My Experience with the 'Happy Fishing' App

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My Experience with the 'Happy Fishing' App

Have you heard about this game? It claims that you can make money just simply by playing a game where you are fishing. Yeah, don't trust it!

The game itself isn't that great... it's more of a "meh" game.

There are a couple of things I like about the game, like the "offline profit" that lets you upgrade your fishing equipment and how you can eventually catch some Loch Ness monster-like creatures when your fishing line can reach deep enough waters. However, there are way too many invasive ads that make the game way less fun.

I only ever made it to $9.44, which means I was never able to "cash out" at the $10 minimum.

I watched a lot of ads playing a mediocre game to never get any money back like the game promised. I really want to emphasize how many ads I watched; I'm confident it was well over 200. Please don't waste your time with this game, it is a scam!

The closer to $10 you get, the more you realize it's a scam!

More specifically, the closer to $10 you get, the less money you earn from cash bottles. At $9, you eventually hit one cent. After one cent, you will no longer be able to get cash bottles. Several people have reported that as you get closer to $10, the game will crash and reset. So no, you can't actually ever cash out in this game. Believe me, I have tried.

Too many ads

Not only do you have to watch an ad to collect your ten cents (which later becomes a one to three cent reward), but you also have to get asked to watch an ad every time you make a regular catch to double your in-game coins. Normally this wouldn't bother me, since we have a choice... right? However, the game tries to trick you into accidentally pressing the "watch ad" button... which I have done.

When you first get your catch, a big purple button shows up that says "collect." My first instinct is to click this button. Then a few moments later, a smaller green button shows up below it that reads "get." To be fair, the button also has a little video icon on it and an "x"' next to it. However, don't think you can avoid ads. The game will still throw a random ad at you no matter what. I've seen the same ads again and again.

I'm also pretty sure the ads are increasing in length the more I play the game...

Clicking the purple button brings you to a video ad ...

The currency shown in the photo above is for "In-Game" upgrades only. They are only points used to upgrade your fishing gear.

The same ads over and over again...

With all the Coin Pop ads I kept seeing, this started to get really annoying really fast. How many time can one person see the same ad? Why does her hair bother me so much? I vaguely remember seeing the ad for the first time and thinking the app looked kind of fun and that the pug she holds is really cute. However, I have seen this ad well over 100 times and I still haven't downloaded it. So maybe repetitive ads don't even work?

Obviously, over time, the ads change a little, but not all of them. I still see ads for apps I already have, and I still see ads for other Happy Fishing games. I'm already pretty upset with this one, so there is no way that I am getting their sister app as well.

I just want to say it one more time so it's painfully obvious.

Happy Fishing by Fishing King Studio is an app that claims to pay you simply for playing their game. It does not. It makes money from you watching ads, and people keep playing it because they believe they will get $10 put into their PayPal eventually... but unlike some other apps, this one will never actually pay you anything.

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