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'Resident Evil 2' Review

More Than a Remake

By CrunchwrapsuprmPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield

Capcom is off to a hot start in 2019 with Resident Evil 2. The game builds off of Resident Evil 7's return to survival horror without sacrificing any of the action that previous games have been known for.

Way More Than a Remake

While the game is technically a remake, it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Past Resident Evil remakes (like Resident Evil 2002) have been re-skins on top of the old game's skeleton but with RE2 that is not the case. While RE2 does follow roughly the same plot as the original game, it still plays like an entirely new game. This is partly due to the fact that it runs off of the new RE engine that powered Resident Evil 7. Hardcore fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that the updated character models and environment make it feel like an entirely new experience while still staying true to the original. It ditches the fixed camera angles and tank controls of the original and instead goes for the third person over the shoulder view that we have seen in Resident Evil games four to six. The new view allows players to experience the story from an entirely new perspective more than any remake normally would.


Resident Evil 2 features two separate stories for its two characters, Claire Redfield, and Leon Kennedy. The game opens up much like the original game and instantly throws players right into the middle of the violent viral outbreak in Raccoon City. Within minutes, you will already be faced with dozens of zombies, frantically searching for a way to either kill or escape. RE2 features options in difficulty so players can either slowly ease into the story or be completely thrown into a nightmare. I chose the middle ground and opted for the "normal" mode. Capcom does an amazing job at still ensuring that regardless of difficulty, players still experience the terror, anxiety, and dread that have made Resident Evil one of the most beloved horror games of all time. I found my self constantly searching for ammo and weapons to defend myself while dodging hordes of different enemies. The game also includes dozens of the franchise's famous puzzles that will incessantly test the player at every turn.


Resident Evil has always been known for the games ability to deliver intense and enjoyable stories and RE2 is no exception. Yes, it is nearly identical to the original RE2 but the new graphics, voice acting, and motion capture, truly make for an entirely new journey. Even players who have memorized every tiny detail of the original game will be surprised by the new twists that have been added to the game. The Raccoon City Police Department is filled with countless dark and mysterious hallways and rooms that beg to be explored, but with the never ending threat of the undead and the mysterious Mr. X, discovering everything in a timely manner is a daunting and dangerous task. RE2 also includes the second run mode that encourages players to replay the story to experience new story events and other surprises. The game was enjoyable enough to encourage replays on its on, but after also taking into account the different difficulty settings and the second run mode, RE2 becomes a game with significant replay-ability.

My first encounter with Mr. X went about how you thought it would go

Ruling: 9.5/10

RE2 delivers with everything that I could possibly want out of a horror game. The terror was much more than the simple and predictable jump scares. The boss fights had my heart rate soaring and the dark hallways and sewer tunnels are sure to trigger your anxiety. The new RE engine makes the environment become a work of art where nearly every detail can contain important items and information. The different story options and second run mode make the game replay-ability very high making it well worth the $60 price tag. The only downside is that it only took me 6.5 hours to play through the entire story (for Claire only) the first time which seemed much shorter than I would have liked it be. Overall, RE2 has set the bar extremely high and will offer an excellent experience for hardcore fans of the franchise and newcomers as well.

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