Online games that can make money in China

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Online games that can make money in China

With the continuous development of online games, Chinese games have become the leader of online games in the long-term development. Let me introduce to you how to make money in Chinese online games.

1.Fantasy Westward Journey I think Fantasy Westward Journey should be the most well-known game after the 80s move to the brick party. With its own unique economic model and ecology in the game, this game is unique in the world. An old game with 2D graphics, a piece of equipment, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, in fact, you jump out and think, a game like this, in the era of 2020, can maintain this price, don’t you think it’s amazing?

The common way to move bricks is to open more, invest more, and earn more. This is also the most full-time retail game I have heard of. But it's not very friendly to newcomers. The main reason is that the price of a set of accounts is too high. If you don't play well, you will lose money. Therefore, you should start by yourself, practice yourself, and learn experience first. However, there are restrictions on moving bricks. After all, the game party does not want you to play the game on duty.

The game has its own trading monetization platform, "Treasure Pavilion", if you are interested, you can check it out. If you look at this price, you will understand that there is still much money to be made by the head of the brick-and-mortar party. But don't think that you can move it by yourself. After all, it is a bit stuck and time investment.

2.This should be a game that the post-90s move brick party and often move, relying on a fierce force, get on the machine, open more, 4 to 8 open and then 16 to 32. If you don’t know what this means, I’ll explain here, it’s the number of screens, or the number of windows. Generally, there are 4 screens in 16 drives and 4 windows in one screen, and then use the synchronizer. If you are on the scene, for someone who has never seen this scene, it is still Very shocking.

This game is not like a fantasy key card, so it has a low cost, but it's not like a fantasy number. If the number is well equipped, several numbers can be moved. However, DNF can only have technical flow, and it can be used for all. If you don’t have enough electricity money, you can only open more, but the game party will make you easy to play like this, so it is common to be titled. DNF often has the problem of smashing the screen. One is that the equipment is cheap and the top is up. I don’t care. There are so many, and the second is that the numbers of a row of screens have been blocked. The impact on people is still too exciting, and you can only understand it naturally.

3.Principal Wang and PDD waited for the players to enter the station. This game was very popular at the time and had a good reputation. It was also NetEase’s card game. At that time, they thought it was the next Fantasy Westward Journey. After waiting for so many years, they finally came out with a game that could compare with fantasy Of it. At the beginning, the hot game can compare prices with dreams. The price of gold. Players who earn thousands of dollars a month have talents. Many laymen feel the sweetness of playing games and think it is so easy to make money. But as the game's popularity continued to decline, the principal and PDD retreated. Still cool. However, compared to other games, it is still good. For example, during the epidemic, there is no point card charge, which makes a wave of moving brick parties and makes a lot of money. There is also a young couple in the news, who made 1 or 2 million. For ordinary people, Very good.

4.Let’s talk about mobile games:

There are not many mobile games that can be moved. After all, mobile games are updated faster, and the players are not very sticky. They often quit within a few months. I often encounter such big players when I play games. , And then just throw money. In a few days, I contacted him and said no more. Well, we don’t understand the world of local tyrants.

But this is not the key. The main thing is to restrict transactions, transaction review, and item price restrictions, which make you unable to move. It's a bit like Fantasy Westward Journey 3d. I think it is a good project for long-term moving.

As a result, cool.

In fact, it’s not hard to guess. Mobile games are difficult to collect points. Then it only sells resources to make money. If you sell resources in its games, that is not equivalent to grabbing money with it. If a little card mobile game can become popular, it is estimated that it can be moved.

At the end, in fact, I was talking about old projects, and there was nothing dry. The main thing was to talk about the stories that I knew, and some of my own interpretations.

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