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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nora Valkyrie

by ThatWriterWoman 3 years ago in list
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How Many Did You know?

Thor Odinson

Nora Valkyrie is based off of the Norse god of thunder Thor. In fact, all of the characters from team JNPR are based off of 'crossdressers' from historical and mythological tales.

  • Jaune Arc - Joan of Arc
  • Pyrrha Nikos - Achilles
  • Lie Ren - Mulan

Thor dresses as a woman to steal his hammer back from the giant Þrymr, who demands Thor's mother Freyja in exchange for it. Instead of giving her up, Thor dresses as a bride and Loki, as a bridesmaid. He almost blows both of their covers when he consumes an entire ox in front of his future husband. Loki gave the excuse that the bride-to-be had not eaten in days due to nerves!

This could be the origin of Nora's immense hunger for pancakes!

Thor's hammer is eventually handed back to him as part of the wedding ceremony between him and Þrymr, giving him back his powers and allowing him to kill the giant.

The influence that Thor has had on Nora's character can be seen in her lightening semblance, her hammer weapon and her boisterous nature.

Her name has hidden meanings

Nora has many meanings. In Greek, "Eleanora," the root of Nora, means "Light." This could be a reference to Nora's control of electrical currents or perhaps her light-hearted nature. Nora means the same in Arabic.

In keeping with the original idea of all RWBY characters having names associated with a colour, "Nora" could have come from the 'Nora Barlow Columbine,' a pink flower that blooms in the late Spring and early Summer.

However, instead of calling her Nora Barlow, the RoosterTeeth team decided upon Nora Valkyrie in reference to the Norse mythological winged females who decide who lives and who dies in battle before taking the dead to Valhalla, a Viking afterlife ruled by Odin, Thor's father.

Her Weapon mimics Mjǫllnir and an RG-6 grenade launcher

Nora's weapon, Magnhild, has two functional weapon modes, one being a hammer that deals a huge amount of damage when swung at an enemy and the other a grenade launcher loaded with six canisters.

It is likely that Nora wields a hammer because the weapon mimics that of Thor, the character she was based upon.

Whilst in hammer mode, Magnhild stands taller than Nora herself and has been seen as powerful enough to puncture a death stalker's shell with it's own stinging tail! Also, Magnhild can fire grenades whilst in this mode. Nora has used this ability to propel herself into battle, clinging to the handle and balancing her feet on the back of the hammer, using it as a platform.

When in grenade launcher mode, Magnhild resembles a Russian RG-6 grenade launcher. Both share a six-barrel, sprung design with a front grip. However, Nora appears to be able to fire all six cylinders at the same time. Along with this, she can fire different types of ammo. During the Vytal Festival, Nora uses these two abilities to fire six smoke cylinders at a sniper in order to block their vision and make them choke and have to move from their position, drawing them out.

Her Eyes Were Originally Pink

When Nora's concept art was first drawn by Einlee, her outfit and design show next to no difference to that seen during the first three series. However, her eyes are a different colour to the regular light blue; instead they are a light pink that matches her skirt.

Perhaps the change was to hint at her semblance, her inner ability to produce and control electricity!

Clues to her origins were dropped

When creating Nora, Monty Oum told his coworkers that "Nora is a powerful woman" and let them fill in the gaps. They decided to make her energetic to match her semblance and to contrast Ren's personality.

Whilst creating her, it is possible that either her name inspired her origins or her origins inspired her name.

There's a Japanese word, "Nora," which means "stray." Fitting, as Nora is found in Ren's hometown 'Kuroyuri' (which itself is based off of Japan) surviving as a homeless toddler.

Another hint toward Nora's unfortunate past can be seen in her love for food. After struggling to feed herself in the past, as seen during her time at Kuroyuri (she steals a mouldy piece of bread to try and sustain herself), she could have developed a habit of finding sweet foods to consume. Or perhaps Ren learned to cook as a favour to his 'friend.'

Her attachment to Ren could also show a fear of abandonment.

To end this on a higher note:

Nora's first on-screen line, "IT'S MORNING!" served as Samantha Ireland's audition for the role! Setting out Nora's trait of enthusiasm from the start.

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