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10 Best Action Anime Shows

by Rich Burton 3 years ago in entertainment

You looking for some anime that will spruce up your action fix? Here are some suggestions to look into.

So, all of these are action shows, but they are also mixed in with some sci-fi and fantasy shows that have a bunch of action.

D. Gray-man

A kid named Allen Walker is an Akuma hunter. He is an exorcist that strives to make life better for everyone. But the Akuma's have another agenda and are getting even stronger. So Allen joins the all powerful exorcist group to find all the innocence in the world, a special artifact that has been spread all over the world.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

So there are two versions of this show. One is called Fullmetal Alchemist and the other is the same name except Brotherhood is added. And in my opinion Brotherhood is better. It's about these two boys who dabble in alchemy and become some of the best alchemists in the world, but they became so at a huge price. Now they must get back what they've lost and have many adventures good and bad a long the way.

Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is a powerless boy in a world where everyone has a power, or as they call it, quirk. But he has a strange meeting with the all powerful hero All Might. And he just might have all the answers for poor quirkless Midoriya. Watch as Midoriya makes friends and goes to the hero school, UA.

Deadman Wonderland

It all started from an incident at school and now this kid is in Deadman Wonderland, an amusement park for criminals so people can watch them being tortured for pleasure. But he isn't supposed to be there. Don't all the inmates say that? But he really isn't supposed to be there, the higher ups have a secret agenda for him.


When Vash the Stampede becomes a wanted man, insurance girls try to find him to help the cities he travels to, to make sure they have money to insure their buildings when he demolishes them. His bounty is worth $60,000,000,000 or 60 billion double dollars. But he actually really isn't that bad of a guy.

Darker than Black

Two gates have opened up, Heaven and Hell, and now people are exhibiting supernatural powers, called contractors. People hire these contractors to be their spies and assassins. A guy named Hei is one of these contractors. And he is part of a plot to destroy contractors, but he doesn't know.

Black Cat

A kid named Train is part of a group called Chronos, but he finds out they are becoming an illegal group that he doesn't want any part of. Many adventures come Train's way, but he coincidentally found some people who want to help him and get to the bottom of why the Chronos organization is becoming so corrupt.

Seven Deadly Sins

This anime has to do with a kingdom under siege by their own holy knights. Elizabeth, the daughter of the king, goes out and finds the wanted criminals, The Seven Deadly Sins. But she only finds one of them, so she has to find all of them to try and save the kingdom she so worships.

Rurouni Kenshin

Now I haven't finished this show yet, but it's about this samurai who used to be a killer but now he has this unsharpened blade and doesn't want to kill again. He meets a few people who want to help him with his goal, but enemies from his past are trying to bring him back to his old killer glory days.

Attack on Titan

I have actually never seen this show past the third episode, but let me tell ya, it is crazy. Every friend that I know that has watched this show can't wait to watch the next episode. It has action up to your neck. They are battling beings who are called Titans from destroying their towns and they have found a way to possibly destroy these Titans before they are destroyed.

Rich Burton
Rich Burton
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