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Attack on Titan Episode 76

Initial thoughts.

By BoblobV2Published 2 years ago 3 min read

It begins, after nearly nine years, we embark upon the final arc of Attack on Titan. For those that read the manga, who knows if the anime will stick to the canon ending or create their own specifically for the anime. The episode in itself carried on the narrative as if there was no gap in between, beginning bombastically with the second invasion upon Paradis. Eren faces Liberio despite the advice of those that have similar goals to him.

From a narrative point of view, there are no inconsistencies with regards to the plot points that are taking place on screen. In fact, the only inconsistency there is, is something that has always been present in Attack on Titan, and that is the progression of time between plot points. What I mean by that is, because information needs to be conveyed, not only for the characters in the story, but for us as well, the rest of the world is suspended in stasis until all the relevant information is revealed so we have full context for what is going on. This has been an issue with the show going all the way back to the first season, and with the end in sight in eleven more episodes, this is an issue I do not think will be addressed at this point in time.

A further criticism to harp on is the mechanics by which certain events take place. The beginning of the episode being a particular example of this. While I have no issue with Hange and Levi getting out of the situation they were in, my issue comes in with regards to how it happened. It is quick, and one has to wonder how everyone in that field faced away at exactly that point so that the two were able to escape. Furthermore, to have soldiers chase them after the fact, makes the escape all the more ludicrous, making one question how the Restorationists were inept to such a degree. This has the retroactive effect of making those chasing the two seem far less of a threat than they have thus far been portrayed to be. This comes about as a result of the author writing himself into a corner with regards to the positioning of the characters and how many henchmen were there in the first place. Once again, it is not the escape itself that is an issue, but the method by which the escape occurred at all.

Regardless, the characters continue to behave as they would, and that is something that has been done quite well. Both the character development, and the character progression of all involved have been well put together. Reiner being a particular stand out in that regard, arguably having more character work done on them than any other in the entire show, Eren included. This extends to the supporting characters on both sides of the fight. This shows a level of care that allows for the narrative to take a metaphorical back seat as far as plot mechanics are concerned because over the previous seventy five episodes have done a fantastic job in building each of these individuals up.

With regards to the animation, it is an improvement over the previous segment done by MAPPA. The 3D blends far better into the background than it used to. The rendering of the characters and the backgrounds are improved, and the movements are far more fluid. The colour palate is muted as it was ever since the change in studio, though considering the arc we are in the middle of, it is understandable why it is portrayed as such, though it comes at the consequence of making the flashbacks far less effective, as even the nostalgic scenes would end up being far less welcoming as a result.

The music as per usual was on point, as such with that, I am quite looking forward to episode seventy-seven.


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