20 Unique Story Prompts

Attract your readers with these bizarre prompts

20 Unique Story Prompts

1: Write about moving in with a new roommate and finding out she's been missing for years. She tells you if she tells anyone, the same that that's after her will be after you.

2: You meet a guy in Starbucks who comes up to you and tells you the dream you had last night. You remember him from the dream. You fall for the guy but the only time you may physically touch him is in your dreams.

3: Your mom starts packing your clothes one night. She tells you its for her church but you watch her leave in the middle of the night. She doesn't come back. However, some girls start walking up to your house one night...wearing your clothes.

4: Your father falls in love with a female hitchhiker. You write about how she begins sneaking into your room at night. One night she's gone but you find a bunch of notes warning you that your dad is going to take over the world and here's how to stop him.

5: Your roommate falls in love with one of your clients who's in therapy to deal with the grief of accidentally killing his ex-girlfriend. Your best friend doesn't listen to your warnings and ends up dating the guy. He gives off clues that he wants to kill her but you can't convince your friend.

6: You have one month to write a 100.000 story about how you would save Earth if it was invaded by aliens. If you don't finish, the aliens will enter your world. Whenever you're not writing, the aliens are entering your world and looking for you to be killed.

7: Your camp advisor is a cannibal and have been eating the children.

8: Your dead brother helps you solve mysteries as you're a detective. However, he becomes obsessed with you solving all crimes. You find yourself in dangerous waters as your dead brother forces you to solve all crimes. It's the only way he'll feel justice was served.

9: You're an urban explorer photographer and in all your shots you capture strange shadows. The same one your little brother draws about.

10: You and your best friend fall in love with the same girl. The girl is leading you both on out of muse. (LGBT)

11: A figure with a burnt body and the face of a doll wants to play with you every night. If you let it, won't kill your entire family. You can write about how you form a relationship with it but it starts becoming jealous of your life and wants you gone so it can take your place.

12: You adopt a dog that constantly sniffs your child. As your child grows, the dogs becomes more and more afraid of it.

13: Your school teachers are all mean old people. During research, you find that a few of the teachers in your grade are missing. Their lifeless bodies are around the town and you will have to find them or you'll never leave that school.

14: Every time you blow out a candle, you're allowed to grant someone's wish. However, there's a catch, you loose a life from the year you're supposed to die. Can you save your loved ones? Or must you let go your gift.

15: Your character can manipulate anyone they want except the person they fall in love with. Write about the character's struggle with not getting what they want for the first time in their life.

16: The kids you're babysit warns you that their parents will kill you if you ever leave.

17: An alien from a different planet tells you that in order to wake up, you must die and that you're dreaming. After a deadly accident, you find yourself on a strange new Earth.

18: Your twin sister stops talking out of the blue one day after something your father whispers to her before having a heart attack.

19: You travel to an undiscovered place only to find that there are humans that have truly unlocked a third eye. They can save lives. You ask them to teach you but they won't unless you sacrifice a life to save a life.

20: You and your mother get stuck on a island where they're treated like royalty. They decided to stay and have some fun a bit.

Jakayla Toney
Jakayla Toney
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