You Should Be Playing Destiny 2 If You Aren't Already

And now is the perfect time to jump in: a new expansion alongside with a new season!

You Should Be Playing Destiny 2 If You Aren't Already
"Baryon bough" | Photo Credits: @_unknownhunter via Twitter!

I fell in love with Destiny 2. I’ve played it for about a year and a half inconsistently. It was just this past month where I was entirely able to understand greatness.


First off, I need to tip my hat to the beauty of this game. If you solely fight, do raids, gambits, or what-have-you, take a moment to bask in the virtual nature: head over to the Tower and just look over the balcony. Breathtaking. There’s a load of other locations, but the Tower happens to be my favorite thus far. There’s actually a Twitter page dedicated to capturing Destiny 2 screenshots — and they are absolutely beautiful. (@_unknownhunter)

Now, moving on to the apparent need to express my love for this game. I originally played off and on due to life just being life; as I mentioned, it was this month where I got to actually sit down and play — but this game can be confusing for newcomers. At least it was when I first started.

Busy, Busy, Busy

There is a lot you can do within this game, and honestly, if a video game does not have more than 50 things going on, it ain’t a good one because it gets boring quick. It is not the case with Destiny (for my noob self): you have your player vs. player, player vs. everyone, raids, nightfalls, strikes, public events, campaign missions, and adventures. Not only that, but there are also triumphs you can do that reward titles, and there’s that heavy grind for that famous high-fashion statement gear.

So far, I have been running campaign missions to understand the lore — which is not essential to know to understand the game! With my first character, I took the path of the warlock because, well, I was informed you can heal yourself and others… I have high capabilities of having poor judgment sometimes, and I will die, so warlocks are a win for me!

As I grind with campaigns and adventures, I realize that I do, in fact, want that high-fashion gear. You will encounter other players in some really dope armor, which makes you foam at the mouth.

But, what got me the most was just how much you can do. I was lost at first. You can do campaigns from past expansions and past seasons. At one point, I did not even realize I was doing previous season quests, and I thought they were the current seasons! Now, I could have just been an extreme noob that just was not paying attention, don’t drag me.


The community for Destiny has indeed been pleasant. I personally have not encountered any toxic players, but this is solely my experience. I have not partaken in PVP/PVE (I have not reestablished Playstation Plus yet, spare me). However, my interactions have been with the Reddit and Twitter community: friendly, welcoming, and helpful. But, this is the gaming community we are talking about in general, and toxicity is inevitable, I will not ignore that fact.

But bottom, the baseline is that this community is very kind and supportive. I had acquaintances that invited me to their clan just so they could help me improve my understanding of what Destiny was all about!

Are you with me, Guardian?

I’m still learning very much about this game: which stats to pay attention to, which gear enhances your game style/class abilities, combat combinations, and other things — but quite frankly, that has been the fun part to me. It’s not cut and dry, as I have never been a fan of video games that made you play a storyline. (I don’t knock them, most of these games are challenging and breathtaking!)

If you have been hesitant to try Destiny for the first time, here is something I want someone to take from this article: there’s a lot you can do and see with this game. You won’t experience boredom for it quite sometime when you dive in.

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