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Worms Reloaded Review

by Eric Farmer 5 months ago in product review
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Is Worms Reloaded a Good Game?

Screenshot of Worms Reloaded Steam game.

Who Knew Worms Where So Violent?

Worms Reloaded is a game in the long-running Worms series made by Team17. I am going to review the game and explain what I think about it.

Worms Reloaded Review Information

I first played this game when I bought the console version Worms 2: Armageddon.

I was unfamiliar with the Worms series at this point. Worms 2: Armageddon is the first Worms game I have ever played.

Worms 2: Armageddon was one of the first things I bought on my Xbox 360 account. I bought the game after playing the demo that I downloaded for free.

I liked Worms 2: Armageddon so much that when I saw Worms Reloaded was on Steam, I decided to buy it. Worms Reloaded is the Steam port of Worms 2: Armageddon.

Worms Reloaded is the first thing I ever bought on Steam back in 2011.

Why Did I Review This Game?

First, as I mentioned before, Worms Reloaded is the first game I bought on Steam. I felt reviewing the game would be fun. As it would allow me to think about my first ever Steam purchase.

Screenshot of my Steam purchase history.

I also thought my perspective on the game could be interesting. I don't have nostalgia for older Worms games as I have never played them.

How Long Have I Been Playing Worms Reloaded?

Despite being the first ever Steam purchase, I have not played the game too often. I have only played the game for 32 hours.

I played the game quite a bit after I first bought it. But I forgot about the game as I bought more games.

I recently decided to go back to the game, and I started to play it more often. I also decided to buy all the missing DLC I did not have.

What Kind of Game Is Worms Reloaded?

Worms Reloaded is like almost every Worms game.

Most Worms games are team-based combat games.

Each team takes turns shooting at each other. You decide what weapon you want to use and try to aim it at the other team and shoot!

Screenshot of Worms Reloaded Steam game.

The Combat Is Very Fun

I think If I did play older worms games, I would have loved them. The combat in Worms Reloaded is very fun. I like how many options you have. The game can be simple or complex as you want it to be.

Screenshot of Worms Reloaded Steam game.

You never have to use all the weapons if you don’t want to. You could win a match only using the bazooka.

The game has so many weapons that it took me some time to learn what all of the weapons are. But there is a test mode that lets you try everything.

The more odd weapons like the banana make things quite interesting when you get them.

The Movement Tools Make Things Interesting

The worms move very slow, and trying to get around takes a lot of time. So to reliably get around the battlefield, you will need to use tools.

These tools are fun, and like some weapons, they also take some skills. Otherwise, your poor worms will be sent flying and take damage.

The ninja is particularly fun as using it skillfully can get you just about anywhere.

The Default Weapons take quite a bit of skill

The default weapons, the bazooka, and grenades require skill to use well. You can’t just point and shoot the bazooka or randomly fling grenades everywhere.

You will miss your target. Or hit a teammate or damage yourself in the process.

You have to carefully adjust your aim and shot distance when the bazooka. Even the wind determines how the shoots will go.

You can adjust throw distance and timers for grenades.

It is interesting how high of a skill ceiling these default weapons have.

The Bots Are either Geniuses or Laughingly Bad

I mostly only play the game with bots. I am not even sure if people play multiplayer anymore. If they did, they probably would be vets who would destroy me.

The bots are odd. They can be incredibly dumb and do as much damage to themselves as they do it. Or they can hit perfect shoots that I never would be able to make.

It is funny because even the “good” bots still end up blowing themselves up occasionally.

I suppose the game is meant to be played with other players more. But the bots are at least passable. I found them to be enough of a challenge to have fun.

The Single Player Missions

There is no story to worms Reloaded. Instead, you get a bunch of missions to beat. I found the story missions to be fun.

The puzzle levels are quite hard. I was stuck on some of them for a while.

Screenshot of Worms Reloaded Steam game.

I mostly would play a random match with the bots instead of playing the story missions.

The DLC adds in even more single-player content to play.

Do I Think the Game Looks Good?

I like how the game looks. The worms have little animations when they do things, and it all looks neat. I like the weapon animations as well.

The backgrounds in the game are very expressive.

Each level has multiple props that fit the current scene that make up the layout of the level.

Screenshot of Worms Reloaded Steam game.

Do I Think the Game Sounds Good?

The sounds in the game are nice. The weapon sounds have “weight” to them.

Each worm team has a speech.

I thought the speech was kind of cute and quirky. But as time went on, it became annoying hearing the same things many times.

For some lines, I am not even sure what is being said. I can't understand them when they speak so fast!

The music is nice as well. I can remember some of the songs after hearing them.

Is Worms Reloaded a Good Value?

The game costs $20 (USD).

Worms Reloaded has quite a bit of DLC you can buy.

If you buy the Worms Reloaded: Game of the Year Edition, you can get everything for $25 (USD).

Is the DLC worth the money?

I have not played most of the DLC missions despite buying it all.

I try to buy the most “complete” versions of games when possible. If you want the most single player content possible, then buy it.

I feel the price of this game is OK. But this is a ten-year port of an Xbox 360 game. I would not blame people for waiting to get this game during a Steam sale.

Screenshot of Worms Reloaded Steam game.

Do I Recommend Buying Worms Reloaded?

I can’t compare Worms Reloaded to any other Worms games as I have never played them. But for being the first Worms game I have played, I enjoyed it.

I would recommend buying this game. The multiplayer part might be a ghost town, but I enjoyed playing with the bots enough.

How Often Do I Play Worms Reloaded?

I recently started to play with bots often right before writing this review. I still play the game occasionally.

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