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Rogue Legacy 2 Review

by Eric Farmer about a month ago in product review
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Is Rogue Legacy 2 a Good Game?

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam.

You Win Eventually. Keep Trying!

Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to Rogue Legacy. A game made by Cellar Door Games in 2013.

The first Rogue Legacy is a huge favorite of mine. I go back and play the game somewhat often. I was very excited and happy to find out that a sequel was in the works.

I wondered how Cellar Door Games could improve on the first game.

  • What new bosses would the game have?
  • Would the game have new classes?
  • What about the music?

I patiently waited and watched the updates and content progress.

Last year I decided to buy the game while it was in early access and wait for the official 1.0 update release. I liked what I saw, and I trusted Cellar Door games to make a good game.

Why Did I Review This Game?

Rogue Legacy 2 was one of the few games I was looking forward to this year. I don’t follow new game releases often. Unless they are rogue-lites or a specific game I am looking forward to.

I have a lot to share about the game, and I wanted to write a review.

How Long Have I Been Playing Rogue Legacy 2?

I played the game for about a week before this review.

I was not able to beat the whole game . I still have a lot to do. The game has a true ending after beating multiple new game plus modes.

But I feel I have played the game enough to get an idea of it.

What Kind of Game Is Rogue Legacy 2?

In Rogue Legacy 2, the goal is to fight many monsters and beat a group of bosses to win the game. Rogue Legacy is a great example of a rogue-lite game.

When you lose, you get to spend gold on upgrades and select a new heir. This process repeats until you eventually win the game.

The level layout is different every time you play.

Rogue Legacy 2 Is Harder

Right away, I noticed that Rogue Legacy 2 is harder than the first game.

Some of the same foes you fight in the first game are in the second game with slightly changed appearances. But the situations you fight enemies in are more complex.

Maps have more things to avoid. You have to be careful not to get overwhelmed, or else you will take damage very fast. Unless you are mega skilled and can dodge four different attacks at the same time, you are going to get damaged.

The harder champion enemies also have more tricks. They are considerably harder to fight.

I am currently stuck in a particularly late-game area. Despite being able to beat the first game on new game 1+, I can’t for the life of me beat this silly area. I need to practice a lot more.

The bosses are quite harder as well.

The bosses in the first game were simple, and they had few attacks.

The bosses in Rogue Legacy 2 do many things, and they change attacks as the fight's progress. The boss fights in the second game are harder overall. But they also are more interesting encounters.

Rogue Legacy 2 Is Harder

The Game Is Very Hard but Very Fair

One thing that stood out to me about Rogue Legacy is while the game was hard, it was very fair. It is possible to beat the entire game without a single upgrade with the first character.

People have managed to beat Rogue Legacy 2 without a single upgrade in one life as well.

Beating the game this way is extreme. But it is nice to see this is possible. I like that the game rewards high skill.

The New Areas Are Very Interesting

Rogue Legacy 2 has more areas to explore compared to the first game. There are six in the sequel compared to the four in the first game.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam.

Some of the game areas are pretty similar to the first game.

But nothing from the first game is like a certain village looking area in this game. This area is a completely new concept, and it is interesting to see.

Levels feel much more themed around certain Heirlooms. These are things in the game that give you new moment abilities.

You frequently have to use Heirlooms to progress in your current area, and you need them to enter some new areas.

The areas in the first game were more simple. If you found your way to the last section of the game, you can walk right in. Sure, you most likely get your ass kicked. But it was possible.

This is a lot less likely to happen in Rogue Legacy 2. It is still possible under some circumstances, though. The creative can find ways to sneak into areas early.

Overall I like the new areas a lot.

While I enjoyed the simplicity of the first game, the new areas in Rogue Legacy 2 make you feel like you are going on a grand quest. The map from the first game seems smaller in comparison.

Rogue Legacy 2 needs to load new areas before you explore them. That should be a sign there is more to see.

The New Classes Are Neat

Rogue Legacy had simple classes. Everybody had the same sword attack (well, almost everybody). The only changes were the skills and stats.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam.

Classes in Rogue Legacy 2 feel different. You can tell much thought went into making them look and play differently.

Every class has a different weapon and attack. Each of these weapons has a way to get critical attacks by doing a certain thing. I like these skills-based crits as they often reward playing the classes well.

Each class also has unique skills.

The variety is great, and it helps combat the issue of everything starting to feel the same. Though I suspect certain classes will be best at harder new game plus runs.

Some of the classes are quite similar to their Rogue Legacy counterparts. The Knight is pretty much the same as in the first game with only a few changes.

But even these similar classes feel different because of the new weapons and skills (well, other than the knight).

The main thing to notice is that there are so many new classes. There is 15 total in the game! That is six more classes than the first game.

Extra Things in the Game

The game has a challenge system in it. These challenges are quite interesting, and they are hard.

To play these challenges, you have to find certain things in the game. I ended up looking up the answers online. But with the hints alone, you can find everything.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam.

There are always ways to unlock bonus damage against bosses that requires exploring.

The game unlocks certain things after you get to new game plus. I am not quite sure of everything as I have not done this yet.

But I know there are harder versions of bosses like in the first game.

Do I Think the Game Looks Good?

Rogue Legacy 2 has a more cartoon-like look compared to the first game. It has a different style to it.

The new enemies and bosses look good, and the animations are nice.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam.

Do I Think the Game Sounds Good?

The game has nice sounds. I like the audio feedback you get from doing certain actions. For example, when you deflect projectiles or block attacks.

At first I was conflicted on the music. My first impressions were I liked the music in the first game more.

But I know the same people made music for both games. I think I just needed time to get used to something different.

There are certain songs in Rogue Legacy 2 I like. So I guess I can't say I dislike the soundtrack.

Is Rogue Legacy 2 Review a Good Value?

The game right now costs $25 (USD). That is the price I paid for the game.

This price is a bit high for a game like this.

But I enjoyed the first game so much. I bought Rogue Legacy 2 while it was near the end of early access.

You can always wait for a good Steam sale and see if there is a chance to buy the game for cheap.

Do I Recommend Buying Rogue Legacy 2?

If you enjoyed the first game, then yes. While Rogue Legacy 2 is harder, it is a more interesting game.

If you have not played the first game, then I still recommend it.

The first game is more simple. So if you want to play something like Rogue Legacy 2 but maybe a little easier, I recommend playing the first game instead. If you like that game, then I would buy the second.

How Often Do I Play Rogue Legacy 2?

Right now, I am trying to beat the game for the first time. So I am playing it somewhat often.

As for after that, I probably will play it every few years or so. Just like the first game.

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