Types of Quiz Questions

In this post, we are going to discuss with you 6 types of quiz questions that you will get in our online quiz app.

Types of Quiz Questions
Quiz Questions

Online Quizzes and online quiz applications are the two most preferred platforms to test your knowledge when it comes to e-learning or grooming your expertise for online exams. Whether you plan to be successful as a student or want to advance your business goals or want to enhance your knowledge for competitive exams, playing quiz will surely guide you to become successful.

In this post, we are going to discuss with you 6 types of quiz questions that you will get in our online quiz app.

Multiple choice questions:

Multiple-choice questions are the most effective format of quizzing from which learners can choose an answer from multiple options. Although selecting the correct answer seems to be a very simple matter but if you are not careful you may end up with the user deductive reasoning. But one positive fact about multiple-choice questions is that it can help you to recall the correct answer in case you forgot some. Some Multiple choice quiz formats are spin the wheel, million-dollar quiz, and one-page assessment.

Multiple Responses:

Similar to multiple-choice multiple responses is another most seen quiz question formats used by quizzing platforms but the answers are guided to choose the correct answer from several alternatives. Answering this type of question is much more difficult compared to the multiple-choice questions. Well developed multiple response questions will not only test on the correct answers but will also create convincing false answers, good enough to distract the quiz players.

Short Answer:

In this particular type of quiz, you have to read the question and answer the question all by yourself. There are no particular options to select the answers rather you have to know the correct answer. Add the answer option and you are ready to enter all possible typos, abbreviations, and other spelling variants.

Fill in the blanks:

Completion questions require learners to know the answers and fill in the blanks. There are no options for hints therefore; quizzing questions in the form of fill in the blanks evaluate the user's real knowledge.

Select from the list:

Basically in this type of quizzing, you get a drop down filled with options and you have to select the correct answer. This is similar to fill in the blanks but here you have all the options. Although this is not an effective way to test the actual knowledge it is also a helpful quizzing option.


To establish a seamless timeline and arranging for several events and matching them up with time, the sequence option is a popular type of quiz question format. The options will be jumbled up and the one playing the quiz has to arrange it by order.

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