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Zodiac Legacy Challenge

A New 'Sims 4' Challenge

By Paige GuffeyPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

This is a new Sims 4 challenge that I have been working on and am going to be testing soon. I haven’t seen any other legacy challenges like this, so I apologize if there is one, I created this on my own.

CAS Rules:

  1. Sex, gender, ethnicity do not matter
  2. There are no specifics on hair or any clothing
  3. Create your founder as you see fit

Other Rules

  1. No cheats, except for bb.moveobjects for design purposes. The objective is to play the game as vanilla as possible
  2. You can choose any of your children to be the heir to your legacy except for Generation 3, in which the youngest child will become heir.
  3. You do not have to stay on the same lot throughout this challenge, you can move as you see fit.

Generation 1: Taurus

Growing up your mother/father made sure that you had everything you need. You’ve learned that good things come to those who wait, or at least to those who strive for their goals. You love to travel, and your passion is in photography. You want to capture all of life’s beautiful moments.

This generation can either begin with the money earned from the Founder or you can give the generation 20,000 to begin with. There are no house restrictions from this point out. Every generation to follow will have the option to carry on whatever fortune the previous generation acquired or start with 20,000.

Aspiration: Jungle Explorer or Painter Extraordinaire

Traits: Creative, Romantic, Good

Recommended career: Critic- Arts Critic or Painter- Either Branch


  1. Travel to Granite Falls with family at least once
  2. Level 10 Painting skill
  3. Must go on at least three dates with your potential spouse before getting married
  4. Have only one child

Generation 2: Gemini

Growing up you traveled a lot and visited beautiful places. You acquired a taste for knowledge along the way and you want to know everything that you can.

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Traits: Genius, Book Worm, Insider

Recommended career: Social Media: Public Relations Branch


  1. Reach level 10 of at least four different skills, including Logic
  2. Have as many children as you want
  3. Marry a sim that you meet through work
  4. Have one child grow up with the Genius trait
  5. Surround yourself with artwork from around the world

Generation 3: Cancer

Your mother/father had the answers for everything! But that knowledge came with a price: they never had time for you. Because of this you want to have a family and spend as much time with them as you possibly can

Aspiration: Super Parent

Traits: Family-oriented, Foodie, Cheerful

Recommended career: None


  1. This sim should not work outside of the home and instead earn money through hobbies such as: gardening, painting, writing, or woodworking
  2. Marry a sim who has either the family-oriented or ambitious trait
  3. Have as many kids as possible
  4. The youngest child will become the heir
  5. Reach level 10 in Parenting and Cooking

Generation 4: Leo

Your mother/father gave you all their attention and so you grew to love the spotlight. You love being the center of attention and you live for gossip and drama.

Aspiration: Leader of the Pack

Traits: Self-Assured, Ambitious, Materialistic

Recommended career: Social Media- Internet Personality


  1. Have level 10 in Charisma
  2. Marry any sim you wish
  3. Have at least 1 child
  4. Have a lavishly decorated home
  5. Reach “Gold” on the House Party Event
  6. Surround yourself with friends and maintain good relationships with all of them

Generation 5: Virgo

Your mother/father knew the entire town and everyone in town knew you! You hate being the center of attention and enjoy the quiet solitude of your room. You are very hardworking and strive to help anyone you can.

Aspiration: Animal Lover

Traits: Ambitious, Loner, Good

Recommended career: Secret Agent- Diamond Agent Branch


  1. Keep friends at a minimum
  2. Reach level 10 of your career before your youngest child is a teen
  3. All your children should have an A in school before aging up
  4. Rarely travel or leave the house
  5. Meet your soulmate during one of your rare trips outside of the house

Generation 6: Libra

Your mother/father rarely left the house or allowed you to have friends over. You grew up finding ways to entertain yourself and craving attention. All you want in life is to find your true love and have a beautiful family.

Aspiration: Soulmate

Traits: Romantic, Art Lover, Outgoing

Recommended career: Writer- Either Branch or Painter- Either Branch


  1. Meet your true love at a diner or café
  2. Have at least two children
  3. Have full relationship bars with every member of your family
  4. Achieve level 10 in Writing/Painting and Parenting skills

Generation 7: Scorpio

Your mother/father were the best parents ever! You grew up believing that you could do anything you set your mind to. You are outgoing and charismatic. Your passion lies in music.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Music Lover, Outgoing, Creative

Recommended career: Entertainer- Musician Branch


  1. Master two instruments
  2. Meet your spouse while playing for tips at a park
  3. Have one child
  4. Reach level 10 of your career before your child becomes a Teen

Generation 8: Sagittarius

You grew up longing for adventure. You are happiest when you are traveling or outdoors in your garden.

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast or Freelance Botanist

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Neat, Vegetarian

Recommended career: Gardener- either branch or work from home


  1. Have a beautiful garden with 10 excellent plants
  2. Marry a sim who loves the outdoors
  3. Spend most of your days outside, whether it be reading under a tree, swimming or working on your garden
  4. Have at least one child
  5. Have two pets

Generation 9: Capricorn

You spent most of your childhood outside or working on your mother/father’s garden. You knew you wanted to do something more with your life than spending your time digging in the dirt.

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Traits: Ambitious, Self-Assured, Family-Oriented

Recommended career: Business- Either Branch


  1. Reach level 10 in Charisma and Logic skills
  2. Reach level 10 in your career
  3. Open your own retail store after you reach level 10 in your career and make it successful
  4. Have one child before you are an adult

Generation 10: Aquarius

You dream of being a mad scientist. You are always honing your skills and creating your own inventions.

Aspiration: The Curator

Traits: Genius, Creative, Insane

Recommended career: Scientist


  1. Reach the highest level of your career
  2. Surround yourself with objects that you have found while collecting
  3. Plant and grow at least six excellent plants
  4. Marry any sim you wish but they must have the Insane trait
  5. Have as many children as you want

Again, this is just a challenge I came up with on my own. I have not tested this out yet, but feel free to use it as you will. All traits and careers are recommended, and you can tweak them as you like.

I hope you enjoy!! 😊


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Paige Guffey

Just an odd mom obsessed with all things strange, weird, creepy, and true crime. I'm here to share my passion and present to you my research into all things related.

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