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Beneath the Explosions, the New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Revealed Both of the Movie's Villains

by Jashan Boparai 4 years ago in superheroes
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Based on the 'Wonder Woman' trailer, fans have hints as to who both of the movie's villains are.

It's been just over two years since DC and Warner Bros. announced Wonder Woman, the first solo outing for their flagship heroine. A lot's happened for DC in those two years, including (but not limited to) executive and creative shake-ups, directorial switches, and two critical duds. All eyes are now on Wonder Woman to correct the mistakes of its predecessors, while still bringing something fresh to the comic-book movie industry.

Up until today, we had only been treated to one trailer and a handful of stills from the movie. That all changed when Warner Bros. released brand new footage to remind audiences of the impending June 2017 release date.

You're probably struggling to comprehend what you just saw thanks to the quick cuts, flashes of action, and wonderful cinematography, so here's a breakdown to help you wrap your head around it.

Assuming you've watched the trailer and read the breakdown, you could be left scratching your head. How did a trailer so wholesome and thorough manage to leave out a key part of the movie: The villain? Are they pulling a Suicide Squad and hoping you're too distracted by the flashy trailers to care about the antagonist, preventing spoilers?

Turns out they are, but in a much more suave manner. Rather than showing incoherent scenes and grabbing your interest through colors, the WW trailer clearly included the antagonists, but with very little focus on them. Wait, wait: them? Yes dear reader, there's two villains:

1. Ares

Poor Danny Huston couldn't look more villainous if he tried. From the German uniform to the stiff, greying hair, it's clear that this "army general" is a much bigger deal than his look implies. Ares has been rumored to be the film's bad guy since the movie went into production, and each trailer only further cements that. While the SDCC footage paired Huston's entrance with some ominous music and cautionary dialogue, this trailer gives him an antagonistic — if not cliché — line.

The world can be ours!

Let's be real, when was the last time you heard a hero talk about how they could take over the world? Never. Now when was the last time you heard a villain say it? Well there was Man of Steel, countless X-Men movies, and most of the MCU flicks too. It's safe to say Huston's character falls into the latter. But who is he, exactly? We got some major hints regard his identity towards the end of the trailer:

Though it's hard to make out what's what because of the darkness, deductive reasoning tells us that's Danny Huston with the Lasso of Truth wrapped around him. Given the scene's debut in the trailer pairs with the swelling background music, this is obviously a part of the film's climax. And what good is the climax if the main hero and main villain don't duke it out? If you believe that he's the villain, just not Ares, then take a look at the following scene from the trailer:

Only the God of War could take on Diana in hand to hand combat, so he's definitely not some random officer. What he's doing on the German's side is anybody's guess, but more deductive reasoning tells us he's trying to escalate the war even further (perhaps with the toxic gas we saw).

2. Doctor Poison

Strangely enough, Elena Ayana's mysterious character (there's an annoying amount of these in the movie's cast), got much more screen time than Huston's. Despite this, we never see her interacting with Wonder Woman herself, so she could be an underling of Ares. My theory is that Ares creates a brand new chemical weapon, and Doctor Poison is in charge of perfecting and employing it. This explains why she's always popping up in places without ever sharing the screen with an Amazonian.

The character's mask and various green disguises are likely a nod to her comic book attire, where she wore both of these in an attempt to conceal her true identity. In the comics, Doctor Poison created a chemical for the German army. Hoping to defeat the Allied forces, by means of chemical warfare, she would taint their water supply. Time will tell if this happens in the movie, but there's definitely a nod to something similar happening in this explosive scene:

How will it all play out?

Assuming my theory on Doctor Poison and Ares' professional relationship is correct, Wonder Woman will have one hell of a third act. Going off of the timeline created by the last trailer, the big event we see is just the beginning of a massive fight sequence. The photo above shows Doctor Poison in what appears to be the same location Diana wears her sword-concealing dress and Ares makes eye contact with our heroine.

We already know that Diana leaves that party on her horse, likely chasing Ares (in what results in the climactic battle). His loyal henchwoman would likely follow, and upon his defeat, accepts her fate too.

How it all actually shakes out, we'll have to wait and see.


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