is left. I have written based on my observation. Please follow my other works also to support me.

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