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Kaged In The Pitt: The (1995) Lorrd Raiden

by LUiS Thompson about a month ago in vintage

Now is the time for a new Tournament" - Lorrd Raiden

Kaged In The Pitt: The (1995) Lorrd Raiden
Traveling from Realm to Realm led the thunder god on a path of redpemption.

Discovering The Newest EarthRealm_II Champions:

Enter EarthRealm_II.

In this planet's dimension, new inhabitants have begun occupying the planet's space, many of which happened to be unique aliens and mystic creature warriors. Overtime new factions began forming, rebels molded together, and the rise against the oppressors began in this new era. There were two outcasts in this era who defected from both alliances and chose a separate path of their own. One of these rebels went by the name Turok; he was the biological twisted brother of Nightwolf from Outworld. With the combined strength of these brothers, the animality abilities the two provided allowed them to shapeshifter at will in EarthRealm_II. Once known as a guardian and protector of EarthRealm_II -- Lorrd Raiden now stood amongst blood and soot from the destruction within the thunder gods' vicinity. In the attempt to locate this realm's source of chaos Raiden created an electric force field to protect his physical self while the thunder god attempted to astral project with sacred meditation techniques passed down by the Elder gods. Lorrd Raiden had been born with the ability to manipulate time and space over certain elements such as electricity.

Given the circumstances that Lorrd Raiden had control over thunder and lightning since birth Raiden was forced to Endure trial after trial to refine his gift to control and manipulate lightning. The Elder Gods before him knew Raiden to have clairvoyant visions of the future. Because of this gift, the demigod's Rain and Cloud are otherwise known as Fujin -- were assigned as bodyguards to mentor and protect the young thunder god. Fujin and Rain trained a young Raiden godhood. While learning the ways of being an Elder god Lorrd Raiden Was tasked to seek out, locate, and study the great champions of time. “These were the descriptions on three specific champions Cloud and Rain choose Lorrd Raiden to research and study:

//\\Professor Zoom//\\ { As the speed of light in the form of a human returned from a time-lapse-like paradox, the being formed from the same speed of light creating a plethora of new worlds, universes, and dimensions behind it. Floating in the utter silent cold of space the being of pure light began to control his physical counterpart more effectively. }

//\\Lobo the Bounty Hunter//\\ { One in which two gods created a child that viciously roamed around the universe maliciously destroying the galaxy piece by piece. The name of the first child was Lobo, the newly proclaimed God of War. This caused dimensions to merge and unfold over one another throughout the ions. }

//\\Young GODSPEED//\\ { The name of the second child was Lite Speed the newly proclaimed God of speed, travel, thievery, and athletics. A new multi-verse that provided newer worlds throughout the cosmos had been solely due to the energy and enigma which happened to be caused specifically by Young God Speed. In its entirety, it began causing the force to combine with the universe in its infinite. }

The young Raiden's attempt at hiding his initial reaction on his face to the information on these potential champions of EarthRealm_II was in vain. For the great demigods both Rain and Cloud already knew by testing the young thunder god's knowledge the fear of not knowing what the future days had in store would consume the young thunder god's mind if not checked from within. The Elder Gods also knew from the very beginning of Raiden’s creation in the womb of mother earth that he would be able to bring salvation or destruction with the clairvoyant abilities the thunder god would eventually come to acquire in due time as well.

LUiS Thompson
LUiS Thompson
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