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5 Great Cartoon Mysteries Revealed: What You Always Wanted to Know

The most popular cartoons in the world keep great mysteries that make them more fascinating, today 5 of them will be revealed

By Ninfa BiPublished 9 months ago ā€¢ 3 min read
Mystery is part of the charm of cartoons

Animated series keep great mysteries that make them more attractive. However, many of those mysteries are eventually revealed.

Next 5 great solved mysteries of the best animated series.

#1.Why could the Coyote never catch the Road Runner?

The Coyote has added fans over the years

The Coyote was never able to catch the Road Runner because that's how it's established from the beginning of the animated series through a contract. WarnerBros imposed that the Road Runner never be caught by the Coyote, because otherwise the story would end.

WarnerBros wanted this animated series to be an allegory of life. The Coyote fights for his goal, the Road Runner, but never reaches it no matter how hard he puts in. This message is horribly pessimistic and many people have been angry at this plot. They have all empathized with the Coyote and deeply wish that he would finally catch the bird.

#2.Why are all Disney princesses orphaned?

The orphaned Disney princesses arouse sympathy in the audience

Disney princesses are orphans of mothers for two reasons: a tragic event in Walt Disney's life and a psychological strategy.

Walt Disney bought a house from his parents. When they moved in, a tragic fire occurred from which their parents were spared, but their mother died days later from smoke poisoning. That fact marked the famous cartoonist so much that he transferred his trauma to his artistic creations.

Another reason why Disney princesses are orphans of mothers like Ariel, Bella or Esmeralda, is because the company's executive producers want them to create empathy with the audience from the loneliness and helplessness they feel when they do not have a mother.

#3.Why doesn't the Pink Panther speak?

The Pink Panther is the most elegant feline on world television

The Pink Panther does not speak because the animated series wants to reflect the humor of silent movies, specifically the humor communicated by the films of Charles Chaplin. The Pink Panther was conceived so that his personality reflected a British gentleman. That is why the Pink Panther is elegant, cultured and well-mannered. The pink color that predominates in the animated series manifests optimism, joy and positive energy.

It should be noted that in the animated series there was an exception: the Pink Panther spoke once. In the episode Sink Pink, he said: Why can't men look more like animals?

#4.What is the recipe for Krabby Patty?

SpongeBob cooks in a very special way

The animated series SpongeBob SquarePants has made popular the Krabby Patty, the main dish that Sponge Bob prepares at the Krusty Krab restaurant, where he works as a cook. Everyone knows how delicious the burger is, so everyone wants to know the recipe. Finally you could know the ingredients, so pay attention. Krabby Patty needs: a veggie burger, a lettuce leaf, hamburger bun with seeds, a slice of tomato, mayonnaise, a slice of onion, pickled gherkins, a slice of cheese, a pinch of dust from the planet Mercury and a lot of love. Remember to give the burger you just made a kiss to make it truly special.

#5.Why does Kenny die in every episode of South Park?

Kenny always comes back from the dead and he knows it

The insanely successful animated series South Park is distinguished by infinite imagination. Kenny McCormick, one of the main characters of the story dies in every episode. The most disturbing thing is that in every episode he is still alive and no one remembers his death. Throughout all these years fans of the animated series have asked themselves the question why Kenny dies in every episode, but he is still alive. As expected, thousands of theories have arisen. Fortunately there is a reason for this original fact: Kenny's family practices a pagan cult called the Cult of Cthulhu. Various spells make Kenny immortal, no matter how many times he dies, he will always come back to life. In addition, this spell makes people never remember Kenny's death. People believe that he is always alive and all his deaths are erased from memory. A final secret revealed: Kenny is aware of his multiple deaths. He knows he always comes back to life, which is overwhelming to him.

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  • Tim Wilson9 months ago

    Great list!

  • I loved this!

  • Absolutely loved this story! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Clyde E. Dawkins9 months ago

    Very excellent story!! Some additional info regarding Pink Panther. Yes he did have the one line in Sink Pink, but he would also speak one more time in one of my favorite shorts, Pink Ice. In Pink Ice, Pink Panther had a bit more dialogue than he did in Sink Pink, and in both shorts, he was voiced by Rich Little, a comedian who is known for his impressions of Johnny Carson, Jimmy Stewart, and former President Ronald Reagan (among others). When the Pink Panther received an original series in 1993, he spoke regularly and was voiced by Matt Frewer, who later played Dr. Jim Taggart on Eureka.

  • Corinne Jenkins9 months ago

    This is definitely a favorite Vocal story of mine! Also, if they could give us Scrat in Ice Age finally eating the nut then we are definitely owed a Coyote finally catching the Road Runner clip (

  • Carol Townend9 months ago

    I like this, especially the burger recipe. I can just see my grandson's face now, though Spongebob is known for making children's minds think!

  • Gene Lass9 months ago

    There was a road runner cartoon in which two kids watching tv wonder why the coyote is always trying to get him. The coyote answers the kids, pointing out how delicious the roadrunner is. There have also been exceptions to Kenny dying. For a while, Kenny wasn't on the show and they used other characters, namely Butters, because the joke was getting old. And the idea of Kenny remembering and the kids not remembering must have come up later, because when the show was new, the joke was always, "Oh no! They killed Kenny! You bastards!" But as it happened more times, even the kids were bored with it, and they said. "They killed Kenny. You bastards." In at least one episode, Kenny came back to life during the episode, right there in front of them and the kids weren't surprised, they just said, "Oh hi Kenny." The Cthulhu thing is a nice touch. That's from the classic horror fiction of writer H.P. Lovecraft, nearly 100 years ago, and it's been referenced ever since by other writers, comics, RPGs, and even Metallica.

  • Ninfa Bi (Author)9 months ago

    I didn't even imagine it. I found out through statements from the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They revealed many aspects of the animated series.

  • Jocelyn 9 months ago

    OMG! I didn't know that Kenny knew for a fact that he had died many times.

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