Which game coins are the most valuable

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Play games at home to make money

Which game coins are the most valuable

It is the dream of many people to play games at home to make money. Here are a few games that you can make money by playing games at home.


After the re-opening of World of Warcraft nostalgia, it is very popular. Buy an account by yourself, copy copies, bring newcomers, farm monsters in the wild, collect, and peel. If you want to make money with gold, it must be as simple as possible. It is best to be able to make gold by hanging up for 24 hours, and it can be unattended. If you want to do it, just start your own research. At present, the price of gold coins in the classic WOW server is also very stable. It’s a good choice to spend time at home and make money by the way.

2.Elder Scrolls Online

In "The Elder Scrolls Online", gold is an extremely important part of ESO. Whether you buy armor, weapons, clothes or other items. You can earn gold coins at Tamrel (NPC) in a variety of ways, including making dungeons, finding and killing monsters, and planting valuable items through activities such as crafts and sales. If you do intend to sell items, it is important to join a densely populated industry association to increase sales speed and make more money, thereby increasing profits.

3.Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is a popular game all over the world. It has a lot of players. In this game, there is no level difference, only combat power. When you have a certain combat power, you can go to work, log wood, and farm to earn a lot. Gold coins, these gold coins are very easy to sell and very valuable. This game is my main recommendation. Casual and profitable.

4.Final Fantasy XIV

When "Final Fantasy XIV: Realm of Rebirth" first came out, people flocked to it because of its excellent graphics quality and the power and power of the Square Enix name. The game screen is very beautiful, there are many players, and there are many ways to play gold.You can dig treasures and collect a treasure map every day. The treasure map can be sold or used by yourself. Do some barbarian missions to get gold coins. If you have your own house, you can also grow some cash crops, you can get gold coins, do copy tasks, and time-limited collection tasks are also very good. Gold coins are very valuable, and you can make a lot of money every day.


Path of Exile (POE) is a dark gothic top-down MMORPG in a horror-themed world that allows you to completely customize your character according to your own fighting style with the evil army. In terms of gameplay and innovation, it is comparable to AAA products, because it provides players with great freedom in terms of game style and production of the avatar. In this game, orbs are the most valuable. You can make money from dungeons and resell items. If you have enough time, you can make a difference.

6.Escape from Tarkov

Friends who like first-person shooter games like CSGO pay attention. This is an escape copy game. The main currency in circulation is the ruble. Of course, there are also US dollars. The ruble is the most popular currency. You can use the in-game ruble to buy weapons. Buy equipment and ammunition, enter the dungeon, you can kill the enemy, search for valuable items, put the items in the flea market for sale, so you can get rubles, the game content is very rich, it is also for military enthusiasts Gathering place, in this game, you can assemble and modify weapons at will, sell them to those in need, in exchange for rubles. Making money here is very suitable for individual players, and I highly recommend this game.

7.Albion Online

This is a lifestyle game. The currency used here is silver coins. Gold coins are purchased through the government and can be converted into silver coins in the market. The price of gold coins converted into silver coins is determined by the market. There are no character levels in the game, only attribute levels. You can choose your career direction. You can log, forge, gather and other professions. It is very suitable for individual players. It is very simple to make money here. You just need to cut trees, plant, and hunt. This is a very simple task. You can make money by changing into gold coins through the trading market. When you have money, you can buy your own island and plant it on the island. This is the most profitable profession.

Please continue to pay attention to my work, and I will introduce to you in the next issue, from which websites can I sell game currency.

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