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A Study In Pink: Reaction

by Angeline White about a year ago in review

Episode 1 Of Sherlock

This is my step by step take on observations I made while watching Sherlock.


· If I say something insensitive in here I apologize (such instances where I suspect this may be an occurrence will be marked with an *). Honestly, I think we’re both autistic.

· Times Sherlock’s ‘deduction’ could’ve been off or were just lucky will be marked with a ^

· Times there’re feels will be marked with an ƒ.


Loud, unable to discern anything.

He wakes up and stares at the wall. I suppose this is supposed to show his mental stability but he’s functioning well enough and he has a laptop. I feel like either you’re vulnerable and aren’t sitting ram-rod straight or you’re trying to cope and aren’t just staring*.

Is that a nice laptop?

Writing is hard. Maybe from previous sessions they’ve established the trust issues are why he’s not writing but it doesn’t look that way from the way he stares at the paper (as opposed to saving drafts or writing something and deleting it.)

Too much artsy-fartsy.

Dates on the screen but I can’t remember them.

Why are you having a press conference if you aren’t willing to say they’re murder but aren’t willing to call them suicides and most other details are classified?

There’s no way he could’ve sent a text to everyone within a certain radius, especially not with the tech back then. He’s not a tech person.

Sherlock is bored. Honestly why is he here if there’s natural causes? How could someone possibly need an alibi?

Sherlock absolutely knows she has a thing for him. Problem is, he doesn’t return the feeling. He’s socially awkward enough without having to explain himself.

Sherlock, if there’s no signal on your phone, why would there be on Mike’s?

Mike is, while not lying, not sorry at all. He knows what Sherlock gets up to.

Mike, why are you saying “Wotson?” you make it sound like a curse word.

Also, are you a Hufflepuff, if not that scarf needs to DIE.

Sherlock is markedly warmer to John than anyone we’ve seen so far, (even just in his surprised ‘thank you’,) possibly because he knows he’s looking at a potential flatmate.

Yeah, where is John staying right now? For that matter, where is Sherlock?

When Sherlock says there’s a place that they should be able to afford, if they split it must know John doesn’t have a job so why would he assume that?

When Sherlock asks if there’s a problem, he is absolutely goading John, trying to get him curious. He has to play the mystery man because that’s the only way people put up with him. He tilts his head down right before he starts talking and he gets ready to start roping him in.

Why would Sherlock wait to send that text since it appears entirely unrelated to the… blood work, that he’s doing?

Sherlock waits until John is at the door before he gets out of the cab presumably not wanting to rush the man who thinks he has a bad leg. He doesn’t even pay in the cab, and he doesn’t have anything to take out. It’s not like he would take that long to get out so we can assume he really is just waiting.

They’re going to live right next to a restaurant? I feel like that would be a bad thing, as would such a busy street?

Ms. Hudson’s husband was sentenced to death in Florida? How on EARTH did Sherlock have ANY pull over in the USA?

The door is super scratched up. I have to wonder if that was intentional behind the scenes.

When Sherlock gets to the top of the stairs he gets impatient and raises his eyebrows because he KNOWS John could go faster but also knows he can’t just tell him that. So, he’s nice and waits.

Is that bamboo wallpaper? Why?! (don’t get me wrong it’s lovely but like, aren’t things like that supposed to be neutral?)

Sherlock hears John call his stuff rubbish and panics the only thought going through his mind is ‘FIX’ and trying not to drive John away.

What did he just stab?

Sherlock literally thinks what he does is toddlers work, (hence why he’s calling everyone an idiot all the time)- He observes and adds 2+2. And just like a toddler he gets excited when it’s recognized you can see it right when he asks John what he thinks.

He socially distances himself from everyone because he knows they can’t put up with him but here he’s letting himself fall for John (not in a romantic way,) as the first potential human who might not look at him with disdain.

He looks so offended when John is unimpressed with his website.

The airline pilot I could see, based on how worn and flat your thumb is from the joystick, however, I don’t know how you’d identify the software developer.

He continues to rope in John. He’s almost aggressive in his defense about his website. This is because it’s all he has to offer. It’s super overpowered but without his quasi-superpower, no one has any reason to tolerate him.

He doesn’t answer John's question. He doesn’t want to run him off.

Lestrade knows Sherlock won’t like that it’s Anderson. Sherlock says he needs an assistant and implies that the other forensics’ had been so. Possibly because of this, he literally bows in thanks. He knows exactly how much Sherlock means to the detective force and quite frankly, it’s nice.

Sherlock waited until he was gone to start cheering which was nice because he was basically giving the man plausible deniability.

Do newspapers generally show relatively large pictures of who’s running the murder investigation?

Sherlock is quizzing John. Not about whether or not he’s good but he’s leading into the question about violence gauging his reaction. ‘enough… for a lifetime… far too much.’ He can tell it’s a script John is reciting to appear normal. As we just saw, (from him waiting until the detective was gone) he’s intimate with that process. His eyes widen a fraction for a moment, excited, enticing, thrilled that he can take someone into his world and give them what he has (reminds me of the Doctor.) Explains why he didn’t explain everything beforehand.

Sherlock kisses Ms. Hudson's cheek. Aw?

They don’t show John until you see Sherlock about to acknowledge questions.

Seeing as how Sherlock has officially invited John into the fray he is willing to answer questions.

He doesn’t understand why the location is relevant because to him, it’s literally not. Crime scene is the only thing that matters.

He smiles when John tries to figure out what he does for a living, loves watching him piece it together.

Why are private detectives considered armatures?

He finally explains. “a bit different from my day,” tells you he went to Bart’s*? How?

That phone is expensive? Does that mean his laptop is? It seems like at one point it would’ve been, but they make a point that he’s poor?

Sherlock acts like dad’s don’t want all the latest tech like it’s a hobby^.

“Sentiment, people do that.” This is fascinating because it’s something that everyone would know better than him but they might not recognize it which is what he’s good at.

The music picks up as he talks fast trying to make something that can easily stand on its own more impressive, and succeeds. Not sure how I feel about that.

This man has a psychosomatic limp and you don’t think he might have fine motor skill issues? As someone with motor problems it wouldn’t take much to have those scuffs^.

ƒ SHERLOCK IS ABOUT TO CRY. He’s looking out the window getting ready for the rejection that comes every single time. He thinks he’s being pranked by John when complimented. He doesn’t ask if it was amazing, he asks if John thinks it’s amazing. ƒ He explains that this was a surprising response probably thinking John deserved to know. John doesn’t quite believe him. Fair, since he’s only seen Sherlock with 3 other people, one who’s a quasi-friend, Ms. Hudson the cinnamon roll, and the man who literally bowed.

Sally needs to know Sherlock was invited. Honestly, fair, he does seem like the sort to show up where there’s trouble just cause he’s bored. Everything else was entirely unwarranted. She doesn’t just bully him, she does so by using and bringing into it the one person she’s ever seen him get on with.

Why is he looking at the ground? Is it just he wants to meet Anderson on his own terms?

He’s being scolded before he’s even done anything. Probably warranted but given the last time they worked together was implied to be long ago, the venom wasn’t needed.

‘[The deodorant] just vaporized’ is a sentence I love more than I should, possibly due to its succinct accuracy.

He gets his revenge on both of them but I can’t help but wonder if that’s just making things worse. Still, I’d be bitter, too.

The sarcasm was just so… irrefutable.

We never got a clear shot at her knees.

I’m not quite sure John realized he’d be seeing another corpse. He was probably focusing more on the excitement of the danger.

I feel bad for Anderson, he’s just trying to show he can keep up.

Okay, so it’s not German. How could you possibly know that Rachel was the only word it could be^? The English language is HUGE! What if it was another name? What if it was Mark? Would you know it was a name^?

There is no water on the back of that coat. Production (or perhaps costume design,) you messed up.

The woman could have absolutely taken out the umbrella and tried to use it before giving up^. He’s just lucky she didn’t.

Why does Lestrade walk out*?

What point?

John, what are you doing, trying to listen to her heart*? Did you just put your finger on her ear?* If she choked on her own vomit where’s the vomit?!

Lestrade, you said two minutes, he was done in one, you walked out and that’s not on him.

Lestrade, why are you asking if he’s making this up? Yeah, we’re new, John’s new, but you aren’t.

None of that jewelry looks ‘clean.’

What if she just takes off her ring when she showers? It’s still probably valuable^.

‘So what or rather who does she remove her rings for?’ there was only one ring, dude.

Again, he thinks what he’s doing is literal toddler work.

ƒ He points out to John that he’s talking out loud. Given that he loves it he must be trying to give John a chance to save face in front of people like Sally, even though he lives off those compliments.

Don’t people normally drag their suitcase with their dominant hand^? How can you tell how big the suitcase was unless you’ve seen it before? I doubt, since you wouldn’t know what to look for, you have^.

He says he loves serial killers in front of everyone because that’s just common enough to not get him put on the list of suspects.

Honestly if you don’t want me to know where we’re going, fine (Even though you didn’t blindfold me or anything.) But can you at least fill me in so I don’t have to stand as long when we get to the warehouse?

Oh there’s a chair, that’s nice!

This place is discreet? Literal lol.


No. No. That's not how it works.* People can miss war, but most ex-military don’t tremble under pressure, because they’ve been trained, they’ve got adrenaline and they have trouble adjusting to regular life*. He might have the same reaction with a family but he wouldn’t want to go back in the field constantly wondering if he was going to leave his kid fatherless*. Granted in this case it’s shown John agrees with him but still.

Okay, so he takes the gun but nothing else?

‘There was no hurry,’ he says, texting him saying even if it was inconvenient he should come.

Why did you take the phone if you were going to have him send the text?

‘friend… oh, enemy, which one?’ okay but think about this. We’ve seen Hudson, and Lestrade, and Mike. Mike is not really someone he keeps in touch with, Ms. Hudson is a semi-official relationship that appears to be new, and Lestrade is work. Everyone else is an enemy. Sally? Enemy. Anderson? Enemy. He doesn’t have friends but he sure has enemies.

'According to his rival [Sherlock] would say arch-enemy' get it right.

Sherlock why are you in such a rush? Isn’t it the middle of the night?

ƒ Sherlock is waiting for John to accuse him of murder, again looking like he’s about to cry. When John doesn’t he gets frustrated. He feels like John is just dragging out his punishment. He kick starts the conversation just wanting to get it over with. He’s so happy when John doesn’t do that.

‘It wouldn’t’ve taken him more than 5 minutes to realize his mistake.’ That is rubbish. My mom and I once forgot we put some garbage in the trunk in the 45 seconds it took to take the turn to the apartment dumpsters and we left it there for over a week. We even smelled it but we couldn’t figure it out.^

The murderer has her phone. Or she left it in a cab?^

He looks so genuinely like a kicked puppy at the absence of his skull.

ƒ ‘what about [Sergeant Donovan]’ he looks like he’s walking to the gallows.

Sherlock finally manages to point out why he waited to tell John. He needed to know he wouldn’t instantaneously be considered dangerous (or a freak) because John likes it all just as much as he does.

‘Do you want to eat’ ‘I’m not his date’ ‘He got me off a murder charge!’ three different conversations all at once. No wonder nothing gets done.

He went to prison for housebreaking? Why?

He literally said he didn’t want a candle. Why you gotta do that?

If you define Arch-Enemy as someone who A. is a genuine threat, B. is your longest/biggest threat, and C. has a personal connection, (particularly a and c), then yes, he does have an archenemy.

It genuinely takes Sherlock a minute to figure out that John might be hitting on him. Quite frankly I’m shocked John didn’t just point out that they were flatmates and it absolutely would matter if Sherlock had SO.

Is what clever?

So it’s the taxi driver? That makes sense.

Oh he left his cane.

It’s extremely convenient that they don’t have a single choice they can take for quite a while.

Oh look Artsy-fartsy.

Just watching this running is making my leg hurt.

It’s beautiful to see them high on adrenaline.

‘They can keep an eye out,’ do they know that?

What does the cane have to do with living at 221b? Are you really telling me that you couldn’t just give John the downstairs flat?

He’s so proud of himself it’s adorable!

Is that legal in the UK? In the USA this would be fantastic for Sherlock because it would mean if they found anything they couldn’t use it in court because they didn’t have a warrant.

I’M NOT A PSYCHOPATH I’M A HIGH-FUNCTIONING SOCIOPATH DO YOUR RESEARCH. NO. This has bugged me for far, far too long. A sociopath is, in general, someone who either has no conscience, or someone who lacks any type of sympathy whatsoever. They are master manipulators because they can create a personality around you. They use people then drop them as soon as they’re done. Sherlock, by now I hope I’ve proven, is just desperate, pathetically desperate, for any kind of positive feedback. He clearly cares about John, and even Lestrade, and tries to protect them both. He knows right from wrong, because if he didn’t he’d easily murder Sally and get away with it. So, Sherlock, I have done my research, you have been measured and found wanting. You’re not a sociopath, you’re not even a psychopath, he’s just an embarrassment to the name.

‘I don’t have to.’ Sherlock’s like, ‘oh crap, how can I make this better. Distract him, keep going, double down.’ Sweet in his own, socially awkward way.

‘How can the phone be here.’ ‘dunno.’ Either he’s trying to protect them or he wants to see how this goes. A mixture of both I guess.

I love the cabbie. He’s a killer, but he’s old, clever, and reminds me of the grandpa that takes you fishing. He comes right out and says he’ll cooperate because he knows that Sherlock would take down an immediate threat but if he isn’t… I HATE that this worked on Sherlock because I hate that it would work on me.

Is Sally his ex? Either he’s a psycho/pre-killer or you think he’s always going to let you down. Those two things don’t really match up.

Lestrade shuts it down because at the end of the day, he trusts Sherlock.

So did he get a photo or was it on the site or what?

‘…might even be a good one’. Lestrade is the mentor/father figure and you can’t convince me otherwise. Having said that it must suck that you’re in the spotlight and can’t get close to him ‘cause you’re a cop and he’s ‘bad’.

Why ask if you already know where you are?


‘it’s up to you, you’re the one who’s gonna die here.’ what’s up to him?

There are three pills in the bottle Jennifer takes. Sherlock only faces one. Did his ‘fan’ say he’s supposed to be alive even if he loses?

He’s actually kinda kind in his own weird way. I love the candid ones. It’s also fascinating that the apparent grunt is a genius. What level is the boss?

*Sherlock and I simultaneously break into a grin when the duel bottles are explained.*

I like Cabbie's accent. Do we ever get his name?

The GPS works in the car? Does it run on data? How expensive would that be?

‘itme to play.’ He’s nervous, and all the sudden, Sherlock drops the bomb. This is playing.

Shaving foam, lucky that he didn’t catch it^. Clothing, couldn’t the cabbie just be frugal^?

He doesn’t deny he’s dying. I feel like if he straight up said no, Sherlock would believe him cause code of honor. Then again, maybe that’s why he doesn’t do it. Perhaps that’s why he tries to not-quite-lie and imply it’s bitterness.

Bitterness is a paralytic. Quote of the day right there.

And now the cabbie’s crying. Why’d you have to do that?

‘You’re just a man’ k so we’re dealing with an organization. How big, how secret? No? that’s stupid. Whoever this guy is he’s not a god.

Sherlock explores all the options.

Is that a different gun? How could he tell?

The cabbie acts like he’s not gonna try and stop Sherlock. He doesn’t panic, doesn’t even stand. ‘Just hypothetically…’ He’s so good at this.

So, he’s willing to take the pill, even though Sherlock indicated he wasn’t going to play. Does that mean Sherlock’s wrong?

Sherlock’s eyes are glazed and red. He's literally getting a high from this.

Fun fact! Under-stimulation long-term is so dangerous, it can lead you to brain damage, depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other disorders.

*Gasp at Sherlock stepping on the man. Unsure of whether I'm upset*

Sherlock trying to convince someone he’s wrong is adorable. ‘look I’ve got a blanket!’

I am forever upset he didn’t have forensics look at the pills.

“You’re an idiot,” says John, not leaving. Sherlock smiles. John's not going to flee in terror.

Why does Mycroft make Sherlock mad? Sherlock works with the police, they’re British government.

"Sorry, who’s status?" that was a painful setup.


Angeline White

So much, too much. Maybe that'll be it's own story one day.

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