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10 Best Anime Bromances

by Rich Burton 4 years ago in tv

Don’t you just love anime that has those fun anime bromances? I do! Here are some awesome ones!

These are some of the best bromances in more modern anime. There are a lot of bromances out there in the anime world, but these are ones that are more modern in my eye. Hope you agree!

'Naruto' - Sasuke and Naruto

So I feel like this is given a little bit just because the whole premise of the show is Naruto trying to get Sasuke back to the hidden leaf village. Which if I don't know if there's another show like that. They are rivals though. Which I don't understand that in anime. Rivals are almost like best friends, but hate each other at the same time. Like I get they have respect for each other, but still weird.

In this case, they both grew up in similar ways without parents (for most of Sasuke's life in this case) and are kindred spirits with their teen angst and power development. They grow to hate each other, but in the end have mad respect for each other and become best friends. It takes like 500 episodes, but there are some awesome battles in there.

'Fullmetal Alchemist' - Ed and Al

This is probably my favorite pairing and it might be cheating because they are actually brothers, but they are just too sweet not to put in here. They are bound together by a mistake they made as boys and are now stuck with incomplete bodies. With all they've been through, you'd think they'd have huge mental issues and would hide themselves away. However, they decided to change their impending doom of living with limbs or a body and dove into the place where they would be found out.

They really show us what it's like to be bound by mistakes and how that changes people, but how it can also bring people together. I don't have strong relations with my brothers, so seeing this relationship is inspiring.

'Tokyo Ghoul' - Kaneki and Hide

Two unlikely kids meet at a river and become friends. They both have their issues at home, but they know that they can count on one another to make each other happy in some way. When Kaneki becomes a monster, Hide doesn't shy away from him, but wants to become closer because he loves his friend and wants to make sure his troubled friend is happy. All Kaneki wants to do is protect his friends, but when Hide does something stupid, there's no way to get him safely out of. They really are good friends trying to look out for one another and test each other's limits. When one is down the other pushes them back with words they don't want to hear, but need too.

'Trigun' - Vash and Wolfwood

These two are so silly! We meet Vash (the red guy) in the first episode and he is a silly gunman who is always getting into trouble. He meets a "priest" who is also pretty savvy with a gun and they form an unlikely friendship. They both are smart and tactful in battle, but when it comes to their personalities they are just two idiots who get drunk. It's pretty fun to watch them interact and they always make me laugh!

'Dragon Ball' - Goku and Krillin

I feel like this bromance is the OG of bromances. This anime has been going for awhile and these two kids have been friends for years. Goku even went as far as to find all the dragon balls to bring Krillin back from the dead. I think that Goku is the feelings and Krillin is the mind. They both have their strengths and play off each other well.

'Seven Deadly Sins' - Meliodas and Ban

The Seven Deadly Sins has become one of my favorite anime and this friendship has definitely helped with that. Two immortal beings find each other and can use their whole strength against one another, so why not become best friends. They are super fun together and when they meet again after 10 years they have the reunion of a lifetime! They smash each other's faces in because they can (they can't get hurt really). They can use their full power and they can understand one another's feeling without really having to talk about it. They are have their serious moments, but they really are balls of fun!

'Fullmetal Alchemist' - Roy and Maes

We have another bromance from FMA. They are two best friends who have been through wars together. They know each other so well and know how to anticipate each other's actions. Roy Mustang is the serious, shows no emotion (but has a bunch) type and Maes Hughes is the opposite. He is super outgoing and loves to talk to people. Opposites attract. They are a smart pairing and enjoy each others company. If you haven't seen it I won't ruin it for you, but there's a lot of feels... a lot.

'Fairy Tail' - Grey and Natsu

So, these two are kind of a stretch. They are literally fire and ice. But they are always there for each other to push one another and get stronger. Even though they somewhat hate each other, they are always willing to put their lives on the line. The whole premise of this show is to live for your friends and that's exactly what these guys do. They fight for each other to live another day. They are fun watch fight and are always striving to be better so it's cool to see their development as characters together.

'Soul Eater' - Soul and Black Star

These two. They are such misfits. Black Star and Soul. They are both headstrong, but they are pretty funny together because they are both stupid. They get into strange battles together, but can't fight together being clumsy and loud-mouthed. They both want to be the best they can be, but struggle since they are young and stupid. They try to do it the best they can with a lot of funny moments in between.

'One Piece' - Luffy and Usopp

These guys are just a bunch of jokers. They joke around all the time and have no serious bone in their body. The only time they are serious is when they are in a battle or their friends are in danger. They and Chompy I guess, are a fun bunch who always do things the wrong way and are always getting into trouble. They don't know when to quit either. It's kind of a long anime, but it's fun to watch and have something to get into that's not an anime that's only 26 episodes.

Bonus: 'Black Clover' - Asta and Yuno

So this is a bonus because if you are looking for new anime, this is the one you should watch! It's about two orphan boys who are striving to become the Wizard King! One is bathing in magical power and the other has none at all. But does that stop him from going after his dreams? Definitely not!

But the two boys grow up together and are very good friends. Once they get older and both have the same goals they become "rivals," like I said earlier, are they really rivals when they are friends? Not sure. But they are always striving to better oneself in light of the other getting stronger! They have a lot of love for one another, but will never show it!


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