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Why I Play Video Games That Make Me Angry

by Eric Farmer 2 months ago in pc
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Despite the Anger I Keep Playing

"egg_mood_humor_angry-1131884 from CC0 Public Domain

I have played video games for a long time.

I frequently will play video games even if they make me angry or frustrated to the point that I stop playing them for the day or a while. But I often come back to those same games and still enjoy playing them.


I am going to do my best to explain why I like playing games, even if they have frustrating moments. Maybe some readers will relate?

I Love Hard Video Games

I enjoy playing difficult video games. I enjoy the challenge of playing a video game more than the story or exploring the world most of the time.

Most of my favorite Steam games have the difficult tag on them. I did not make a deliberate choice to buy a lot of hard games. But it seems I gravitated to buying them without noticing it.

Picture from

When I hear somebody say a video game is hard, that to me sounds like a challenge.

Sometimes I see people say a video game was so hard or frustrating it caused them to quit playing it. Reading a statement like that makes me wonder if I would feel the same way. That makes me want to try the game to find out.

I have bought a few games on Steam because I saw they had a mix of good and bad reviews, and some reviews mentioned the game was too hard.

I Am Stubborn

If I feel something is possible, I won’t stop trying to do it. Even this means trying well past the point of having fun doing it.

Donkey in Clovelly, North Devon, England, public domain

Often if games have challenge modes or hard bosses, I will do my best to beat them. Even if I already beat the game or have seen all of the story.

Why am I so stubborn?

I think it is because while playing video games, I hyper-focus. I don't think about anything else when I am in the zone.

I also don’t like admitting defeat or giving up.

Sometimes, making progress in a hard video game inspires me to make progress in other areas of my life.

I Play Games Better When Angry

I have noticed something interesting.

When I get angry at a video game, I sometimes play the game slightly better. For a while, that is. But eventually, I will be too frustrated to do anything useful anymore.

Sometimes I even imagine voices telling me I can’t do this or this is impossible. I like imagining things to defeat or overcome. I create imaginary haters to prove them wrong.

I Love and Hate Some Video Games

I used to play Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, and a few other multiplayer games. I very much enjoyed playing the games. Even if playing these games made me frustrated or annoyed.

It turns out I can like and be angry at a video game at the same time. I have this weird relationship with some games where I like to play them even if doing so slowly makes me angry or frustrated.

I don’t play most multiplayer video games anymore. So I don’t face these issues much. But I still felt this way about some single player video games.

Sometimes video games I struggle in and lose over and over tend to be my favorite games.

I once had lost over 50 times in a row while playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. But the next day, I still booted the game and kept on playing.

Things are not going to well. Screenshot of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

That is my odd combination of being stubborn and liking hard games. I still seek out new hard games to play to this day!


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Eric Farmer

I love writing about video games, and I often write reviews for my favorite computer games.

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