5 Reasons why “The Fifth Element” (1997) is still a great goofy movie.

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“K-K-K-Korben, my man!? I have no fire.”

5 Reasons why “The Fifth Element” (1997) is still a great goofy movie.

This week I have some time to catch up on watching some movies and also re-watching movies that I love. One of them is “The Fifth Element” from 1997 directed by Luc Besson.

I remember when I watched it the fist time. I was just a kid and I was amazed by this movie because it was so funny and adventurous. I know that it’s not the greatest movie of all time and it surely has its flaw, but it’s still very dear to my heart even after so many years. And it still makes me laugh.

So, now I’d like to share with you 5 super personal and subjective reasons why this movie is still a great goofy movie.

But first I want to warn you about SPOILERS. It’s going to happen, nerds, but if you haven’t watched that movie yet … then well, what can I say? It’s your fault.

So better grab your multipass and get ready for this fangirling article.

You know it, Leeloo.

1. The Weird World

Even though this movie came out in 1997 the effects and visuals are still holding up, if you don’t look too close or are too judgy. I love the creatures and different kind of aliens in there. Especially these big robots in the beginning with their tinny heads who are soooooo freaking slow.

Omg, the scene right in the beginning when this stone walls are about to close and the alien is just too slow to run for safety. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this scene. It’s so stupid that it’s hilarious again.

Don’t they look adorable?

You can tell they’re puppets and not CGI, obviously. And to be honest, I really enjoy that. I guess, it makes me feel nostalgic like watching the old Star Wars movies. Because I can’t really remember a lot of cool space adventure movies with such specific aliens and cool inventive make-up.

I also really like that we just get introduced to these aliens without any explanation and through the story or the dialogues we find out more. Same is with the bad guys. These weird shapeshifters with their long ears and little brains. You just gotta love them.

2. The Best Action-Opera-Cut Sequence

Ok, to be honest, if there’s one thing I should pick out of this movie that I absolutely love, it’s the Opera scene. Not only because the singing is amazing but I also love how they intercut it with action and end it with a tragedy.

Man, there’s so much emotions in that sequence. The diva is also one of my favourite characters. In the beginning she seems so mysterious and when she’s finally revealed, she’s just super beautiful. And daaaamn this alien-woman rocks the stage!

And then there is this great cut between Leeloo kicking ass and her singing which – I think – is brilliant. Before of course everything goes down, more complications happen and the bad guys almost get Leeloo killed … yes, man, that all happens in one song.


If you don’t want to watch the movie, just at least watch this one scene. It’s a killer.

3. Omg, this guy!? Am I right?

The absolute best thing or character about “The Fifth Element” is Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rhod.

Omg, this guy!

I remember the first time I saw him in the movie. I think, my jaw just dropped open, when this guy was first introduced. Or when he introduced himself. Not only because of his weird outfits, but also how he talks, walks and behaves.

I’m pretty sure Chris Tucker is just himself here and improvises a lot. But it totally pays off .

I’m loving it.

Later on, in the action scenes he’s so hilarious. I feel like the way he reacts that’s exactly what I would do. Just screaming around and clinching to Korben who knows how to deal with these kind of situations. Or maybe I would just cry in the corner? Who knows!?

But my favourite scene with him is at the end, when they need to activate the stones and they only have one match. Korben lights it up and Ruby just stares at it, holding his breath. Omg, his face and the staring … cracks me up every time.

I mean this guy shots an alien in the head because he gets startled and apologises after that, wondering if he is okay. And during a wild action scene when the bad guys attack, he is still broadcasting.

I would totally listen to that radio show. Just because he’s so weird and eccentric. And don’t we all need such characters in action comedies?

4. The fun and adventurous ride with a quest

The Fifth Element” is a movie that you watch, grabbing your favorite food and just have a good time.

Leeloo knows that, too.

Remember the good old days when expectations were low and you just wanted to watch a movie for entertainment?

That’s this kind of a movie. You go on a fun, goofy ride with stupid bad guys and a wild heist for some stones that hopefully save the world. Then there are also some awkward mom calls, cool lines and funny cuts that give you the full guarantee for a good time.

Can you think of any movie that’s simliar?

Since maybe Guardians of the Galaxy I barely know any cool adventure space movies. If you know any, let me know. Because I love these movies!

5. Eventually it’s all about LOVE

At the end this movie is all about love. Like all things should be, right? It’s about Leeloo feel love and be loved so she can protect the world from darkness.

I love that the fifth element is about love and that Leeloo asks the question why people always destroy everthing that they create. I mean, isn’t that the truth?

But there’s also the little glimpse. A solutions of all the destruction and darkness: LOVE

But Leeloo needs to learn that and that’s when Korben comes in. Even though he’s this rusty Military guy who needs to show her his vulnerability.

Gosh, I love that. Perfect cheesy romance at the end. What better way to end a movie?

I could go on and on about what scenes I loved and why. Or why Ruby is so hilarious or why Bruce Willis is this typical cool guy with some emotional depth.

But maybe you just go and watch the movie for yourself. Or re-watch it like I did.

Julia Valentina
Julia Valentina
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