Sylvia's Room Challenge

by Pagenta G. 11 months ago in pc

A 'Sims 4' Challenge

Sylvia's Room Challenge

If you're like me, Sims 4 becomes a little dull and routine after a few times of playing. All the challenges tend to revolve around Legacies. I stumbled upon this Room Challenge by Katoregama by chance and figured I would give it a shot and share it with you folks. I hope you will try it out with me!

The Sims 4 Room Challenge is meant to test your management of social activities without the presence of other Sims. You build an 8x8 room on any lot of your choice, move your sim inside, and delete the door. The goal is to complete the Mansion Baron Aspiration while never leaving the house. That means you can’t have friends over or get any type of job.

Katoregama’s rules are relatively simple and are as follows:

  1. Create your Sim. Appearance does not matter, and you can choose any traits for your Sim that you would like, except for the “Loner” trait.
  2. Add traits and aspirations. Remember you cannot use the “Loner” trait. Everything else is fair game, but keep in mind that you cannot change your current aspiration until it is completed or is otherwise impossible to complete. For an added challenge you can give your Sim the “Outgoing” trait.
  3. Move onto any vacant lot. You have access to all your starting funds to help get you started. After you have selected your lot, create an 8x8 square. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a square but try to keep your max tiles around 64.
  4. Design your house however you would like to by using your remaining funds, then move your sim inside.
  5. Once you have moved your sim inside… DELETE your door.
  6. You can decorate the interior/exterior with whatever bedroom, kitchen, study, or bathroom décor that you want. Keep in mind that you cannot get a job. So, hobbies such as painting, writing, programming, gardening or woodworking are good things to have to start bringing in the cash flow. Just remember, you can NEVER LEAVE your 8x8 room.
  7. You can build anywhere on your lot to achieve the Mansion Baron Objectives. You may check your progress at any time, but you cannot switch aspirations until your current one is completed.
  8. You can only move around your 8x8 area, you can build onto the house as you see fit, but you cannot enter those areas until you have completed the Mansion Baron Aspiration.

8x8 Functional House

I felt that this challenge would be fun and unique. The Sim I created is Sylvia Jones. She has the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration and is a bookworm, a geek, and creative. To start out, I gave her two small gardening pots, a cheap computer, an easel and a woodworking bench. I left my front door in place but built a small, enclosed porch, with no way off it, so that I could reach the mailbox in order to self-publish books that Sylvia writes. Other than that, I gave her the necessities such as a bed, sink, toilet, shower, fridge, and stove. My goal is to ‘upgrade’ as Sylvia’s goals get higher. So, her kitchen will become more modern, as will her bedroom, and she will have higher quality decorations as well. I intend on celebrating the holidays in games also. I feel that this will add a twist, because who wants to spend the holidays alone?

If you are interested in reading more about Sylvia’s adventures in her room, feel free to drop a comment. If you’re feeling generous you could buy me a coffee. :)

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