5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jaune Arc

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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jaune Arc

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

All of team JNPR are based off 'crossdressers' in mythology and history.

  • Pyrrha Nikos - Achilles
  • Lie Ren - Mulan
  • Nora Valkyrie - Thor Odinson

Jaune Arc is inspired by Joan of Arc, who disguised herself as a man whilst in the French army, fighting toward the end of the 100 year war. It's clear to see that Jaune is based upon her bravery and knight-like appearance.

A cardinal and bishop of Winchester named Henry Beufort was a known enemy of Joan of Arc, leading to a false conviction that ended her life. Cardin Winchester, the bully of Jaune Arc is named in reference to this.

Joan of Arc was not only burned to death, but the Cardinal ordered her to be burned a second time when the body wasn't completely destroyed. Therefore, I do not look forward to any team CRDL reappearances in the coming volumes!

He didn't know his left from his right

The soles of Jaune's shoes

For Jaune's first costume design in volume one, the soles of his shoes showed his 'two-arch' emblem on each shoe. However, after a quick redesign, he can be seen sporting 'left' and 'right' written in pen on his converse style boots.

Not only does this imply that during series two and three Jaune didn't quite grasp his left from his right, it also adds a level of charm to the character that would otherwise be overlooked.

From volume four and the redesigns, it appears that Jaune has a better idea of the basics as his shoes are blank and look far more sturdy.

He was originally called 'Jean'

Jean Jaune Arc

In RWBY, children were named after colours in response to the destruction of art during the great war. When RWBY was first in development, the writers were planning on sticking to every main character having a name that sounds like, or makes you think of, a colour.

'Jean' was an idea for Jaune as 'blue jean' is an associated with the word. This matches Jaune's eye colour and, of course, his blue jeans.

While they were deciding on Jaune's final name, Burnie Burns, the chief creative officer of RoosterTeeth (the company that makes RWBY) walked in and suggested the word 'jaundice', to represent yellow, matching Jaune's hair. This is believed to be the origin of both Jaune's name and two volume one episodes posted under the same name.

His emblem may not be his own

Angry Jaune is angry

In volume one, Jaune admits that his weapon 'Crocea Mors' is a hand-me-down from his great-great grandfather, who fought in the great war. As he didn't go to a combat school before attending Beacon, it is unlikely that any part of the weapon was changed since Jaune received it. This could mean that the double arch emblem on the shield was not of his own design, but of his grandfathers.

Perhaps the pattern is a 'family' emblem, which the many Arc children may carry.

However, in volume four, Crocea Mors is changed by a village blacksmith with some of Pyrrha's headdress metal adding accents to his sword and shield. During this time, it would have been possible for Jaune to edit the appearance of the emblem on his shield, but he did not.

Though the emblem may not have been originally his, he has definitely adopted the shape and will continue to carry it with him.

A/N: I have a theory that the emblem represents Jaune's semblance of boosting others aura as the shape shows a wave-like motion with first arch smaller than the next, almost as if the arch is getting bigger whilst pushing out, like a sound wave. This leads me to think that not only is Jaune's emblem and weapon passed down to him, but so was his semblance. The show has already demonstrated hereditary semblance in the female line of the Schnee family. Perhaps aura boosting flows through the male line of the Arc family?

He almost looked very different

Early concept art by Einlee

In some early concept art by Einlee, Jaune can be seen with two different outfits. If you take the top half of the first figure and the bottom half of the next, you get what is essentially Jaune's volume one outfit.

However, if you take the two scrapped top and bottom ideas, you are presented with what Jaune could have ended up looking like:

A softer, and homier look for the blonde, the scrapped design shows a brown waistcoat, and no armour. While his iconic blue jeans are covered with brown chaps. His Pumpkin Pete hoodie is also dulled down to a light brown.

A small, bust sized design can also been seen in the left corner of the concept art. It appears to give Jaune a scarf or cape around his neck. Perhaps the designers will go back to that idea since Jaune is now in the freezing climate of Atlas!

From this concept art, we can also see that Jaune's eye colour was up for debate. One drawing shows Jaune with brown eyes while the other shows him with red. This could perhaps be where the red inside of his Pumpkin Pete hoodie originated from.

Designs and inspirations aside, Jaune continues to be a fan favourite for RWBY fans due to his open heart and bravery.

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