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Carly Corinthos is hypocritical on 'General Hospital'

Her attitude with both Nina and Ava is out of order considering her own misdeeds.

Carly Corinthos is hypocritical on 'General Hospital'

General Hospital fans are wondering who deemed Carly Corinthos the queen of the universe and gave her the authority to run other people's lives? Sonny's wife has been very self-righteous lately with both Ava Jerome and Nina Reeves as if she is living a squeaky clean life. Carly is the epitome of someone throwing stones while living in a glass house. She takes it upon herself to decide what is best for everyone else as if they cannot think for themselves. She has a disastrous track record yet continually inserts herself into the personal business of other Port Charles residents.

Right now, Sonny’s spouse is hiding from Nina the fact that Nelle Benson was her long lost daughter and is keeping the secret with Jac who is currently dating Ms. Reeves. This is an evven greater insult which will soon blow up in her face. Carly has also been condescending towards Ava regarding visitation rights for the child Ms. Jerome has with Sonny. On Tuesday she did not want Ava to take Avery to Windemere even though the new Cassadine princess is now the sole custodial parent. Carly needs to think back on the things that she has done and stay out of other people's affairs.

Let's take a trip down memory lane at some of the things that Caroline has been up to. When she first came to Port Charles she was looking for her biological mother who had given her up for adoption. She formed a friendship with Jason Morgan and eventually the two began a sexual relationship. Today they have become best friends as if they never hooked up. Carly found out that Bobbie Spencer who had been a prostitute was her birth mom but did not know who were biological father was. Bobbie initially rejected her daughter and in order to get revenge, Carly began an affair with her mother's husband Tony Jones.

After an argument with Tony, Carly slept with Jason's brother AJ Quartermaine and later found out she was pregnant by him. She first tried to pass the baby off as Jason's and it was he who named the boy Michael, after his good friend Michael, Sonny Corinthos. After she misunderstands the nature of Jason's relationship with Liz Weber, Carly sleeps with his best buddy Sonny. Jason is unable to deal with the betrayal and leaves Port Charles.

On behalf of Carly, Sonny forced AJ to sign away all rights to his son and Michael was raised legally as a Corinthos. This decision caused a lot of drama and hurt feelings over the decades between the Corinthos and Quartermain families. During this time Carly fought tooth and nail to keep AK from having any context with his son. Carly also stuck her nose into the custody battle with Nelle and was determined that her sister through adoption would never get her hands on Wiley. Most recently Carly withheld from Michael the fact that Sasha and Chase did not sleep together. She was pleased with the deception because Willow married Michael and he obtained custody of his son Wiley.

These are but a few of the situations where Carly meddled in the lives of others and kept children from their parents and now she wants to play God with Nina and Ava. Carly and Jax had no right to decide between them that Nina should never find out that the daughter she gave birth to was Nelle. This will blow up in both their faces once the truth comes out and Nina will probably dump Jax. She is already conflicted because Carly continues to make comments regarding her not being a mother. This is cruel considering Mrs. Corinthos knows that Nina's daughter was her adopted sister.

One spoiler suggested that Ava would recognize the necklace that Avery found and put two and two together. If she does that she might figure out that Carly knows more about Nelle's death than she has let on. Te spoiler suggested Ava would use the information as leverage but she does not need it. By law, Ava is the sole custodial parent of Avery and has every right to take her home. Viewers know that Sonny is still alive but his wife has no idea. Even so, Carly has no legal reason to keep the little girl at her home, although she loves her dearly. Once Sonny returns things will change and the custody agreement might have to be revisited. Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what Carly does next.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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