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Bee And Puppycat: Why is Cass So Mean?

A weak characterization, or lore waiting to be unearthed?

By Allycia LauraPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Spoiler warnings for those that have not watched/finished the series yet!

Bee and Puppycat is a series that is characterized just as much by its mysteries as its cute art style, and after its Netflix release, the mysteries have only grown. Theories have already begun to crop up regarding Bee’s father, the timeline of when Bee became a robot, and who, if anyone we have seen yet on screen, is the space princess connected to Puppycat. While these are the obvious elements to be intrigued about, in a show that spans only about 6 ½ hours the smallest details can be connected to the biggest twists.

In a show that focuses mostly on the interpersonal relationships between characters, the relationship between Cass and Bee seems to be strangest of all of them, and this to me is incredibly suspicious. While Cass can be seen as cold/standoffish towards most of the other characters—her personality seems to be of the stereotypical awkward/antisocial computer programmer—the attitude towards Bee seems different, almost like there is backstory we have not been shown yet.

Cass really doesn’t seem to like Bee, with the implication being that Bee is what is keeping Deckard from pursuing his career. At the same time, Deckard is needed on the island to run the café, what seems to be the Wizard family’s main source of income. Even after Bee talks Deckard into going to culinary school, Cass still holds animosity towards her, at one point outright blaming Bee for making him leave…which we are shown several times throughout the series to be exactly what Cass wanted him to do; she wanted him to follow his dreams and become a great chef and baker. I could understand if this was sort of played for humor, or if it was clear it was being stated sarcastically, but there isn’t any type of visual beat to show the viewer it was meant to be anything of the sort. As of what we have been shown, she’s just mean and kind of rude.

The one episode that cemented my opinion that there had to be some sort of reason for Cass’s standoffishness was in “Bird Friend”; while Bee was happy to do a temp job just to get some money for Cass—someone we have never really seen give her any positive reaction—Cass openly lies and tries to play off how busy she is, only agreeing to try to help once her wrestling partner comes to bother her. The entire interaction where Cass is asked to help she is dragging her feet like a child about things, and only when she sees that Bee has some sort of cool electronic/space gadgetry does she not act like her precious time is being wasted. Even then, in these moments, it becomes about what Bee has, and later what she can offer her. She is more than happy to take one of these gadgets, and when Bee tries to make an actual conversation with her, bringing up that they never really talk anymore, Cass immediately shuts her down. Only when its made obvious this coldness is shocking and hurtful does Cass try to backpedal…and start talking about herself.

Beyond that is the fact that Cass has an awful lot of opinions on someone who she doesn’t interact with all that much; on screen she just seems to be awkward and mean to Bee in the few instances they are together. Even Howl, who fired her and had legitimate reasons to not like Bee, is pretty amiable with her all things considered. Besides Merlin, who we do not see have any sort of opinion on, well, anything, Bee seems to be on pretty good terms with all the other Wizard siblings, which makes Cass’s animosity seem even more out of place. This is especially true when it is established early on that Bee has been around this family since they were kids; Deckard goes as far to ask that she is included in a family photo, insinuating a deeper connection than just apartment neighbors.

Am I reading too deep into this? Possibly. But for me, its hinging on the hope that the writing of the series wasn’t so lazy they just made a mean girl for no reason. I could understand if we learn more about why Cass acts this way and is so weird around Bee later, but right now the alternative is just a poorly written, shallow character in what is decisively a character driven show. I love the style and vibe of the series, and I don’t want to realize that Cass was just made to be a character you are kind of meant to hate.

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