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One Way Heroics Review Review

by Eric Farmer 4 months ago in product review
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Is One Way Heroics a Good Game?

Screenshot of One Way Heroics Steam game.

Don’t Go Back!

One Way Heroics is a small game I bought on Steam one day. I remember the game being cheap, so I figured I give it a try. I ended up loving the game, and I play it somewhat often.

I am going to review the game and express my thoughts on it.

Why Did I Review This Game?

I think the game is neat, and I want more people to know about it.

How Long Have I Been Playing One Way Heroics?

I have played One Way Heroics for 66 hours on Steam.

What Kind of Game Is One Way Heroics?

One Way Heroics is a rogue-lite/rogue-like game. You need to move to the right of the screen and survive as you fight enemies and discover various things.

If you don’t progress to the right of the screen, you will be covered in darkness and lose. You can never go back to previously visited areas.

When you lose, you have to start over from the beginning. But you can save the game sometimes, and there are things you can unlock as you play

Screenshot of One Way Heroics Steam game.

The Forced Movement Mechanic Is Interesting

When I first started the game, I thought being forced into moving one way would get old or become a hassle.

But this mechanic works out very well.

It forces you to consider how much time you have to visit areas.

The only way to visit new towns is to progress forward. You can’t backtrack to anything. Sometimes you have to skip areas if you can’t get to the entrance or exit in time.

When I first started, I often got swallowed by the darkness while getting stuck trying to destroy a wall or trying to climb mountains.

You quickly learn what you have enough time to do.

The Classes Are Fun

The classes you can play in the game are fun. The classes are unique and have completely different playstyles.

There are enough options that the game does not become stale.

Screenshot of One Way Heroics Steam game.

The Game Has Good Difficulty Options

I like the difficulty options of the game. You can make the game quite easy or very hard.

The game feels balanced very well. But some classes are much easier to win with than others.

There Are Different Ways to Win the Game

So without going into the spoilers, there is a default way to beat the game. It is hard to avoid winning the game this way.

But there are plenty of other ways to win the game as well. Some of them are somewhat complex, and I wonder if new players can figure these out without needing a wiki.

There are also new quests you can unlock at the starting castle. Completing starting quests allows you to win the game in other ways.

I like these options as while the default way to win is OK, it is nice that this is not your only choice.

The Turn-Based Gameplay Is Fun

Although you must go to the right of the screen, everything in the game is turn-based. Nothing happens until you move your character or do something.

So you have a lot of time to think about your next action and plan what you want to do.

I like this mechanic as it allows you to plan what skills, items, and actions you want to do next, and the game feels very fair for the most part.

Do I Think the Game Looks Good?

The game looks good enough. The artwork is simple, but I don’t think it looks bad.

The more detailed artwork reminds me of anime.

There are very odd text choices here and there. I can still read the text and tell what it means. But sometimes, it looks like something that Google Translate would give.

Screenshot of One Way Heroics Steam game.

Do I Think the Game Sounds Good?

The sounds in the game are very nice. The music is good, and I like the theme of it.

Is One Way Heroics a Good Value?

The game costs me $3.50 (USD), and the game and the plus edition bundle cost about $9 (USD).

I highly recommend buying One Way Heroics Plus. Everything is under $10, and I think that is a great deal for this kind of game.

Do I Recommend Buying One Way Heroics?

The game is cheap and quite fun. Unless you don't like the art style of the game, I would recommend it.

How Often Do I Play One Way Heroics?

I don’t play the game as often anymore as there are newer rogue-lite games I play more often. But since the game is short and fun, I play it occasionally.

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