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Wallabies are "setting them up" for Jones' hiring before the RWC

In Rwc 2023, the Wallabies intend to reign supreme once more. The revelation of Jones' hiring as a coach shocked the wallabies.

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When it was revealed that Jones would be taking over as coach after leaving his position with England, the Australian rugby union team was quite shocked. Rugby supporters can book Australia Rugby World Cup Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

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Following Eddie Jones' appointment, members of the Australian rugby squad began to experience some worry.

The 62-year-old quickly found a new position after losing his position as head coach of England in December. He is currently in charge of the Wallabies once more, 18 years after his first tenure as national team manager came to a close.

When it was revealed that Jones will take Dave Rennie's position as they gear up for the Rugby World Cup, the entire team was in a state of shock. During the months of September and October, they will be in France with the nations of Wales, Georgia, Fiji, and Portugal.

Nic White remarked

Jones' tough demeanour and reputation for being aggressive and demanding have generated a lot of discussion in the Australian team's locker room. There were obviously some emotions presents, the scrum-half Nic White remarked.

"We had been working with Dave for three years and had just finished a camp where we set the stage for the World Cup. At first, you're disappointed that he can't get us to the World Cup. However, Eddie Jones, a fantastic coach who is joining the team, thrills many of us with what he has accomplished. Eddie is coming in, and I assume everyone is kind of discreetly, you know, (viewing) themselves.

"Obviously, he's a brilliant coach, so that's thrilling, but we players don't quite recognise much about him. It's been a wild voyage."

Back-row Ned Hanigan asserted that the team was unaware of their new coach's identity until Rugby Australia issued one of their most shocking news releases in recent memory, which served to further exacerbate their sentiments of shock and anxiety.

It's been a little busy," he said. We returned on Monday of last week, and yes, we were called in for a few medical exams. Information was supplied rather soon. Eddie is in, while Rens is out. It was all a little shocking, and my jaw sank to the floor. Nevertheless, this year is interesting.”

Jones Strategy

Jones' full-throttle strategy is already in effect Down Under, and he might exact retribution on England at the Rugby World Cup, with a potential quarterfinal matchup against his former employers in the future.

In a media interview, he stated, "I'm worrying about counterattack because the most important part is that we get Australia playing fairly persistently excellent. That would be great if we ran into England on the route.

"I might communicate with a few of the sportsmen instead of the administration. After then, the struggle will begin. You could choose it right now – Australia vs. England could take place in Marseille for the quarterfinal."

Jones did acknowledge that there was still some "disappointment" in relation to his dismissal from the England team.

As he said: "The issue of what ought to be done was disputed. The RFU disagreed, which is their right, so I don't hold anything against them. I felt that we were where we needed to be, but they didn't."

Rugby World Cup 2023 encounter with England

There is no "empathy" shown to supervisors. At the RWC 2023, facing off against England would be pleasant. when Jones was elected Australia's head coach. If England and Australia faced off against each other at this year's France Rugby World Cup, he told the media. The leaders of that nation would be drained by him.

Speaking to the media, he said he doesn't retain bitterness and that playing against his previous team will be "pleasant."

I don't retain any jealousies, but I also don't carry any affection, Jones declared. I'm truly thankful to the players very much. There won't be many officials I appreciate as much after you leave, though. Managing England's opposition to Australia will be significant compared. Along with having a huge amount of respect for the players.

The English rugby team is something I also greatly like. Being terminated had the worst effect since it essentially meant that you were no longer in contact with the players. That is a challenging process. But in a Rugby World Cup 2023 quarterfinal, semifinal, or whatever, it will be incredibly interesting.

Jones' pride moments in Australia

Jones has finished his tour with England. But he still finds great value in many of the memories he has from that time. Especially have good memories of the 2016 championship win against Australia. Despite England's poor Rugby World Cup performance at home Ground, where they were unable to advance past the group stage. Jones guided England to a Grand Slam victory and a series-whitewash victory in Australia after taking over.

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The third Test on the first encounter with Australia is the match that I always appreciate so much, said Jones. Australia featured a capable crew. They currently made it to the 2015 World Cup final. But we already had a 2-0 lead in the series. It was wonderful to win that series 3-0 after the Grand Slam. The grit and pride with which we played were responsible for this.

"Players could be happy that England only achieves a Grand Slam every 13 years. A truly remarkable performance includes being eliminated early from the RWC, winning the Grand Slam, travelling to Australia, and winning 3-0 there."

Wales Vs Australia RWC 2023

Wales will compete against the Australia Rugby team in the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. The game will take place at Parc Olympique Lyonnais (Stadedes Lumières/Groupama Stadium), Décines-Charpieu, on September 24, 2023. To become RWC 2023 eye witness you can buy Wales Vs Australia Tickets from our online platform.


Because this team rarely plays a dull match, make sure to buy a ticket! To become part of this thrilling encounter. Wales and Australia will both want to give it their all on the field because neither team loses easily. It's possible that this game will have a significant impact on both Pool C and the tournament as a whole.

Australia will play Wales in its third pool game during the Rugby World Cup 2023. Wales and Australia have both participated in pool matches (1991, 2007, 2015, and 2019), a quarterfinal (1999), and third-place play-offs in previous World Cups (1987 and 2011).

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Since their first meeting in 1908, Wales and Australia have played each other 45 times overall. Wales has only won 13 games, compared to Australia's 31 victories. Additionally, there has been one draw between the two countries

In a repeat of the 1987 Rugby World Cup's third-place play-off, which Wales ultimately won 22-21. The 2011 Rugby World Cup matched Australia and Wales against one another. It was a close game, and Australia came out on top.

On November 10, 2018, Wales defeated Australia 9-6 to snap a streak of 13 losses in a row. Since then, they've beaten Australia 29-25 at the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and 29-28 in Cardiff on November 20, 2021.

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