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Tomas Appleton is focused on the major year of the RWC 2023

Tomas Appleton Portugal's captain is most focused on February 4, which is the first date for his nation in the RWC 2023 year.

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Tomas Appleton, the captain of Portugal, will have a few events marked in his calendar for 2023, such as his birthday on July 29 and his team's Rugby World Cup opener against Wales in Nice on September 16. Rugby supporters can book Portugal Rugby World Cup Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

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However, he is most focused on this coming Saturday, February 4, which is the first date of a significant RWC 2023 year for the sport in his nation. On that day, Portugal welcomes Belgium to Lisbon for the start of their Rugby Europe Championship match.

Rugby is growing in Portugal

"Rugby is developing in Portugal, and this RWC 2023 year is a wonderful chance for anyone to learn further about the game," centre Appleton remarked. I think there is no other better opportunity and big stage than the Rugby World Cup.

“As public want to see their national team at the big competition to encourage them." he continued. We know that Rugby is not a famous sport in Portugal and it does not require enough public attention as in other Rugby Countries. As a player, I think it's my duty to take every step we can to promote rugby sport.”

"Before the encounters in RWC 2023, we have to focus on the upcoming competition earlier it. We will play against very great crews; thus we need to consistently deliver at the highest level."

To be sincere, I anticipate we'll win enormous at this competition as we need to display to the world once more how noteworthy we are and how entitled we are to our spot at the RWC.

"In my point of View Participation of the top eight international squads in the championship will increase the competition level of the tournament. A competition with a semi-final and a championship game will offer more exciting matches."

Portugal finished fourth in the Rugby Europe Championship last year after winning two games, drawing one, and losing two others. However, considering the closeness of their games, there is always a possibility of "what might have been.

Appleton remarked

"It was really tough for us to continue in the 2022 Rugby Europe Championship. Since we were attempting to qualify for the RWC, we let the pressure impact us too much at the time "Appleton adds.

"We suffered significant setbacks, but looking back, I think those mistakes helped us become better at handling opposition, especially in the final seconds of games. Over the course of the year, our team will be significantly stronger."

Portugal's opening match in this year's championship is against entrants Belgium, as pointed out previously.

What does the captain anticipate from the Belgium game considering that they are in Pool B together with Poland and Romania?

“We guess their Rugby performance is comparable to ours because we understand them well enough, the man continued. We'll be required to have a stout defence and be especially committed as they like to conduct an incredibly quick game. We need to set up an impressive performance while encountering Belgium, considering this is our initial game after our Rugby World Cup qualification.”

Portugal versus wales

Os Lobos (The Wolves), the nickname for Portugal, secured their spot in the Rugby World Cup 2023 by winning a round-robin final qualification round against the United States, Kenya, and Hong Kong. Portugal will confront Wales in RWC 2023 at the Stade de Nice on Saturday 16th September. The match will start at 4:45 pm (5:45 pm local).

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In 2023, Portugal will compete in the Rugby World Cup for the first time, and their opening game will be against Wales. In this Pool C contest, would Wales prevail as the stronger team or can Os Lobos win their maiden World Cup game?

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Wales defeated Portugal 102-11 in Lisbon during their only prior meeting, which took place during the 1995 World Cup qualifying rounds.

Tomás Appleton achievements

Portugal's Tomás Mourato Vermelho Mega Appleton plays rugby union. He performs both wing and centre duties.

He has been a member of CDUL since he was 6 years old, and in 2011–12, he was elevated to the first team. With them in 2011–12, 2013–14, and 2016–17, he won the Campeonato Português de Rugby. In 2015–16, he played for Darlington Mowden Park in National League One for a full season before moving back to CDUL.

He has 50 points overall and 48 caps with Portugal, scoring 10 tries. At the 29-20 victory over Namibia on November 22, 2014, in Lisbon, he received his first cap. Since that time, he has consistently played for the "Lobos." He participated in the competition to qualify for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. He is currently the captain of the Portugal national squad.

Portugal step towards RWC 2023

Portugal's only previous appearance in the Rugby World Cup, which was the sixth iteration of the competition, was in 2007. Portugal was the final team to qualify after defeating Uruguay 24-23 on the road, and they were placed in Group C with strong favourites New Zealand (All Blacks), Scotland, Italy, and Romania.

Despite losing all four games, the team managed to score points, score one try, and pick up a bonus point during the last game against Romania.

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Portugal's Early Rugby journey

Portugal won a qualifying tournament qualifying group that included the United States, Hong Kong, and Kenya to earn a spot in the 2022 Rugby World Cup. In April 1935, Portugal played its first rugby match against Spain. Portugal fell short, 6-5, a single point in the match. In 1968, they also won against Belgium and played Morocco for the first time.

Portugal played its first-ever Rugby encounter with Spain in 1935 by scoring 6-5 in a single point. The same year, Spain again crushed them, in this competition with a margin of 16-9.

Portugal played in the 1991 World Cup qualifiers for the European nations. They were withdrawn from the competition after beating the Netherlands 32-3. Portugal went on to qualify for the 1999 Rugby World Cup but lost all their group matches except for the one against Spain. All tournaments actually take place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A substantial amount of Portugal's progress has been ascribed to Professor Tomaz Morais. In 2003, Portugal was disqualified from the Rugby World Cup. Portugal, Russia, Argentina A, and Italy A all participated in the competition.

Portugal previous RWC journey

Portugal began their qualification campaign for the 2007 Rugby World Cup as part of the European Nations Cup Division 1 2004-06 tournament. Both Portugal and Russia lost heavily in their matches against Italy, which easily qualified for the finals.

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Portugal then competed against Uruguay for the final playoff spot and won 24-23 on the overall score. The first match of the two-match Qualifying rounds series was won by Portugal by scoring 12-5.

Portugal was placed in Pool C of the 2007 Rugby World Cup together with the All Blacks, Italy, Romania, and Scotland. The Portugal team was praised for its dedication and zeal as well as for scoring in each of the four games.

At the 2008 Rugby World Cup

After the Rugby World Cup, Portugal encountered a number of issues. Tomás Morais hired Murray Henderson from New Zealand as an assistant coach for the forthcoming Six Nations B tournament. Errol Brain, the New Zealand coach, took over for Tomás Morais in October 2010. Tomás Morais hired Murray Henderson from New Zealand to serve as an assistant coach for the forthcoming Six Nations B, which will also determine who advances to the Rugby World Cup finals in 2011.

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