11 Times Larry David Was the Most Relatable

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Because the awkward follows us all.

11 Times Larry David Was the Most Relatable

Whenever I’m asked to list celebrities or on-screen characters I most relate to and the initial few moments of thinking over my response passes — it’s a big decision, okay! — the perfect answer finally comes to me with my top three reading like this:

3) Jennifer Lawrence

2) Kristen Stewart

1) Larry David

Yes. Right there at the top spot is none other than Larry David. Granted, it’s usually Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David to be more specific but still, I have a feeling they might not be too far off from each other.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking (it’s probably the same thing my friends ask after I tell them), what could I, a 27-year-old, have in common with 70-year-old Larry David and/or his character? Well, quite a bit actually, and if you really think about it, he’s "pretty...pretty..." (see what I did there?) relatable to fellow millennials. No seriously, hear me out. He likes to stay in, finds social gatherings a nuisance, manages to get himself into awkward situations quite regularly actually, and on a personal note: he’s always complaining about something, which I can relate to very well.

Don’t believe me yet? No worries, I’ve compiled a list of the times Larry David has been the most relatable celebrity to grace my life.

1) Trust your gut.

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You know how we’re always taught to never judge a book by its cover? Or to always give people a fair chance upon first meeting them? Well, that's all true, but sometimes when you know, you just know. If there’s anything I’ve learned in this journey of adult life — other than how to fold a fitted bed sheet — it’s that your gut instinct is usually spot on. So, if ever you meet someone and your gut is screaming at you to walk away, just walk away.

2) Live in the moment.

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It’s probably going to make me sound pretentious, but I’m all about living in the moment and opting to enjoy where I’m at rather than worrying to capture the perfect angle of my arugula and mushroom salad to post online for “likes.” Just enjoy the moment — whatever it is. No one needs to know what you’re doing at every moment.

3) Apologize, but only when needed.

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So many times I find myself apologizing for saying something I truly believe in just because it offended someone’s feelings. Look, so long as you’re not attacking someone’s race, sexuality, nationality, or religion, there’s no reason to apologize for speaking your mind. But if you do, this is the best way to respond.

4) Party - Shmarty

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Parties can be a drag. Seriously, why would I want to spend my night in an overcrowded environment filled with 90% of people I don’t know, blasting music I don’t like, and probably serving food I won’t enjoy? Just doesn't make sense.

5) Social Security

But of course, since we can’t live like hermits 24/7 for the rest of our lives, sometimes that obligatory get together is necessary. But hey, when it leaves us feeling awkward, there’s always crutches to lean on like alcohol. Always drink responsibly, though. No one wants to be the party drunk.

6) Customers aren't always right.

Anyone who has worked in customer service can attest to this being an actual fact of their daily struggle: customers aren’t always right. Let’s face it, that saying is wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact, it’s because of this motto why some customers feel like they have the right to act like literal douche canoes to workers.

7) Keeping Human Contact to a Minimum

Okay, this one might seem a bit exaggerated, but at times it can be true and even just a simple hug can feel like a task. Emotions are hard.

8) Sob Fest

I can’t begin to express how much this speaks to me on a spiritual level. If curling up underneath a blanket and sobbing was an Olympic sport, I’d be the Sidney Crosby of the event.

9) Dating can be a drag.

Going on a date is 50/50. It can either go really well or really bad. In which case, it will leave you in that moment thinking, "Huh, maybe being single isn't so bad."

10) Cancellations are a blessing.

While some might be left annoyed at the news a plan is canceled, especially after time spent in getting ready — like Larry, I don't mind in the slightest. Having plans get canceled equals getting to stay home, throw on my comfiest PJs and curl up with a movie. It's the perfect alternative.

11) When There's Nothing Left to Do

Lastly, on those days when it just feels like the world has you down and there’s nothing left to do, this is essentially all that's left.

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Gabi Z.
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