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Are Jessica Serfaty's days in Salem numbered as Sloan Petersen?

Is there any way for this attorney to save face and remain in town?

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

What future does Sloan have in Salem?

Jessica Serfaty began portraying Sloan Petersen an unpopular character on Days of Our Lives in August 2022. She has been up to no good from day one and some Days fans have been vocal in their dislike for the attorney. Viewers are now asking on social media if Serfaty will be the soap exiting the soap when the truth comes out that she has Nicole DiMera's (Ari Zucker) baby.

The number of people who know the truth continues to grow so there is no way Sloan can pretend she was unaware of whose baby she adopted and presented to Eric Brady (Gregg Vaughn). Several spoilers have suggested that Serfaty will exit Salem after her character has been exposed but perhaps she will go to jail for her crimes.

Sloan's portrayer is a newcomer to daytime who was born Jessica Ann Michel in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 4, 1991. She is 5 foot 9 and a producer as well as an actor. Serfaty is known for FML (2016), Ryde (2017), and The Ride (2018). She was previously married to Ididira Serfaty from 2008-2013 and they have a son named Roman.

DOOL fans want this storyline concluded

Days of Our Lives fans are angry that Sloan keeps getting away with switching DNA test results and want her brought to justice. Now that Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) knows the truth he will blackmail her and sing like a bird if she does not comply. Days viewers are also troubled that Nicole continues to be tortured and want her reunited with her son who belongs to Eric.

This could eventually lead to a reunion between the two which is what many DOOL fans are looking forward to. Sloan is one of those characters who does not have staying power. There are plenty of other villains in Salem who either get away with ther crimes or are redeemed but Ms. Petersen is probably not one of them.

Will there be a Christmas miracle?

DOOL viewers are hoping Nicole gets a Christmas miracle and has her baby back by the New Year but there is no evidence this will happen. There are only 3 weeks until Christmas so a lot would have to transpire for that miracle to take place. It's not impossible but perhaps unlikely yet fans are hoping against hope.

Will Sloan be sacrificed for Leo and Dimitri?

If Sloan must pay for her deeds will she snitch on Melinda Trask (Laura Kai Chen) or will Leo and or Dimitri Von Loeshner (Peter Porte) enlighten the good citizens of Salem about what has been taking place right under their noses? It had appeared that Leo and Dimitri were going on the run and Rikaart was returning to The Young and the Restless as Kevin Fisher but it looks like the duo might find a way out of their troubles and remain in town.

Rikaart was on the Thanksgiving episode of Y&R but has not been integrated back into Genoa city life. Now that Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell) is leaving the CBS soap Kevin may not show up again which means Leo and Dimitri might survive by throwing Sloan under the bus.

Eric deserves some happiness

Eric has had his heart broken so many times and battled his demons of whether or not to remain a priest. He deserves some happiness and Sloan has been misleading him and manipulating him without his ever catching on. Be on the lookout for spoilers, breaking news, and updates related to Eric and Nicole and their baby. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives to find out what will eventually happen to Sloan and whether her days in Salem are coming to an end.


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