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Ava’s plot thickens against Nikolas on ‘General Hospital’

Nina and Ms. Jerome made a pact to take down the Cassadine men so the prince may be in trouble.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Sparks flew between Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine when they were in Greece three years ago, but now everything has changed. When Spencer’s dad resurfaced on Halloween some viewers thought he and Avery’s mom would explore their feelings for one another. Instead the dark prince allowed Ava to believe he was a ghost and she ended up checking herself into Shady Brook. On New Year’s Eve Valentin threw Ava over the parapet at his home and Nik saved her from the icy water. The two got married later that night and now Ava is the lady of the manner.

Viewers who believed the duo would fall into each other’s arms were off base, at least for now. Ava has her own room and begged Obrecht to remain at the castle to keep an eye on her new spouse. Ms. Jerome even had a post nuptial agreement drawn up to ensure she gets what she feels she deserves. It’s not clear how Nikolas saving her from drowning will affect Ava’s feelings, or if she will go through with her plot to take him down. Nina barely kept up her end of the bargain, and almost went through with the wedding to Valentin, but it’s not yet clear what Ava’s ultimate goal is.

Ms. Jerome is holding the codicil hostage until her husband makes her a true princes and gives her part of what is rightfully his. There is still the issue that there is chemistry between Laura’s son and Julian’s sister so they could throw caution to the wind and give in to their passion, in time. Nikolas sent a copy of the codicil to Valentin’s lawyer who confirmed it is authentic. There will be trouble proving that Charlotte’s dad is Helena’s son and not a true Cassadine. If he submits to a DNA test, the results would have to be watched carefully.

Ava is holding all the cards at this point and loving her new life but no one believes she is sincere. The news of the wedding coming immediately behind Nikolas returning from the dead was a little much for everyone. Laura is shocked that so many people knew but did not tell her or Lulu. Ms. Jerome should not get too comfy because Cassadines can’t be trusted and her nuptials may not even be legal.

If the dark divorced Hayden then all is well, but if he is still legally wed to Ms. Barnes that would cause Ava to be put in the cold. The bottom line for everyone is the fact that Nikolas stayed away for three years. Laura, Kevin, Lulu, and Alexis all got in his face for allowing Spencer to believe he was an orphan. Nikolas says he is doing everything for Spencer but so far he has not been a blessing to convince anyone that Ava needs to be a part of the plan.

Carly and Sonny will be in shock to find out what Ava’s latest stunt is, which will no doubt cause problems for Avery. Laura asked her new daughter in law how she could ignore the fact that her son tried to gaslight her. Laura also lamented to several people that her son is a true Cassadine and you could see the worry in her face. There has got to be more that Avacwants than to simply be the wife of the Cassadine prince. Perhaps she wants to stick it to Valentin by living in his home. She may like the idea of being a princess and of course the money is a factor. There has got to he something more going on that viewers have not yet been let in on.

Previews for Thursday show Ava telling Julian that she is about to get the sweetest revenge, but on who? Is it Valentin, Nikolas or both? Could there be another victim? It’s time Spencer returns and sets these adults straight. Viewers will be eager to see his reaction to his father’s return. Some time back the young prince had a second telephone and it appeared he was talking to his father. There could be a twist to all of this and everyone find out that Doencer knew his dad was alive call along. Be sure to tune in at 2:00 PM EST on ABC to find out what happens next.


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